NA friendzone. Free hugs

Raven the only people you have got to thank for this is yourselfs and Taw. but look at it this way you lot broke GG now Rex is actualy going to fix it so everyone is going to be able to get a fair shot at PvP and gold. so i suppose thanks is in order. as far as bases sniping is conserned i hope they take it of you but it looks like its kind of nerfed
so no more ofline raiding the entire planet with one plasma turet.

by the way who was Golden globe Amazing for?. because i think your the only one buddy you wernt the one trying to render new York everytime you were fighting clearly!.

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We ruled gg when TAW where not allied with us what was the excuse then ? Sorry that our superior planning gave us a foothold. Maybe next season you won’t putter in the bunker and PvE and actually go for the gold. All this was not free we expended tons of resources holding the position but the PvP was great.

Says the group that covered an entire area in thousands of blocks. Also the group that started using OLP towers.

That aside, we’re all to blame. We all one upped the other side, and to be honest I have no idea why Rex wants to change it. If it was the BEST season to date, why would you want to make such radical change??

5.0 was fantastic because the HQ’s were all PVP, and the origins had to play by their groups rules. And once a week everyone had to leave the starter worlds and the pirates would raid, and we would defend. It was bad ass.

7.5 was the BEST because it was all pvp all the time. Morning, night, Sunday to Saturday. Every change everyone adapted. Lots of pointing fingers, lots of fingers blown off.

My only fear is that it will go back to 6.0, 10 ppl on and everyone waiting for the next season.


I think Chaz is mad cause we roll him all the time.

what the hell are you on about Abrum?. i cant be responsible for every base that belongs to somone who is freindly with us lol. and yes we did start using OLP but so did everone else EU, NA and your own Alt i did see.
so your just being a hypocrite.

GG was garbage because everytime we were fighting Taw, they were fighting us on the render border of there base so it was getting real Old real quick. Hey but a win is a win even if the lagy bases ruined it for everone else. but we showed when it came to talant we wiped the floor with Taw in the tank battle.

The game should just be more focused on people having fun in PvP, not team members KOSing people on GG just because they can, your better than that!.

But untill Bases get optimised masivley PvP’ing around 10 of them is just a no go period.

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i do get fed up of you lot getting what u want all the time by swamping the forums, but if your the only ones talking its not your fault i guess lol. a was a little pissed you rolling our base when i was offline but i didnt exspect anything more to be fair. but i was happy to see we handed it to you in the HWS tank battle were you clearly ran out of talant i will get Methos to send you the vid.

Lol 1 win vs 50 losses you are lucky ACP did not show up. Take that win post the video show your friends family and colleges be proud head up captain

that is a rubish idea has no merit at all ive got a idea Ranzeth why dont the make a gold planet with every rare resource in the crust and just give it to you as a free donar planet. and then you consult Rex on what he is alowed to give everyone else.

Every single time there is a wipe i have to sit and read you and Reven cry and beg Rex to change the game so you can piss somone off or get one up on everyone.

just once Ranzeth try and do whats best for the game instead of yourself.

Resource rich planets are what draw people to them, if you want a CV fight take yourself to EU and you will have a fight in seconds.

No state i am talking about balancing the sever so its more fair for everyone to play. you lot have troled and charged people for mining on GG which is discusting to be fair, funny thing is Abrum said he would never do that if he held GG lmao. as far as PvP you have done nothing but use your bases to lag people out above them when you fight and the whole server will probably confirm it so its all relavant and constructive!.

as far as manipulate the game "controle aspects " i can only asume your speaking from exsperience

there are more people playing the game than just ACP, TAW and HPG. your not logical or reasnable people
your just pushing your own agend and we can all see it on display.

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No, never said that. I did say I would never pay someone to let me mine. I understand your confusion after you farmed for ACP in 7.0. You remember that conversation dont you? “There is no way to beat ACP and their allies” i believe were your exact words. Then joined Op4 simply because you could mine at the end of 7.0 after ACP quit playing.

Have a nice day Chad aka blind cat.

Never!, i stay true to what i also said i would never join ACP, they are just unreasonable people who like to push
there own agenda. True if i joined Taw, ACP it would have been a easyer game however ive still got rich, got PvP and help create a Aliance that given the chance of a fair fight will send you all packing. i had a look at Taw’s website i like the look of a free Tshirt, but it looks close to being run like a dictatorship so i am glad i stuck wher i am but i am just going to have to work alot harder wich to me is still fun.

Drink the koolaide. I’m glad you think this, means we really are that good.

So relieved you didn’t, really hard person to deal with. As obvious on these forums.

Blind cat really is a fitting name.

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Bring back HQ planets that are pvp on the weekends!

Was that the HWS 5 magical value a lot of people voted in the survey?

I don’t know… it was monday - friday Origin locked + PvE and weekend free for everyone + PvP.

Noobs got stomped all the time… Alliances cried… but I wanted to refactor the Alliance vs Alliance guilty system anyways… hm

Mate, we only ask people to join us who do not whine and find excuses for the reason why they lose.

When you start most of your posts with “if only it was fair” or “you win because you fight on the edge of render”.

Accusing TAW of only defending on the edge of render distance is rubbish… you think they are that organized (Sorry Abrum/State).

As for pushing our own agenda, please publish the statements you are referring to and provide supporting evidence as to why this agenda is only suitable for ACP. I look forward to analyzing your arguments and providing rebuttles or agreeing with you if you can make a reasonable argument.

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Here is what I enjoyed most about the various ‘seasons’.

4.0 - Gold Planet and PvE/PvP rotation planets.
5.0 - Origin planets being PvP on the weekends (or was that 6.0… I can’t remember it is all one big blur)
6.0 - Tractor beams (jokes)
7.0 - Better and less laggy CV combat/modified config files to improve combat.

Regarding noobs getting stomped, that is an issue. Bringing back OLP could resolve part of that though, as could keep Peacekeeper open as a viable option for people to park their CV/SV. Then if they want to keep a mining operation on the HQ planets they would have to band together to defend it?

look Ranzeth, try not to confuse being difficult with the fact i am just fighting my corner as well as my point wich is quite simple.

1.Because Optimisasion of PvP is still verry bad, Bases in a PvP playfeild realy dosnt make any sense at all
so put bases in PvE where people dont fight NO LAG simple. so i am saying leave GG for PvP ie HV’s and
SV’ i dont understand PvPing with bases its a little silly to be fair. Maby Rex can build a playfeild where you
people who like PvP’ing with bases can go, so the rest of us can go fight fair and with less problems with lag.

  1. Base sniping ive said enough about it to be fair

  2. regards the balancing alot of us dont take the game quite so serous as you guy’s, we just like to get on mine
    gold do a little PvP. i dont see the need to set up a giant EMPIRE that controles huge plots of land and
    just make the playfeild genraly crapy. all you do is force new plays away if thats your goal then fair enough.
    the NA server has gone Toxic in regards to Meta/gamplay.

  3. as Far as me having a Agenda i do, and its this to have a ballaced server that most of the people can enjoy
    and give people the chance to move forward in the game without being extorted. New people being KOS’ed
    on golden globe in a crapy tired miner without provication other from being there does nothing to help grow
    the server.

  4. As far as wiping the floor and dirinking coolaid, watch the video of us sending you all packing at the HWS
    tank battle if you want proof of a fair mesured fight.

    If all of you just want to make huge factions/aliance and just kill the server thats up you, but if you want to
    help role out a good server where not only the people at the top get a good exsperience. we are always
    willing to comprimise but at the moment it seems like you want your cake etc.

    Also if you dont like losing or defending a huge base have it in a PvE playfeild and guess what it will be
    there when you get back on its really that easy. i get that you want to have a masive base it the place its all
    happening but not have to defend it but all that does is lag out the playfeild and hinder SV/HV fighting!.

Ya know the only reason we allied with TAW and HPG was because of OP4. You guys allied with 4 5 factions in 7.0


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Sure, but i wasnt around with Op4 then.