Player Report: Chaotic

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What happened?
=> Player - Chaotic occasionally calls me “lil willy” I politely asked him to stop twice.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> WillEatsPie

Server? (EU or NA)
=> NA / Discord

How can we help you now?
=> I have a really bad feeling this is about to turn into Forum Wars 3.0, which is why I will NOT be responding to ANY replies and I suggest everyone else do the same. Hopefully there is a swift verdict on this - maybe it doesn’t violate rules - and there isn’t a forum fight below.

The rule broken: 2. Toxicity, rule 2.1 specifically. I’m only reporting it here because it specifically says to here 3. Behavior & Chat
I have attached screenshots below, I have no proof of prior name calling - in HWS server. Photos attached below. I would also like to point out that I did respond - only to ask him (and NuclearDeaths) not to, but the rules say not to respond and I did so I may deserve the same punishment.

Part 1 Part 2 and Part 3 are uploaded in proper order. I blocked Chaotic because the rule says to, but I can’t just ignore people’s replies so I looked at them, the rule didn’t say anything about that.

Funny how these reports always pop up after someone’s bases get wiped. :thinking:


It is incredibly easy to block someone on Discord; I can show you how. I realize you are a bit upset by having all of your base complexes on PVP wiped out by us and of course that whole BP thing… but I feel this is not the answer.

Oh man, I remember all the drama you caused in the forums a while back…


If this is all you have, it looks like he actually stopped after you told him to.

Trying to get him in trouble for this seems like an attempt to get an ingame advantage over a rival by weaponizing the rules or the admin to harm that players progression.

If Chaotic had kept at it, sure, you’d have a case.
But oh man, we get it, you only wanna be called Will. Gotcha.
Can we move on yet?


Is this serious?

@Chaotic can you please say you are sry for calling him lill-willy.

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I do not remember you asking or telling me to stop. You actually made a funny saying you wasent a rapper. And I i made one comment again and stopped not like it was pushed for a while but I’m sorry for hurting your feelings by capturing your bp.and calling you lil willy the gg hero after. You also forgot to include the part where you were trying to get us to publicly post blueprint file in the discord chat.


@Chaotic might apologize for it!?

For me I don’t even know the toxic, ticket worth meaning of “lil willy” even.
What does it translate to in german?

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@RexXxuS it a term that older people call people younger than them. Or “lil” is used in front or the name of rappers or pop music singers.

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ok thanks, I also just now learned a different meaning.
For such things I always go here:

I find it hard to judge such english inside slangs as German.
Maybe @Chaotic can let us know the meaning about those words?

If he can clarify it in a nice way, it is maybe not so upsetting?


i think the willy part was just to incorporate his name. i was in chat at the time with chaotic and used the phrase myself in the text and voice chat and im 100% sure it didnt have a “Wang” meaning. attached is the meaning i tried to describe above


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Please @RexXxuS, This doesnt rate your attention. Dont allow it to distract you from your tasks at hand. Its just trash talk and childish name calling. If it must be responded to, let the community do it or delegate it to your HW Police.


this is another time wasting witch hunt from what i can tell. how u take someone’s words is your own fault. i use the word “lil” as an endearing one to those younger than I. usually in cases of those i see a bit of myself in them. do we have to start giving detailed explanations behind every conversation now or can we call this case closed?


MJ Popcorn

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Will is just trying to weaponize the rules. Here are some examples from the last couple weeks of WillEatsPie using the same or worse level of “trash talk”. He had no problem with it until taking a recent loss, and now is attempting to win through the Report System. If you read down the list you will see WillEatsPie referring to Chaotic as “Chatoxic”, an identical use of nicknaming as “Lil willy”. This is absolutely ridiculous, and I believe should be viewed as a fraudulent report. If you lose, report the enemy for something right?

WillEatsPie (04:53)
“Gay Sleepover” is your voice channel, why am I not surprised :stuck_out_tongue:

WillEatsPie (05:32)
ABN too afraid to fight even with a base to their backs?

WillEatsPie (06:49)
well all the ABN ships are worse than garbage right now (no offence)

WillEatsPie (17:43)
Saul maybe if you weren’t an ass you would give it away too, just a thought

WillEatsPie (17:40)
come back anf fight like a man

WillEatsPie (04:36)
also what idiot from ABN put a docking pad on the bottom of this ship when they “repaired” it

WillEatsPie (06:07)
Chatoxic, is that you?

WillEatsPie (00:57)
all I found were some dumb TAW ships, but they’re dead now


The absurdity of this post relating to adults playing video games together is a prime example of what forums are not to be used for. Being offended because someone put lil in front of your name is ludicrous. Your a grown man “at least i’m assuming” grow up. This is the internet I have been called far far worse. Its not even an expletive, offensive term, or in any way a word used to threaten an individual. If anything you have shown that your trying to use the rules to your own advantage like a basic Karen and have now caused your permanent HWS name to be lil willie. So congrats lil willie.


I was thinking the same thing. His best strategy now would be to embrace it and change his handle.


Well, as @Remove wrote, I also saw a bigger context here and the ticket should be overall be put to @WillEatsPie and @Chaotic.
You both are reasonable and adults.
Clear it between you two please.