Problem with new CV build? need help

HI guys,

Need help built new CV in fraction (second one in fraction) - but Hws server taken it over - now locked out.
on destiny planet on EU server next to base on side.
on global chat guys was saying it my be over server block count.
If this is so - is there any way to allow me to save CV to blueprint before it is removed.
or even better can I have it back :slight_smile:
any help would be great.


that can be… can you please provide the ID / Name of the ship. I see two unnamend CVs here and hope they aren’t yours regarding Rule 4.4 :wink:

My fraction is ind - gamer name madrush - the ship is next to main Cv , base & 2 small.vessels

It’s now tagged as HWS cv

Since you are kind of new I set it to Ind again.
But you didn’t responded to my question so next time your ship is taken you know you breaked the rules again and nothing can be done.

That’s cool RexXxus - that’s very fair thank you - I will save ship as blueprint in the morning when I get home from work - question is what do I do with ship can i keep it or do I break it up??

Didn’t look in detail to it. Just click through the sections and you maybe know:

Ok - will read - a lot to learn in this game :slight_smile: guessing I am over allowance so will save blueprint and break it up - will the ship still be set to my fraction in 11 hours time after my work shift?