Prepare yourself


Omg :open_mouth: Are Aliens declaring war against all humanity !?! or maybe it’s a peace message as they want to share some popcorns with us ?!? let’s wait and see what’s coming the 26.11.16 :smiley:

I go for Peace :wink:

Independence Day (1996)
Find clips by quote instantly. today.

Somehow the clip is not showing… so here the link:

Solved :wink:

Here in 'murica we only talk one language and that’s 'murican.

Build a space wall around alien world and make the space aliens pay for it.

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So guys… As a trader i come a lot around. And for a good trade the key is communication. Thats why i´ve learned this foreign language and i can translate it.
And i have to say, a part of the message could disturb you…


Project Alien Maze?

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Purge the xenos!

hee hee,
hold on… our translator is coming…

They prbly going to respawn every now and then, even after their cores have been destroyed.:scream: