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@everyone with the help of @Ophiophagus we have implemented now a Twitch House on ECC.

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Currently 11 of 12 slots available still

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O M G !

Wtf it was ? :smiley: Random “jumping” with random shooting… And some people see fan in such lagged “fight”?!..

Van Ham streams quite a bit

What size it had?

(Это все Арт установки по бортам?)

Awesome video!! Great choice in music.:laughing:



Your music choice is very unpiraty.

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This is soo cool man thanks for record it.

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Nice , and that frustration on the logging back-in lmao. Think we all have felt that during a pvp battle a few times.

That lag is one reason I really think that whole " camping the warp-ins " drama might have been about maybe at least some of it. On your screen you are really far away from the warp-in but by the time the people jump-in load it’s guns in your face type thing.

Good video thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

just thought I would share my stream.

I steam all the time and am online a lot also so let get more people into this game follow me and listen to some tunes.
my stream

thank you karma! Moved it here for better overview (RexXxuS)

Generally when one wants to share their stream they actually share their stream.

think I fixed it not sure y my link wasn’t showing before

It works for me. I can’t tell for sure at the moment because you’re not in game due to server issues but I would strongly recommend that you add an overlay in the top right corner of your screen to hide your minimap from twitch viewers.

Deep space bases in pvp zones are common and while you may not have one yet you likely will have one in the future and I guarantee you someone will stream snipe your base.

Also, consider cross posting here: Post your streams / videos here!

Edit: Also, the CV you are on right now is set to private so…

Edit 2: Get an auto clicker before you get carpal tunnel

Edit 3: Leave food in your inventory and shift right click to consume it. This will allow you to eat without getting out of your cockpit during long flights.

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Soon we will be more than that… - SFA - HWS - NA
2 Operations

I added @mcprouty to the list (remove if you don’t want it mcprouty) and made it as a wiki.
Please everyone feel free to add your streams / youtube gameplay videos.

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Hi All,

I know there are a ton of great videos in your guy’s hidey holes. @colin2cold and I were talking about how crap the YouTube content is for Empyrion videos out there.

I know @mcprouty has twitch vids that could be shortened to be more interesting and Colin has some that could be Bleeped for language…

We got a HWS YouTube channel for cool stuff and a decent editor?

Just a thought. I know others have some cool vidoes too. Be should all post under the same header for easy searches like : “HWS Empyrion Video” or something.

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Already available:

Hi @RexXxuS,

I know you have a thread here for Videos. I would like a channel on YouTubes. The HWS site is great but YouTube is a bigger Global audience.

The point of my post is to have @mcprouty or @colin2cold open a HWS Empyrion Channel on YouTube for fights so people can post quality content vs. 90 minutes of randomness.


I agree, the YouTube makes a lot of games grow… Makes a lot of people famous! Very good for posting stuff, the problem is like @Obsey said there are a bunch of crap videos on YouTube of people in single player doing random BS. If we started adding all the videos together, making clips etc it would bring more people to Empyrion, and HWS all together!


LoT will be streaming as well, when time permits. Let the shenanigans commence!