PKA HV causing CONSTANT internal errors

Hey Rex can you go read about the Helheim problem please. Thank you.

We aren’t just being cry babies because we are “losing” because we aren’t. We are just trying to fix this, they may not have done it on purpose but when they were told it was causing it and continued to use it is when it became wrong.

Will do as soon as I am back from work. It’s fiddling here on a smartphone

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Thanks mate appreciate it.

What Colin said is key, they were told many times that this error is happening and went well out of their way to use it to their advantage to the point after 5 minutes of errors I said to hell with it and let him finish off my sv. I’m not mad that I got killed, I’m upset that he used this to his advantage, knew about it and exploited it. I would rather the devs take out this game breaking notification and rather put a message in the upper right corner with all other notifications.

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Taco, this implies you know everything about the game and know for a fact 100% certainty that this ship was the issue. You’d be just as weary if pka asked you to stop using one of your ships because they believed it was bugged. I wouldn’t of trusted you personally because there is no reason you couldn’t lie, and there is no reason for me to trust your technical expertise (since I don’t know it) to debug the causation. It could of just been correlated for all I would know. (I was in bet at the time of the shenanigans)

The solution I’ve found for dealing with the internal errors is leave the playfields and come back. In an sv this usually includes me holding o and space to get up to space while tapping continue.

Either way no need for dramatizing this, jascha got on from what I understand it and helped figure out the issue. And that it was client side?

A lot of hate in this admin post…just sayin

Of course I don’t know everything about it, what I am stating is in the first screenshot. Everybody told them about the error that just coincidentally happens when that particular HV fired. My log file was littered with errors since they brought it out. Shurly shome coincidence?

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Guys keep calm.

We checked that HV and made a test together with OP4 and it did not produce any errors.
The errors seem to be related to a number of things happening at the same time and only for some. I had for example no errors.
Devs will look into it and we will look into it further.
No need to heat it up until then.

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I just want to note taco, with jascha’s note. There was a correlation but not a causation. Which supported my second statement.

Just need patience, pka didn’t do anything wrong (I am a biased opinion as a member of bya). I would of acted the same way with distrust. Unless we can come to an agreement of parlay rules. And a way to prevent abuse of it. It is just something to live with until the nasty bug is fixed.

This is a long time coming, but I have not seen a successful parlay since I joined the game.

Colin’s example with LOT would be ideal IMHO. All parties recognize and acknowledge there’s a problem, cease fire for a bit to get back to functional (reboot, reconnect whatever) and get back to the fun.

At the end of the day it’s really a mutual understanding that bugs happen and how we act as a result of being impacted by the bug that matters.

This threat could have gotten worse given the situation, so I’m actually impressed that it was productive in the end!! :smile:

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  1. The moment they used it knowing it caused internal errors it became an exploit.
    (This was proven to have been done beyond all doubt by chat logs)

  2. RexXXus stated in this very discussion that PKA was on both EU and NA servers.
    (This makes them one of the largest factions playing)

  3. Rannekk stated in this discussion that PKA is experienced and uses “workarounds”
    (This shows they were aware of the problem prior to using the HV)

When these are taken into account one is left to wonder why...........
 1)  Admins  are making excuses for PKA.
 2) Players who complained are being labeled as haters who can drown in their own hate by the admins.

Meanwhile players are being banned because words hurt.

This Topic will be closed and this post deleted in 5…4…3…2…1

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No one is censoring your ridiculousness. Buuuut

We STILL do not have confirmation that this hv caused the errors. See above.[quote=“Jascha, post:22, topic:5079”]
We checked that HV and made a test together with OP4 and it did not produce any errors.

I dont know what chat logs you think will “prove” that this hv was the issue. But you really need to take a step back bud and calm down. The last time someone decided to actively rage at an admin over an in game issue (gamersglitches) it did not work out so great for him.

Oh, and players arent being banned because words hurt. They are being banned because

(from this post: HWS Rules - Consequences)

  1. The players playing did not have the errors and therefore didn’t think they were using it. They just distrusted you. Again need some organized predetermined agreement of terms for how to pause fights

2 this was na

3 rannek is EU… Different players different strokes. I wouldn’t partner with pka na were they deliberately using exploits on an op.

<<I am NA,

  • Till Eulenspiegel
mcprouty you failed to mention RexXxus  referring to those who complained as 

“Haters who can drown in their own hate”

no very neutral of him was it? 

Its not surprising you defending him though. He defends you.

Do a quick search (I already did the hard part here and you will see that "haters gonna hate, and many variants of such are used by Rex to describe people who needlessly spread drama, and are relentlessly negative. I dont think anyone here other than you thought he meant to go literally drown in an emotion.

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@Mattcore37k this is the final warning to you. I am sick of your pseudo games and I hate if random people calling my name with bad non sense meanings though I don’t have time to respond all the time. If you continue to play that game with me, fine but do not wonder the consequences

Regarding the topic I will check the ships once again in different situations if I find any good ones.

But keep in mind that all I read again is “we told them that”, “they know it”, “intentionally” and so on.
I skip this.
I told you that I am totally working on 6.0. Give me a video. Give me a chat screenshot. Give me a timestamp. Give me a blueprint / id.
Everything else is again a bitter call for justice in a (still) buggy alpha game with finger pointing to the “bad” guys without any proofs.

After all the 6.0 stress I will buy more popcorn and time for all of these dramas again but right now: facts and proofs or it never happened.

Thanks for your understanding.

edit I let some people calm down and rethink their behavior. I will reopen this topic if I have proofs / reproduced the crashes.


There is no justification or excuse for an Admin to use such language toward players.
Especially after he banned players for remarks being made toward other players.

so now I will be banned because I spoke up. point proven.

Will my ban be limited to just forums or will I be banned from game as well?