Private Base on Trader Deleted?

Show’s in Structure Commander it was deleted, but not sure why?

Ran’s Private Builder 3262001 BA Trader Planet 583 28 -33 8 8 true

This was full of ingots and ore, so if possible could I have it back? :smile:

According to your copied line, it had 8 blocks, so it was expectedly deleted after 7 hours of not being visited.

Sorry, I’m not sure what do you mean? You have to visit a structure within 7 hours or it’s deleted?

You have to visit a structure below 10 blocks or without core very often, yes.

I did not know that, any chance we could have this restored Rex? Pretty please? :slight_smile:

Rule book is pretty Long :slight_smile: but I have never seen this rule before. Seems like if paying taxes it should not be deleted imo.

Plus the fact that Deleting a structure should be posted somewhere like top of the rules ?

Also rip solo trader / part time gamer :slight_smile:

It’s not a HWS rule, the difference between “small structures” and larger ones is in the game code. Though server can adjust deletion timers for them separately.
BTW, do you know how long it takes for a structure above 10 blocks and with core to be deleted? I do, I’m asking just to make a point that there always are things that you don’t know yet.

It is. You see it in the right pannel when selecting a server. You just didn’t pay attention to it or didn’t understand.

So you’re implying that to build a 10-block base you have to play more than a few hours a week?

Well the Server info is not " hard rules " :stuck_out_tongue: that is just general info about server config.

Remove Time ( Unvisited Structures )
If you don’t pay taxes on a Large structure on faction planet it will be taken by HWS. Not 15 days like it says on the Server Config info.

It’s not a “recomendation” or something. Those are actual numbers from server config. They have direct effect on server code execution. I don’t know what rules are “harder” than that. Structures not visited for 15 days DO get deleted.

Also Veber this topic is for Support mate , you and I to talk about the server config info :stuck_out_tongue: Let the Admin sort this ,

Server Config info is just general info that the Admin has to have listed ,

The unvisited structures 15 day rule does not apply , The anti-griefing distance is not in effect . you die and you can / will be killed insta :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway This guy having his little structure deleted with all his ore after having paid taxes on it and not Visiting it every 7 hours seems a bit rough.

I consider the discussion on-topic, since we’re talking about what and why happened and how to avoid such issues in future.
I also am reasonably sure that the unvisited structures get deleted, as it was officially announced in this forum post Coming HWS meta change on 09.09.2016 - 9AM (GMT+2) | 3AM (EDT)!
and no official announcement was made since then.

Not sure what you mean by that.

It is hard enough to get people to read through the whole Story and understand all the rules of the Server as it is.
And once they do and follow the rules as best as they can, in this case having a base deleted after not having visited in 7 hours, after the fact of him paying taxes on it and having the cr to keep the taxes paid you are saying now that the server config > than the server scripts that are being used.

IF a person joins this server and only reads the Server config , He would and will loose his base on day one if he built his base on a pve starter planet.

If a person joins this server and joins a faction and builds a huge base on Faction planet and does not pay taxes he will loose that base before the 15 day config info.

Simply put read the story and have the info in one place.

Put the rules in one place, Anywhere in the Story that says you only have 7 hours before a base is deleted on Faction planet ?


I agree that deletion timers are worth a specific note in HWS Guide.

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Any word on this? :slight_smile:

Deletion timers are not server-specific. They are from the game itself. So this applies to all servers.

Before you join this server, you can see on the bottom right the server panel with some info. Among this info is the “remove time unvisited structures timer” which clearly states: 7 hours.

Check your sources.

Context was with taxes . Taxes > structure decay ? If you visit structure

Still would be nice for people to be able to see this on the Guide.

I understand this just saying a lot of people don’t.

I added it in the HWS Guide

Before you visit HWS it is shown to you. Now we have to decide if this is your fault or are we nice. This on the other hand would cause a snowball where everyone gonna go and build tiny stuff and say “please please”.

In any way

  1. we have big server problems right now so this would be come into play for now:
    READ FIRST: Will You Receive Support? - Yes or No

  2. We can’t restore bases on very populated playfields. This could cause corruption.

  3. In such a mini structure there should be way less stuff than you have in your OCD right now

Sorry, if everything is more settled we can talk again.