Pre 5.0 knowledge: Origins!

THE Ancients :wink:

Or if there is enough time and if Rexxxus doesn’t mind wasting some time on it, perhaps put up a poll.

  • The Guardians
  • Keepers of the Universe
  • The Federation (short: the feds :P)

Background maybe :wink:

@everyone please participate in the poll at the top. Thanks

I chose “The Guardians” though I would strongly prefer “Guardians”.

TinyDewDrops is not an option in the poll damn :stuck_out_tongue: It would have gotten at least 1 vote.

But me and another faction member prefer “The Federation” over the others though

Ancients - get image of old people in my head or mummies
Coalition - Get image of United Nations and what not in my head
Guardians - Is okay
The Federation - yes yes yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Guardians sounds good to me

Can we also vote for a new pirates name? I’m sure we can give them something embarrassing * cough *… I mean… Something good.

Just to confirm they are restrictions with who you can ally with ? alliance with alliance, but not alliance with pirates or alliance with traders ?

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That was what we discussed and we think we go with cross origin alliances to support more variations of multiplayer


yes please keeps the options open

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Mmmm I can’t design CV’s for 5.0 without knowing the rules at forehand. We get those tomorrow?

Poll is closed. We have a winner!

Guardians are the new Alliance!

I hope this name gives you this time enough motivation and power…

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if you form an alliance with 2 factions will the one faction gain access to a donator planet ? :wink:

If you tell me their faction tag it will be as before.
It is then just possible to live also in PvP together. No other change regarding this else

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Alliance is good as is. But if you must rename it, it should be something that is synonymous with Alliance. I know some factions, like mine SFA, went alliance for the RP and not for the money. If you’re hell bent on renaming it, I like Commonwealth or Confederation.

I see but please stay with SFA (Alliance). Guardians have (many) Alliances. So this will be even more important to make your point :slight_smile:

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When will you announce new patch notes for faction changes Rex :smiley: I want to start strategising way before 5.0 but can only do that if I already know which faction to choose.

Give me 10 hours for free and you get it :weary:

Typing as fast as I can…

TY Rex, ill try be patient but its hard. :stuck_out_tongue:

A bit disappointed in the poll. 24 voters? Not really an overwhelming consensus given the number of Alliance members in total. I certainly wouldn’t have voted for Guardians. Very weak name IMO. Of the 3 choices, Coalition WOULD have been my vote if given a little more time.