PSA For Traders

This is a friendly message for Traders from Pirates.

#Stop flying prefab_piniatas in PvP.

If you choose to fly a prefeb ship in PvP - you will die. The last Polaris class CV died in less than 10 seconds. My combat CV which costs LESS than the Polaris took ~1% damage.

If your ship is NOT 100% out of combat steel. You are making a choice to fly with 1/4 of the HP that combat steel has.

If you choose to run and all your guns are pointing forward - you will still die, but I won’t have a scratch on me.

If you fly without ammo - just don’t - don’t fly without ammo.

If you are killed. Do not respawn nearby.

What do you think is going to happen? Your CV just got killed. Do you think you are going to do anything of value if you respawn nearby? Do you for some strange reason think my turrets broke?

If you respawn at “Current Location” you will DIE. Do not rage at me. I am NOT spawn camping you. I am protecting MY loot.

Test all your CVs and SV in creative mode. Upgrade ALL your CV blocks to combat steel.

Edit: Upgrading blocks is really easy - load the BP in creative mode and use the replaceblocks command:

Ammo and fuel tanks blow up. Don’t be surprised if your ship is destroyed by my very first salvo because your ammo and fuel blew up your generators.

Do not fly in PvP out of an exposed glass cockpit unless you want to have a great view to the artillery shell that will kill you instatnly with splash damage.

#Do not hang out at warp in points.
No I don’t camp them. We roam a lot and if we warp in and you happen to be there - you are fair game and you are going to die.

#Do complain in global when I kill you.
Do come up with a number of rules I broke. Do insult me and promise revenge. It’s really funny and I love it.


There are two situations in which spawning near current location is not unbelievably stupid.

  1. You died in PvE
  2. You died to something other than turrets (an SV, a person with small arms) and you can get your backpack before them and either OCD it or just log out.

No, I’m not turning off my turrets, it’s my ship now. No, you’re not going to get me banned for spawn camping you because it’s MY ship now and YOU need to spawn somewhere else. If anything I can report you for ammo draining and you’ll get banned.

This is not a hard concept. I am a pirate. The ship is now mine. Get a CV and come kill me to take the loot back. Put a hunter contract on me so that I will die and you will feel vindicated. Ask alliance (lol like they ever do anything) to come kill me and give you your stuff back.

Don’t respawn near your death location.

Don’t respawn near your death location

Or do, but don’t be surprised when you die again. And again. And again because you lack basic logic skills.

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Very Good Post. It was a pleasure to read.

True story, from our life. n1 POST!:thumbsup:

Can someone share this with Mcpouty? Please!!!

As a trader, i really apreciate your tips! Even i already knowing mostly of them. But yes, thanks. Will be very useful for a lot of dummies complainers traders.

Even though I might not always agree with your attitude about certain things (merely my opinion), I can’t really argue with the logic laid out in post format here… For all to read. So the fact that you took time to even address this issue , you get a <3 from me.

Now it’s up to people to read, understand and implement these ideas into their gameplay. Doesn’t matter what faction you are. You can learn basic gameplay just the same.

Jed - I’ve made it very clear that I’m actively looking for fights. I am intentionally provocative because I want people riled up.

I want traders and alliance to try to hunt me down and kill me. I want to come camp Trader planet only to see a swarm of combat CVs come at me and totally obliterate me.

I want to see Alliance in Pirate space trying to kill us every time we go to loot our auto-miners.


Mord - Thats all well and good. If that’s the strategy you’d like to use in an effort to make the game play more enjoyable, I can get behind that. I am no care bear and like PvP as much as the next. I am however, more role play inclined. So if I can PvP while staying in character, that’s what I try to do.

I’ve chosen Trader as my faction so naturally, PvP for the faction I have chosen is restricted to defensive purposes and I’m okay with that. In the future, I may switch to Alliance if my playstle changes. Maybe I want to go from being ng the person who needs protection to the person who attempts to provide protection. Not sure yet… But for right now, I’m happy with my role and what it is my character does.

PvP and role play are two popular game play modes and I’d love to see a combination of the two worked up and implemented here on HWS. I think it would make for such an awesome experience. Then again, in order for something like that to be successful, everyone needs to be clear on rules that are put in place. For everyone’s benefit, so that everyone can have a good time; even when they’re getting wiped.

This would be such an amazing place… If we could all come together and at least agree on certain baseline rules regarding PvP do’s and do not’s. A lot of the PvP drama we see here is due to miscommunication and misinterpretation. Everyone should know that this is a PvP oriented server and shouldn’t complain when they get raided for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with two left hands, a limited vocabulary , lack of server knowledge and general lack of protection fro pirates as a trader. People will eventually wisen up and start to utilize the resources available to them.

The PvP oriented player - I don’t condemn. I like PvP too, it’s just needs done right.
The PvE oriented player - I also don’t condemn. Maybe try to stick to pve planets… Don’t stick around in space… And if you don’t really like PvP, try single player mode or try a care bear server.

I’m not sure what you mean - I think I make for a pretty good pirate.

Alliance doesn’t do their job. That’s an unfortunate fact.

Xanif was outside Trader Planet for 6 hour shooting down anything that came out. Traders whined about it in Global. Talked about Alliance and Hunters coming to save them - but nobody came for SIX hours.

I killed a Trader CV in the asteroid belt - guy had no ammo. Never fired a shot. It was a slaughter. Did anyone come to avenge him? Nope. People just complained that I killed a newbie. I stayed in the area next to his wreck hoping somebody would come check it out for nearly 2 hours. Nobody came.

Well - what can I do but kill newbies if the experienced players would rather sit on the PvE planets and complain about how mean I am and how nobody is protecting the poor Traders? You have a problem with me killing newbies? Good. Get in your ship and save them from the evil nasty pirate - go be the hero!

Do Traders really need a better reason to defend themselves than a pirate blockade?

If you are killed by a pirate - rather than complaining tell other Traders where it happened - not so that they can avoid it but so that a combat fleet can come and secure the space.

You can build a very capable combat CV for ~11k iron. There is no excuse for Traders to not be able to DEFEND their space.

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“Xanif was outside Trader Planet for 6 hour shooting down anything that came out. Traders whined about it in Global. Talked about Alliance and Hunters coming to save them - but nobody came for SIX hours.”