Player Griefing Autominer Traders

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What happened:

Player POK is griefing the autominer trader on both NA and EU servers on the EU server the player POK in a faction AAA camps the autominer trader and remains in the menu not allowing other players to access that trader and remained there for at lease 3 days i have screenshots and now he/she is on the NA server attempting to do the same i just went to the autominer trader and the trader was died im assuming POK was doing same thing and someone killed the trader to try to prevent it. that player POK in OoO faction is still there



Player(s) with issue:

the whole server being affected by POK


NA and EU

Time (cb:time):




Structure Name(s):

ECC Autominer trader

Structure ID(s):


How can we help you now:

address the issue with the player POK

It’s not the first time overall and I decided:

Rule 2.2.5 got implemented.

His coordinates show that it’s his only intention on both NA and EU for too often and too long.


Pok stays in Prison on both servers for 24 hours as a first warning.

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