Police closed, Witnessed now total anarchy

As Police is closed There seems to be now total anarchy. grieving, ammo draining, start planet camping, all you can imagine. Witnessed many off this and even Recorded some

This aint fun now, mostly it hurts the single player and small factions and those that obey rules. now just what is the point anymore, if you follow you got huge disadvantage as anyone that you meet, just dont follow them :worried: rule and law brakes even admit it sayin there no police anymore. very sad

The very game mechanics make small facations or single player factions uncompetitive.

Again and again we keep telling people to NOT play alone EVER.

This is a MULTIPLAYER game. This is not Space Lone Wolf. Any faction with less than 4 active members will become irrelevant.

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That is not the point. Single or not single. Now everybody brakes rules and laws. Bytheway, there even should not be factions at all. HWS faction yes, but not game factions.

That has been my problem in 2.0, now and with RP farm… If you are the only one not breaking it, the admin is not gonna punish the entire server and you basically punished yourself. But if you DO it, then you are the only one getting punished of course.

At least be glad nobody is warp camping (yet) with BA’s or faction members that steal your ships and give them to another faction.

And yes, just try to get a faction as big as possible (active players) so you can rule the server :slight_smile: . 20 noobs in 20 noobs ships may still beat a pro in a single massive good ship (if you can get him to DC).

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Actually I’d be just fine if HWS forced you to join a faction and you could never ever leave it except through a cb:reset.

Problem is Pirates and Lawless can shoot eachother so not sure how that’d work…but a single Trader and a single Alliance faction would be fine by me.

I disagree. Some players may start as traders, get bored, and want to pirate. And there are ways to ‘cheat’ the CB:Reset…

i would liked most if factions aint at all. Seems there allways drama around them. Everyone single, that would be real survival game. And something has to do that anarchy, after police closed report, it is absolutely terrible.

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Like I said before, I can live with both anarchy and rules. But I HATE something in between of those two.

niewitch sounds like you need to join a real faction ( a big team working faction). many people on the server have as little as 5 active players which is not enough by far to have fun and servive as a faction!
MAD/MDA/PKA = the same people just change of faction name have been playing in the same faction since 3.0 patch
and there had not been a problem as we play as a FACTION?TEAM when it matters most. we have also had many new players into the faction and they are doign well with no issues!
Just like SWP and many old fcations on the server. you just need to learn which one to join for the bast.
and Discors/teamspeek whitch ever you chose to use is A big must to help communication between players!
ITS ALL ABOUT THE TEAM WORK thats what factions are about! learnign from echother and your arch enamies to find your weak points in your builds!

yeah you are correct on that but, That was not point here. Big faction or not big faction. Doesnt change the fact that now every one brake rules,. But that i must do, its easier to brake all rules together than just be nice obeying one

thats the point join a big factions who does not brake the rules it trader alliance! therfor 1 you have backup two
you all abide teh rules and nto feel like whats the point! plust new patch is comming in like a week or so so police will be active again in next patch im sure
if your on this server to just play on your own then you are goign to get killed ect a lot and you will get fed up and leave server!
faction is your best option on this server and teh bigger active players the better.

well iam available to join any good faction that has open position. Have plenty of assests. My own moral doenst give me satiscation at all, using game mechainics weaknesses. I despise greatly it

When me and my other 1/2 joined the server we spawned in pvp area and got our butt handed to us on the 1st day by new bie players
after we restet on pve we built a cv with like 2 weeks of gathered resorces on it.
we filled the cv with cargo boxes and it was full to the hilt untill SWP took it while we were changing our own factin to MRA.
Since then we havent looked back we have always played with the people we have now and have always gone by the rules and after swp or any piret or lawless.
and sometimes traders and other alliance if they shot us 1st with evidence…!
we try not to kill other alliance and teaders though.
we have also been lawless our selves but still followed close to alliance rules.
It is so much fun as a big active faction with many making silly moves and it becomes quite fun.
I know you may want to try it on servival on your own but with big factions like SWP there is no hope in a mulitplayer server for the single player.
thats why PKA/MAD/MDA/MRA ahev always recruted new people.
and with many of us with bissy lives sometime it helps to have new people join to be active when other people real lives take over for a short time.

I havent actually even losed that much, more i have win. Even the lose is fun, when it is fair fight

when is it ever a fair fight as this is still in alpha game with lots of kinks that need ironing out and bugs that caus ehte most insane thinsg to happen.
like spawning in your arch anamies bases ect
the biger the faction the more powerfull you are as a team to take out other factions
especially to cover your back if you do bug out or crash or lag!
so you see dosent matter what other people are doing as long as you are in the right faction.

Well yes, you know about factions. Iam not new to that consept either. Nor the game i have allmost 300h of gameplay in empyrion. I have many games where I am in faction. Even one we have wep pages, etc. Empyrion is alltough game, where i have withnessed those big faction dramas, and little pushed me back on that. I have good hopes for 5.0

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I have been playing solo for many weeks now as the rest of my clan went elsewhere.

I am having fun, I loose the odd ship and one base to you LBP, but that’s part of the game.

So now you would force me to join some faction so I am not solo?

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Play solo. I don’t care.

Smashing your bases about as challenging as curb stomping a starving toddler. So play solo but you are irrelevant.

Say what you will about 5AP - but they made a huge impact on the server largely thanks to their size.

Playing solo you will have NO impact. You’ll be 100% irrelevant.

Look at RAT. 2 highly skilled PvPers who are at best a minor nuisance.

I have no impact in your HWS world and I don’t care. :slight_smile:

I do what I can for the noobs and nice people and support allies who can actually pvp.

I’m glad you’re happy with that - but lots of people are not. They want to play alone and somehow have a “fair” fight against a 5+ player faction - and it’s just not possible.

People forget all the whining about 5AP being so big or even LBP in the earlier days when we had lots of active players.

So yes, I do think if all traders and all alliance got shoved into 2 mega factions, they’d have a better time in the game.

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