Pocket PVP Universe

The yellow blob is Black Hole, not listed.

Starters could have ways to earn credits, and buy ores or Starter-level Garage ships (I can supply some stripped down Mad Max style low level stuff)

Each PVP planet could have a small amount (1) meteorite of the basic types, but only 1 or 2 types of ore deposit. There should be too many planets for one faction to hold them all, due to faction BA limits.

Way too small for my liking…

I think you still under the impression that we are gonna have 177 players crammed on one server. They see this map, they aren’t going to stick around. People need space to roam and hide, and looking at a couple of the other servers that have a far higher population, its easy to see why. HWS 5 was a huge success, even with the lag, and 4 was a great one too. But I feel that 6 was a major step backwards, and the blame cannot be laid at RexXxus’s feet for all the issues, he is compensating for the issues that Eleon has not addressed by massively shrinking the universe. Let’s not forget the nerfing of all our vessels as well, another feat that drastically lost its luster; CV fights have gone the way of the dodo. Unless we all can only spawn Class 1 CVs (components only, no blocks allowed) then CV fights are a thing of the past.

Another universe this small and no population, it either forces me to look for another server or in Eleon’s case, another game. What was a ‘buy’ recommendation for fellow gamers is more like a ‘don’t hold your breath’ at this time. They have added a lot of nice features, but if they cannot keep the performance under wraps then it doesn’t matter 2 shits if they have nicer looking blocks and neato trees to decorate a crappy blueprint off the workshop.


Remember Rex can now link servers, this could just be a small part of the whole game. Why not just make SANC server into Donator / PVE server, and keep NA / EU for PVP ?

A smaller universe would force players to encounter and interact, and it would seem more populated. Nothing wrong with nerfing ships, it should have been done seasons ago.

Less playfields for several good reasons. I agree that PVP is more important than adding prettier trees and junk like “space clouds”. Eleon have stolen our FPS to make visuals, without fixing or optimising the PVP lag issues. So, a smaller universe is inevitable.

Would you want a huge completely broken universe, or a small smoothly working one? You can only be on one playfield at a time, another 99 planets full of carebear structures will ruin the PVP experience. It depends what type of player Rex wants to cater for.

Here is enough space so that everyone can have bases, but not so big that players can hide away in PVE and carebear. HWS is the biggest PVP server.

“CV fights have gone the way of the dodo”
“People need space to roam and hide”

These two statements are conflicting, I don’t agree with the 2nd one.

Let me put it in another perspective for you:

Remember Rex can now link servers – Do you think other people know this? When a new player is looking for some social activity online, they will want a server with a bunch of people, lets look…

This is what people see right now. Oblivion/Bugs has the majority of people with social interactions, where the fun lies. There is a lot of PvE/PvP playfields to choose from, people can hide in safety or they can go venture out to explore. So you like the idea of a small universe, and the performance it gets. Its true, but the major downside is just that; its a small universe. We could go to the other 2 servers and hope to get some socialization going on there, but its not likely. There aren’t much for players on either, and sanctuary is a barren server at this point.

But why do they flock to these two servers?

Look at your pocket PvP universe and compare it to what they have running:

And I haven’t explored the majority of the map. So what is more enticing to join? Don’t get me wrong, I like the things Rex is doing, but for the community of this server to draw in more new players and entice the former players, the micro-verse isn’t doing any favors. People want to explore different planets, POIs, have vast amounts of people to interact with for better or worse. If they want more playfields to build off in deep space or on another playfield they have more options. OP is active for those that want to build in PvP but are not online long enough to be able to properly defend against a persistent bastard such as myself.

HWS is the biggest PVP server. --Not right now it isn’t. I’m doing good to shoot down 1 enemy SV a week.

Nothing wrong with nerfing ships, it should have been done seasons ago. --To a degree, but it really doesn’t incline me to build much now, I have so much crap in my OCD but its not worth pulling out for a class 1 SV/HV when I can get the materials within a matter of hours of mining a few deposits. I agree that CVs are over nerfed, but Eleon needs to either up the damage of base/CV turrets or lower the health of combat blocks substantially, hence my comment “CV fights have gone the way of the dodo” Nobody feels like fighting for a couple hours to just warp away.

The whole point of my post, is we need people to interact with and need a means to draw them back in over and over again. Much like running a business, you have to have services that people want and a vast amount of options to appease your customers or in the end you will end up holding an empty bag.


TacoIsland what is your timezone? Mine is UTC+1. HWS EU usually in top 3 in the evenings:

Mine is UTC -6, and when I get home both are pretty barren. Doesn’t give me a lot of incentives to play to be honest. Been getting back on DayZ lately on high pop to axe some questions of people. Fun times.

You wanna get down to a planet and defend it if you want good PVP. We just had a 4-faction surface battle this week that lasted 12 hours over 2 days. Class 1 stuff, it was awesome.

You don’t get that by spreading people over a huge universe, with a planet for every 5 people. You seem to be missing the point

Actually I get that…what you are not getting is the social interactions with a LOT of people…not 8.

I was on last night to goof around, 8 people on when I logged in, 12 when I got off. How much chat was there? Probably as much as a picture pop-up book. You would read more in one yahoo news article. I roamed all around the Berlin planets and found no one to kill, just a ton of POIs, nothing on HW. So I ask again, what is the point of so few planets, a 177 player server that so few people play on and a micro verse? I don’t think we would ever reach that limit with this small size universe, why not scale down the player count and scale up the universe? Can it be a dynamically adjusting limit?

You are playing in wrong time. 35 player online atm, and 50 players two hours ago. Looks like you haven’t understood your timezone problem.

I played too on different servers with 200+ playfields with 50-60 players. It was really rare to meet somebody.

I, like many other people, can’t play Empyrion at work, unfortunately… He’s also referring to the NA server, which has 25 people on during peak times currently (on a good day).

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I liked 5 … where blackhole was in the middle, and you could back and forth from so many directions.

In terms of CV fights, there needs to be an ability to disable warp.


Exactly. Contrary to popular belief when I am not playing I am at work all day. The NA server doesn’t see any bump in players , not even on the weekends. Originally I started on the EU server back in HWS 3, before the NA server was stood up and brought everything over to the NA side with the inclusion of CSW. However due to time zone and a world that’s not flat, people are on at different times during the day.


Your kidding right?

We need a universe that encourages exploration and lots of warping around -

  1. Searching for prey
  2. Places to earn mods
  3. Resources
  4. PvP points
  5. You are kidding right?

I liked 4… that was the era of 8 on 8 without game crashing lag.

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Minus the fact that turrets were center of mass targeting.

I didn’t even know we could go onto Sanctuary.

I started in 5, I never experienced the game without lag… didnt even know that existed. They had a smooth 8 on 8? I find that hard to believe.

How do you mess that one up? and leave it? lol

I wouldn’t say it was ‘smooth’, but it was a significant step up from what we have right now.

Like you cannot warp if distance to nearest planet is less than 5000m(6-7-9-10?)
So there will be time for ambushes from neighbor planet and fight running away CV with SV.