Trade Commodity


These are items which can ONLY be accquired by trading or PDA missions or POI raiding.
Your task is to find out which Commodity Trader offers these items at cheap prices and find other Commodity Traders somewhere else which buys them for expensive prices. Creating a positive Trade balance.

Note: Trade commodities, regardless of rarity, cannot be put into the OCD at ANY level.

Commodity Trader Location

To give you a hint where a Commodity Trader is located in the Universe, just press M and check the Description.

  • A Wealthy economy can be found mostly in PvP playfields

  • A Sustainable economy can be found in interesting PvE or PvP playfields

  • A Unpromising economy can be found in PvE playfields

Additionally you can assume to have a better economy on planets or really special orbits than in an orbit.

Origin Discount

Additionally certain Origins have different Commodity items they can trade for special conditions at very special locations (look out for Origin locked Stargates or Supergates).

  • Federation: 10% / 30% / 50% better buy and sell price for Robotics Robotics

  • Freelancer: 10% / 30% / 50% better buy and sell price for Ancient Relics AncientRelics

  • Pirate: 10% / 30% / 50% better buy and sell price for Liquors Liquors

The percentage rate is also dependent from the economy level you are in. However 50% is set in Unpromising, 30% in Sustainable and 10% in Wealthy playfields.

NPC Faction Discount

The Commodity Trader are getting their items from the NPC Factions. So the better your NPC Reputation towards Zirax, Polaris and Talon for example, the more likely you get a trade discount!

  • Honored with Zirax: 7% Discount on Weapon & Alien Commodity items
  • Honored with Polaris: 15% Discount on Antique & Component Commodity items
  • Honored with Talon: 30% Discount on Bio Commodity items

List of Trade Commodities

Alien Trade Commodities (10)

Item Rarity Origin Discount Stack
Yellow Alien Container Common — 5
Zirax Minigun Weapon Common — 1
Zirax Shotgun Weapon Rare — 1
Zirax Laser Weapon Rare — 1
Zirax Sniper Weapon Epic — 1
Zirax Rocket Weapon Epic — 1
Purple Alien Container Ultra Epic — 5
White Alien Container Ultra Epic — 5
Red Alien Container Ultra Epic — 5
Alien Organism Ultra Epic — 5

Antique Trade Commodities (6)

Item Rarity Origin Discount Stack
Stone Statues (Deco) Common — 5
Tribal Blocks (Deco) Common — 5
Drill Rare — 1
Ancient Relics Epic Freelancer 5
Luxury Goods Epic — 5
Raw Diamond Ultra Epic — 5

Bio Trade Commodities (6)

Item Rarity Origin Discount Stack
Leather Common — 5
Fertilizer Common — 5
Varon Root Common — 5
Narcotics Rare — 5
Liquors Epic Pirate 5
Toxic Waste Ultra Epic — 5

Component Trade Commodities (6)

Item Rarity Origin Discount Stack
Auto Mining Device T1 Common — 5
Auto Mining Device T2 Rare — 5
FillerCharge/F&F Charge Rare — 5
Auto Mining Device T3 Epic — 5
Robotics Epic Federation 5
Optronics Epic — 5

Weapon Trade Commodities (5)

Item Rarity Origin Discount Stack
Ballista Bolt Rare — 5
rocketDrone Epic — 5
Epic Drill Ultra Epic — 1
Epic Heavy Armor Ultra Epic — 1
Rocket Debug Ultra Epic — 5

Rarity Legend

Rarity Buy / Sell Price¹ Buy Quantity² Sell Quantity²
Common 10k - 50k 8-12 20-30
Rare 30k - 120k 6-9 16-24
Epic 60k - 240k 4-6 12-18
Ultra Epic 120k - 500k 2-3 8-12
??? ³ ??? ??? ???

¹ Depending on the Economy level you are in, the range gives you either a positive trade, mostly positive trade or random trade.

² This is the quantity chance of buying or selling the item at a Trader. On a planet the chances are better to get a guaranteed bigger quantity than in space.

³ That is the ultimate Trade for every ultimate Adventurer and Explorer. Be warned of the danger but have fun with the reward!


Create profitable trade routes, watch out for pirates, create ambushes, find escorts!

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