⚠️ Pre-Announcement for the Commodity Trader 2.0 Patch!

Good Morning HWS Community,

this is a very short notice and/or warning that I finally implement and release the Commodity Trader 2.0 patch on Friday at 5PM! For real this time!

It’s a very friendly warning from me because a lot of prices in the HWS Marketplace are currently either too high or too low. Be smart as seller and buyer and think twice what you do now!

You can get a sneak peak of the changes here:

And yes, the prices you will find here:

Are intentionally displayed as a range, because it heavily depends on the Economy level within the playfield you are in - together with other things.

Overall the system is much more complex now. It requires a bit of time to find all proper Traders now and what trade route is profitable. But if you found them and if you discover more things I’ve added like the ??? offers, you might enjoy the new depth of gameplay!
Hint: every Stargate Mission and Mission Dealer will be lucrative in one way or the other :wink:

Excited to see it going live after… I forgot how many delays and months… months of hard work though…

Stay tuned for an official Announcement about it combined with a video hopefully on Friday!

Your HWS Team


Hey Rex,

  1. Predicting impact of this system on marketplace prices is not going to be that easy, for example epic heavy armor now sells for around 5-6m given current supply and demand, according to your info in commodity trading it will be priced 180k - 360k with buy quantity 0-3 and sell quantity 1-6. I doubt anyone will sell it at traders since that price is very small, so there will be increase in supply which means that price will drop, but how much? Certainly not to 360k since there is demand for it outside commodity trading system. My guess is around 2-3m but I wouldn’t make a trade on it :stuck_out_tongue:
  1. I’d have to verify it in practice, but from these tables the system doesn’t look as profitable as it used to be in season 9, comparing current ultra epic category with season 9 t3 autominers price is worse and quantity is a bit smaller
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Hey @DarthMyrten

Hopefully and for sure. Because Ultra Epics will have a special gameplay included as well…

Intentionally, yes. But still very profitable if you are a good Trader.

Will there be normal traders that buy/sell just regular stuff like they used to in the old Saturn 5 station and other stations you had around HWS last season?

Those normal traders were handy to sell or buy ingots, weapons, or other game items especially for beginning players.

Looking forward to this update as commodity trading add a whole new element to the game and gets people out there searching for loot.

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Good Morning HWS Community
in 6 hours the big Trader patch is coming! @Ju helped me to give you help along the way. :smiley:
Print it or memorize this info graphic very well :wink:

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A good way to make people activelly hunt for commodityes would be making them in such a way you could craft unique items from them, a good example would be epic heavy armor, epic drill, or using a verry large quantity of comodityes for say over limmit drills,something specific to each origin.

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That is coming in the next step… as soon as Eleon allows me to create custom craft templates :wink:

For now every template is pre-defined.
That would be indeed cool…

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