Hi guys.
I am not sure I understand the progression here. I understand this is a hard server, and I only played some solo game until I got a CV and explored a few planets.

It seems with the extra damage mobs and turrets do, it isn’t possible for me to do a POI on the Homeworld until I get shields on my HV, a Rocket Launcher, and Epic Armor at minimum. Yet, to get those things requires resources I can only get by doing POIs.

I understand the starter world, scavenge iron, silicon, and copper, until an SV with a warp drive, but after that I am having a hell of a time.

Now people on here are very charitable, and I might be able to progress given the charity, but I really want to know what the expected progression path is without charity. After all, I might not be so lucky to have nice people to help me out next season.

What is it that I am expected to do after arriving on the homeworld, building a base, and scavenging resources up to about lvl 12 and being able to build a SV or HV with miniguns a tier 1?

What are the next steps?


PvP here can be unforgiving. If you are a solo faction I would highly suggest building a base on your origin HQ planet. Go kill some aliens til you hit at least level 20. And if you want PvP action never take more than you can afford to lose.

Don’t be put off by this server and it’s community, we can be very heartless in action but some will give you a ship to at least get home on. Homeworld is not the end-all-be-all as there are many planets to explore. If you really want decent loot in PvE play fields go check out the POIs on Binomi planet, and get your epic armor for free on Atlantis.

Just a few cents.


As a sandbox game there is no required progression, you should do whatever appeals to you in Empyrion.
If you like discovering new places and tackling pois then HWS has a wide universe and loads of difficult/unique POIs
If you like designing and testing builds, HWS is good for both PVE and PVP
If you want to pvp, you need to investigate how best to do it but, as long as you dont mind being recloned, its easy to do.
If you like to explore there are hidden things all over the universe

If you want to progress in “power” then gaining money and reputation points to upgrade your OCD in particular is probably most important.
How you make money is again up to you- you can loot pois and sell to traders, you can find the hidden network of HWS Racoms and become a commodities trader, or you can risk death mining gold on golden globe. Finally you can sell things to other players in the marketplace.

Ultimately what you want to do is up to you.

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I don’t feel that is accurate.

I cannot do POIs, because I do not have shields.
I cannot get shield because I cannot do POIs.
I cannot explore, because I do not have components and gas to leave.
I do not have components to leave because I cannot do POIs.

It seems I have to pick plants and shoot spiders until level 25, and that isn’t very fun. After that, I ahve to pray that I get a weapon or armor handout from someone to go do a POI that doesnt have turrets on it. Then I have to pray it contains the resources to build a polarized hull.

After that, things aren’t so bad anymore.

You have plenty of options. You aren’t stuck at all, just need to think outside the box a little.

  1. Go mine for the ore you need. Take a throwaway craft and make a real fast run during off peak hours.
  2. Buy the ore you need from the market.
  3. POI’s. You can even find the ore/ingots in friendly POI’s. You aren’t exploring enough.
  4. Use your HWS OAM to slowly get the ore you need. The first levels are free, but it will cost you some autominer cores.
  5. Complete missions. Some of them give the resources you need.

There are probably more options I’m just not thinking of right now too. There is more than one way to accomplish basically everything in game.
If you are waiting around for handouts from other players then you aren’t doing everything you could be doing.

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  1. How do I buy ore I need from market if I cannot warp to ECC?
  2. How do I OAM, if I cannot get an autominer core, because they are found in POIs with turrets?

Once you have a warp capable SV you can get to ECC by using the supergates. Once you are at ECC you can also purchase autominer cores from the market if you don’t want to do POI’s. I’ve also gotten them from the story POI’s I’m pretty sure. You can also get them from the daily loot.

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  • Starter Systems have a mini Trading Station with an EGS Market Zone as well
  • Not all. There are POIs with no turrets which have Auto Miner Cores, Erestrum and all that shiny stuff as well.

And of course always press F1 and check what Missions are available for you as well.

The progression is not that hard as you might think. The biggest struggle for you is to learn HWS features I think. For everyone new. In HWS 12 we will spend a lot of our time to create dedicated tutorial sessions only for our features and universe. It is basically straight forward to learn everything.

Once you use the Supergates and arrive in ECC, you will get a great feeling once you can do the Stargate Missions as well. Those are PvE and give a lot of loot so you can build anything you want.

Did not know a lot of this. Thanks!

Make guns and sell them on the npc market. I did this for 2 days straight and made a million credits.

Go to golden globe about 5am CET and mine for 10 minutes

Various POIs with just a few guns on and at the bottom…100s of xeno blocks. Make a tiny HV with just a drill on. Find roughly the middle of the POI then if you aint got rockets use explosive charges and just blast down to the core, ignoring the rest of the POI. Just make a hole a few blocks wide and drop down in your hv. if you only mine and don’t attempt to fire on anything, the mobs shouldnt attack you…well they didn’t last patch. Mine a million credits worth of xeno in 25 mins.

All you need is cash basically, then the player markets make it very easy…everything is there.

Where is the NPC market that buys guns?
The only one I see on my current planet only buys basic hardware and food.

like you I am fairly new to the season… yes I have many hours in the game however every season/alpha version come tons of new content and changes most of my time was spent early in the game. I have been here in HWS for 2 years and will continue to come back because the community and admin loyalty. Trust me I understand your frustration of being in the 1st starter worlds and feeling like you are unable to progress. you are already in this site so it isn’t difficult to figure the website and features out. a lot of things can be done here whilst you are online in the game. My advise:

  1. check out the guides/ rules and all the info on the site. there is a ton of info for only a few minutes of reading. It will answer a lot of questions. I learn something new every time I read it.

  2. Vote for the server. easy rp and credits which also has a stacking benefit. that will allow you to warp with a cheap level whatever sv that has a warp (you need a warp drive to get from the starter planet to the hq to the warp system. anywhere you would like to go for practically nothing. it take only 1 rp and a few credits to warp ( i think). you can go anywhere with the sv stargates or whatever they are called.

  3. purchase the HWS supporter package and support the server with other support packages. It goes a hell of a long way. If you want to the extra mile become a patron.
    10 euro or whatever that equates to in $ this day. tons of stuff. worth the money if you ask me or probably anyone that has it. It will get you off your feet and more.

  4. “fa:supply”. a few odds and ends that will get you off your feet. it gets better the more rp you have (after 1k). keep or sell the eno substrate you get to players as this is a highly prized trade item.

  5. daily loot & skill tree. another great way to get credits xeno substrate and auto miner cores.

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