Purchased 400m season wipe package for area51 and it did not show in his connect

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> I bought the package typed his name have the receipt but it is not showing up

Player(s) with issue:
=> area51 and myself thispolak

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 12:16 pm EST

=> hws connect

Structure Name(s):
=> none

Structure ID(s):
=> none

How can we help you now:
=> get yourself laid and take a break you deserve it

indeed nothing received , shows not up in hws connect support page


Are you talking about now?
Because I see the package got bought twice at 14th June.
We had then a season start at 15th, then again on 23th.
So your first carry over at 15th should have triggered. The second, on 23th was gifted by us, because the database became corrupt.
So the legit second was activated with HWS 13, at 13th August.
If I did not make any logic mistakes.

Otherwise, HWS Connect should should numbers in HWS Connect:
1 would mean “saved for the next season” for example.

we found some other issues and should hopefully work again

i just bought this today, so it should be active for area51

Can you recheck if it is now working? We had a delay yesterday.

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still not showing up anything in support us page

can you @area51 and/or @thispolak answer read this please and let me know?

we are not talking of 14th june or 23th june
problem is yesterday payment


yes now , it still says 0 ( see screenshot above )

the man paid for me a pack keep 400mil at 17 augustus yesterday ( see his proof of paypal screenshot )

and it doenst show up

today he bought the same at NA , that one is correctly shown up at support details page

but still nothing at EU , pls correct this , thx

Ah okay, sorry. Mixed it up then.
Please login to HWS EU at some point and verify after some minutes in HWS Connect.

no problem rexXxus

its ok now

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