Please start wiping both Alien Planets every weekend

As I’m sure ppl are now aware, AMDs are becoming super rare in 5.0, and you will need to loot a core from an Alien Ultra Rare container (the kind that contains epic weapons) to even craft a single AMD.

So I assume when 5.0 drops, we can expect there to be a ton of ppl farming the Alien planets. I know there are a decent amount of POIs on the planets already, but a small coordinated and experienced group can take out a ‘5 cluster’ of Alien POIs fairly easy once they get going. I don’t even know if a weekly wipe will be enough, maybe wipe with the rotating PvE planets? PvP there should be interesting though :slight_smile:

Alienworld is meant to wipe daily already…

Alien world does. Hence the qualification “both.”

I can wipe out all aliens with a 700 ingot ship. No I’m not skilled, thatjust how balanced it is :stuck_out_tongue:

The alien world system is what I meant. Otherwise those turrets facing the back of your ship on warp in would have stayed gone.

Yes. Alien world and alien world orbit wipe.

OP is asking for both alien planets to wipe.

Ok. Last point, it has not wiped like it was supposed to for the last week. I know for a long time we could go there as a sort of combat training for new guys. Went there last few times and all POI’s are wiped, and players recored them and are using them as their own bases.

One planet in alien world wipes. The other planet never wipes. I know this because the POI’s have never reset. The OP is asking for both planets to wipe. I don’t see where the confusion is here.

There is no confusion. Already dropped it. See above post

I guess maybe a better question is, will Rexxus be removing AMDs from OCD or letting us keep them all? Because everyone will just build a thousand AMD and store them in OCD before the wipe, thus trivializing AMDs most likely.

Also I wasn’t aware the other Alien Planet (X7?) reset daily, A guildie told me it didn’t as I usually only went to the other planet.

It does not.

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There is your answer. It would be a hell of an unbalance so of course all Auto Miner will be removed from the players OCD.

ok thanks Rexxus. Sorry I have been out of town for a week, hard to catch up on everything, I just keep hearing conflicting reports since then.

So what do you think about wiping Alien planets though? :slight_smile:

Just Alienworld are wiped all the time. The planets itself shortly before 5.0 rather not.
For the planets you needed to fly 20-40k km. That was the kind of reward.

But the Alien and POI topic will be reworked completely in 5.0 :smiley: