Pre HWS 4.0 Polls

Hey guys,

while you figuring out the new limits I want to give you a little homework to think / poll of for the coming HWS 4.0.

1: Regardless of how and what: Do you want to have the same universe for EU and NA?

  • Yes, better the same way like now (more or less)
  • No, I like CSW and explore different universes

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2: Still very important and running: HWS Marketplace or Eleon Marketplace?

Eleon Marketplace or HWS Marketplace?

so I think i’ll be the first to admit that this confused me. its two questions with a yes and no decision… “do you want them seperate, or the same? yes…?” even more confused with the additional information after each yes and no answer, “better the same way like now”, and “I like CSW and explore different universes” sound like the same thing to me. the way i see it, it says its better the same way things are now, and i like CSW which we already have right now… I think the answer with a yes means you would like them the same, and the answer with a no means you want them seperate. or is my brain just not working properly on this?

You are right. Technically it could be misunderstood. Simplified it

@everyone the polls will end on 02.10.2016 11pm (GMT+2) / 3pm (EDT)

It seems that we will have the presented 4.0 universe for both servers (thanks x))

And we activate our HWS Marketplace instead of the Eleon one again.
Next week as soon as jascha is back we will turn it on as a test so you can see how it works.
As mentioned it is more player driven - located in the center of Elemental Marketplace.

But since it is our feature we can customize it like crazy. This means directly a luckshot poll :wink:

  • Should be selling items be allowed globally (without taxes) or…
  • Should be selling items be allowed globally (with taxes) or…
  • selling items only in the HWS Marketplace (station in Elemental Marketplace without taxes)?
  • Should be buying items be allowed globally as a super hightech upgrade for the four factions (e.g. after a lot of Reputation Points? But with taxes though). Tick for yes
  • To prevent the Eleon Marketplace problem and having an additional OCD there is a tax when you stop your order from HWS Marketplace. Should the tax be more than 10%? Tick for yes
  • Do you want a HWS Marketplace Ship flying around with the PvE rotation circle? Tick for yes
  • Other suggestion as a comment

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Other Suggestion:

HWS Marketplace Ship as global market flying around with the pve rotation circle (only trader can sell goods / buying can everyone)

on [each planet a lokal market] (every one can sell / buy ) goods

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For that we need advanced Jascha coding skills. We can try :slight_smile: