Pre HWS 8.0 Suggestion Thread



Plese merge if this already exists:

1. Remove resource crusts from planets and buff the mining rate on asteroids in space.

7.0 and 7.5 has suffered from a notable lack of CV combat, buffing asteroid mining rates and removing resource crusts will give people a reason to go into space in CVs again.

  1. Buff meteorite mining rate

Without resource crusts, people will go back to meteorites/asteroids. I believe that no one planet should have all of the resources, but the ‘higher the pvp’ potential of the planet the higher the yield of that the resource gives.

Aka - High Risk/High Reward


I think you can have only a limited number of asteroids on a playfield. You cant replace crust planet with asteroids and hope to have same ore volume. Most people wont be interested, as you said is high risk, but reward would be poor compared with crust planets.


You are too late. Already done today :slight_smile:

The survey showed a lot of people don’t like it but the majority does. It gives good reasons to fight for. But too much I think overall.

That is the next step. Have to see what value is reasonable. But it is the logical move, if the resource crust will be nerfed.
The default values are a joke for sure .


The biggest reason why people like the resource crust is how ‘easy’ it is to set up an anti-grief zone by placing down a base block, and then mine without having to worry about someone ganking you.

So, low-risk/high-reward, so I understand why people like that - but it definitely defeats the intended purpose.

Resource crust planets are a great idea, but they subtract from space combat. So I think finding a balance between the two would be a good idea.

Maybe keep resource crust planets, but drastically nerf returns? This way people can choose to mine in relative safety at a slower rate, or mine in space with some danger and get higher returns?


With the new CV drills it is like having a Garage ship mining them. It’s insane.
But I will observe and of course nerf the resource crust a bit.


Excellent :slight_smile:

The other idea, of course, is to remove, Zas, Ere, and Mag from the resource crusts and place them into asteroids.

My vision is: Homeworld Space has a planet that has a resource crust for each ‘common resource’ and then BH has the rares.


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Homeworld is the “resource system”

It already has a large asteroid field, keep the Zas, Ere & Mag asteroids in that asteroid field if that’s how it’s gonna be changed.


The change to the CV drill has increased CV combat big time. First day of the change we had a ton of fights in BH. I think i agree to putting rares asteroid only.


Where there are large volumes of SV/HV PvP please could we look at the efect huge volumes
of huge Bases/Clusters have on the performance of PvP on planets

Ranzeth has said he hates having to no life it to protect his base and i agree a game in this manor asks
to much from someone. so Rex i would sugest you revisit encouraging people to live in PvE (Donar space/planets etc)

as far as PVP bases, alow bases spawning but have 12hr 24hr wipes so the playfeild is not swamped
by citys all over the surface. force wiping if the playfeild it so bad is also a good idea. limit the cores drasticaly
on those playfeilds.

Because the game is still to be Optimised in regards to PVP atleast lets try to do some good houskeeping in the PVP areas becaus that to us is were the HWS really falls down.

We are not pushing for this or saying this is how it sould go its just stuff we have all come up with
(food for thought).



The issue with ‘forcing’ people to live in PvE is there would then become a huge overload of assets into PvE which would then cause those playfields to crash or become unbearable.

This would also reduce the overall amount of PvP in the game, as people would no longer be able to plan assaults on those groups of bases. Most of ACP loves attacking those huge groups of bases that you hate - though I admit the lag on Homeworld is pretty bad, but I still have fun doing it. (That is me saying this is my preference).

The biggest issue I have with your suggestion Blind, is that Empyrion is a sandbox game, so the more restrictions you place on the way people play the more it defeats the purpose of playing a sandbox game. I agree with the current rulesets as long as they encourage game balance.


CV Mining Rates

Could I recommend a 50% increase? As they are right now, it is decent, but with resource crusts HVs are still better.


your mentioned 50% are Garage ships… for a reason.

I think it is good as it is now. I tried higher values but saw flaws in it for the bigger picture gameplay.


I look at it like this:

CV MIning Drill vs HV mining Aesteroids = Equal

CV Mining Drill vs HV mining resource crust = HVs are better by far.

HVs can have up to 6 mining drills, and their beams hit a wider surface, while the single CV mining laser is focused and only hits one. Also a CV has to move from asteroid to asteroid making it slower. HVs though just have to keep mining the surface of a planet, without pause.


You mean HV mining Meteorites? (because HV drills don’t work in space)

That is wrong. I will adjust the T1, T2 and HV drills for HWS 7.X.X but CV drills have at the moment, on paper the HIGHEST drill speed. Garage ships only win because of the quantity.

Well, it’s true that meteorites / asteroids have a kind of “armor”. Crust has none. But CVs have the option to have like 10 guys in it, roaming in BH around like crazy, causing some inflation issues (same like Homeworld atm).

Let’s see how the CV drills are going for awhile.

I don’t like suggestions of a Config change within 7 days :stuck_out_tongue:


Fair enough.

And sorry, yes I do mean HVs mining meteorites. Well for now take it as my feedback: slight_smile:

I do enjoy CV mining because it’s probably the safest form of mining. I just personally think it needs a further buff .


I have another idea, and I know this will annoy a lot of people, but I think it will be a good one for Pvpers.

With the implementation of anti-grief, I suggest that we make cargo boxes, food processors, fridges, constructors etc… accessible only by running up to them and press F, rather than making them accessible by the P menu like they are now.


Well with the invention of anti-grief it is “supposed” to be impossible to dig below ground near an enemy core. This means that in order to loot an enemy base you need to either dig through combat steel, find the constructor and blow them up or “work around” anti-grief to core the base.

By making it so you have to physically run up to and press F to access these devices, enemies will have to make sure that they are all accessible by some route or path. So rather then digging through the ground for a core, players will be enticed to actually go out on foot, penetrate the base and go loot hunting.

On top of this game change, I would also suggest that we make it illegal to use the “filler tool” to form indestructible barriers around your base :wink: .


… I’m looking forward to a GG with no base spawning! Not just as this will make the ability to rapidly control large area with instant spawn bases, but also this adds a big risk to players that are shot down on the surface. No more instantly placing a base spawn pad followed by a ad spawning and off you go.

If shot down, you will have to respawn to a base (so they are still useful to have even if hard to place and hold), or a garage ship med bay, cv or a clone chamber away form planet.

So it becomes a whole lot more risky, but also as bases are difficult to build, holding one for even the largest faction will be difficult.

I think the new 8.0 meta could be a lot of fun…!