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I would like to know how Zanzibar is even allowed as a playfield in this server?

Every PvP playfield follows a basic template that works and has been so successful that discussion like this have not needed to happen in some time (excluding the hard crust topic).
The basic idea of a pvp planet is you can be killed, you can dig up the resources, everyone has access, you can trade in the racoms and their are special POI’s . The only planets that are excluded from this are the ‘stargate planets’ which either lock in some way or is pve for a time.

So why is there a pvp planet with indestructible terrain? - Even Arma can be dug up in pvp

Why are all the resources in one small area? - no planet has this, even on Eton and GG a player can sneak in and take some resources if he is sneaky enough, this cant even be done with the indestructible terrain.

What about server performance? - Knowing that all the resources are in one area and therefore all defenses would be in that area why wasn’t proper restrictions placed on the playfield with the fact that the NA server hardware has not been upgraded yet.

What about inflation? - There was a huge discussion on inflation last season and i would like to know how allowing a planet like this to exists was beneficial for the economy when a single faction can produce 1 million resources twice a day for themselves.

This planet was clearly made to be fought for in one way and one only, with a zerg or mega alliance which is ironic since that faction who owns it says they destroy mega alliances and mega alliances ruin the server. Why encourage the very thing your against?

If the arguments for it consist of ‘because we paid for it’ it shouldn’t apply here as this isn’t a pay to win server but this seems to be ‘a pay to win planet’ they way it is set up.

‘‘Its to encourage PVP…’’ Except the faction that made the effort to attack it had their rp bases dug up for attacking it. If we attack it we will cop toxicity and salt only to be offline raided first chance given (because offline raiding promotes pvp in their eyes).

This planet doesn’t promote PVP and to actually attack it now to prevent this planet from causing inflation will be seen to only justifies its existence which isn’t a valid argument. Just because i use weight and volume doesn’t justify it staying, however this seems to be the mentality a lot on this server.

This planet needs to be removed along with all the resources gained from this set up and redesigned to match the working template of this server. Then we can see how much PVP it generates…


Finally! A discussion that all can participate in that will be constructive


A lot of these points Snowman makes I don’t have an issue with. They are opinions and concerns he has that are arguable, but not things that I want to get into. However, I do want to respond to a few things. Please keep in mind that this post is not meant to be “toxic” or “salty”. I feel that I need to rebut a few things Snowman says here.

No one has really made an “effort” to attack it. The day Rexxus announced it and put it in game, no one showed up but us. We didn’t see an enemy there for roughly a week. Will and Cyan from OH showed up and took a look at it. They fought a few of our guys in SV fights, but it’s not like they tried to do a base assault. They don’t really have the numbers yet. We did want to promote PVP. Unfortunately no one even bothered to look at it. Now that people have, over a week later, they complain because we have already set up a stronghold.

As far us killing RP bases go, so what? The RP bases are in PVP and are supposed to be a reward if you can keep them there for 24 hours.

Also, stop with the “offline raiding” crap. You’re referring to your bases in EU I’m guessing. We attacked the bases 2 nights in a row this past week on GG. The first night we took the bases down. The second night, you and your allies successfully defended. BOTH nights, you had faction members and/or allies online and defending when we showed up. Just because YOU weren’t online doesn’t mean it was offline raiding. And let’s not pretend that your boys didn’t do that constantly in seasons past. Again, it’s a PVP area. You want assets in PVP, be ready to defend them AT ALL TIMES.

If removing/redesigning this planet AND resources gained would bring PVP back, I would imagine everyone in ABN would be more than happy to do so. However, we all know that isn’t the case. You left NA and set up on EU to get away from us before you even knew about this planet, so don’t act like this planet is the reason there is no PVP. Then we show up on EU to find you and get some action, and after 2 days you pull up resources and go back to PVE. The fact is, nothing will bring you back to PVP until ABN leaves and you can be king of the mountain again. And just like a couple of seasons ago when FU and TAW were the kings of NA, you’ll once again be doing the exact same things you complained about us doing. You’ll keep finding things to complain about in the meantime. It’s really unfortunate. You don’t want real PVP. You want PVP benefits while under the protection of PVE rules.


There was a third attack that you didn’t mention. Your faction mates didn’t tell you about it or are you purposefuly denying that it happened?


When you guys recycled your bases? That was in FU’s prime time… 2 of you guys logged in and there were a few JVI on. Hardly offline raiding. We will schedule it on the calendar next time to make sure X amount of FU are on, sound fair?


I didn’t know about it, but I don’t deny that it happened if you say it did. So what? Again, you guys do realize that GG and other planets/systems are PVP for 24 hours EACH DAY, right? Of course you do, because you were one who used to constantly attack our bases around 4am local time in NA.

I don’t understand how you veteran players cannot grasp the fact that if you want to keep bases in PVP, be ready to defend them at all times or be okay with the fact that at some point they will be destroyed. Otherwise, place your base structure on GG (or wherever you prefer), mine your gold, and then when you are ready to go to bed recycle your bases and head back to your safe PVE area. It is laughable that you complain that PVP isn’t safe enough for you AND the fact that you (meaning you and/or faction-mates) have done the exact same thing.

I know that you are defending your guy, Politary, but this is a ridiculous argument.


When I logged in I was the only one from my faction on. Even more, I logged just to csw to NA to get my daily loot and go to bed, then i saw a lot of players from your alliance online. I sent a ping in my faction chat and one member logged in to help. 2v10 didn’t look like a good idea, so I started recycling bases. When I dealt with the last one, your forces were already starting the attack. And now you are calling me out for not defending a base raid in 2v10 at 2 a.m.


I did not mean for it to sound like I was calling you out. It would be hard for me to find the will power to defend anything at 2am…


I don’t complain about offline raids in general. They are fine. For faction which wants an easy victory and doesn’t care about semi fair pvp. It’s still a valid tactic. What I don’t understand, is why ABN claims to “promote pvp” on server and cry that pvp is dead on NA. Then offline raids the only opposing faction.


I will give you a completely honest answer, Pol. We miss you. When we saw that you went to EU and set up there, we wanted to wreck things to make you (TAW, FU, even JVI) mad and come back to NA to get revenge. We’ve got the dumb planet no one likes, bases on GG and various other things here and there just begging someone to come and fight. Last night TheState was on GG and we were so happy that he led us on a wild goose chase to give time for Chaotic and a few other FU guys to come help him out. You are the Decepticons to our Autobots (or vice versa if you prefer). We just want you back and don’t know how to correctly say it!


complete and utter silence is how you correctly say it.

I propose we collectively restrict ourselves to these three words in all communication with eachother:


Example of the art in public chat:
user1: yes
user2: yes
user1: ok
-pvp starts-
-pvp ends-
user1: ok
user2: ok
-the end-


Sounds like a very boring conversation if we use your format. How does your post give positive content to the topic?

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Actually I’m liking this version of Zackey


Jesus Bob, are you just shitposting memes you find on Google or are you ever gonna assist in the conversation? Shitposting memes, especially bad memes, does nothing productive for the topic, regardless of what it is. I know this is doing nothing for the overall issue, but damn.


I’v offered some solutions in the past like Bunkers and limiting attacks to small vessels, hover vessels, and capital vessels. But leaving bases alone to generate a utopia of pvp. The problem is that too many people are interested in excessiveness and unbalance to satisfy their own overgrown ego. Or it could also be that they don’t know well enough yet how to find the balance within themselves. To find the balance you must act in balance even though you may feel unbalanced inside. The more you do it the better you’ll eventually get.

I’v been on the top and i’v been on bottom of power in hws, and i know from first hand experience what unbalance of power eventually causes. We should really bring our thoughts together in harmony through logic and our experiences to find a way to make pvp and the hws community grow.

Because let me tell you F-V/ABN and their allies can be taken down and wiped completely from pvp. By offline raiding them, camping close to stargate, camping everything. The problem with that is that we are still going to have the problem of an unbalance of power which is unlikely to promote more pvp. And will end up naturally trying to gobble up everything it can. As empires have shown what is in their nature to do until they either or a mixed of the following happens, they degenerate from the inside, overextend, get gobbled up and defeated by another conquering empire.

So i really do think the best solution so far would be the bunkers. I remember the bunkers; it brought tons of pvp. Almost as soon as you logged in there was some fight somewhere on the planet.

Maybe we can do some kind of donor thing planet but with equal bunkers and equal resources. And bunkers that can accommodate about 6 to 8 alliances.

So as an example we could have 9 bunkers with a large planet size 5 which can accommodate three separate alliances. So three bunkers for each alliance. What do you guys think?

Always great to see everyone so focused on the topic of the thread.

Anyways, I would like to share my results from multiple scouting and probing trips to Zanzibar.

Quick summary incase anyone not involved does not know what Zanzibar is. Zanzibar is a unrestricted pvp planet with no limits and up to class 7 that ABN purchased and is located in the Donare system (Don-6). It is largely barren, except for a large crater the size of GG’s red gold craters or the Eton Metropolis. There are three deposits of almost every resource located solely in that crater in a pattern. ABN currently have control of the planet and are able to automine literally millions of ore a day.

Now then, weapons have much shorter range and fuel is guzzled very quickly on Zanzibar, which I believe is from the low gravity. The crater rimmed with towers on top force SVs to fly within 200m of leaving atmosphere making it easy to leave atmosphere during a dogfight. The terrain is indestructible which negates tunneling, if you’re into that kind of thing. Lastly, the lag is unholy. I was getting a maximum of 20 fps in a 1v1 SV fight and that is extremely rare for me.

Currently, ABN have around 20 base towers covering the entirety of the crater along with a perimeter of base towers and HV towers along the raised up rim of the crater. F-V has two large bases as well. They appear to be modular bases of an estimated four segments per base.

Now I really really enjoy large battles, especially planning and executing them. Last season, OH made several large attacks on ABN bases, most notably two assaults of Titan. I enjoyed every part of those campaigns, even when ABN brought 28 people a few days later and zerged it back into their control. Titan is completely unique in that it has limits up to 30 and the supergate is only open on weekends. That is a lot of opportunity and strategic potential. I love that different pvp planets provide different obstacles and rules to think about. We have unique bases and ship designs for almost every major pvp planet. The amount of preparation that went into some of our attacks was massive, especially with Titan.

Having said all of that, I will have no fun whatsoever on Zanzibar with the way it currently is. It is not designed to encourage or invite siege at all. Just the lag alone is deterring. I’m quite taken aback that @RexXxuS not only allowed this planet with the way it is, but said in a previous forum thread (now locked or something) that there is no reason to change it until there is a large attack on it. To me that translates to “I have to dedicate countless hours of prepping my faction and massive amounts of assets for a futile assault or else ABN literally gets millions of ore because they paid $60.” We took Titan and attacked bases last season because it gave that short lived feeling that we were able to deal damage to a faction, but turning around and seeing Zanzibar is a complete set back and slap in the face.

This has ultimately turned me off to any kind of large scale pvp, and now days I just buzz around in an SV. Likely will stay that way now.


this is entirely what pvp zones are created for. a place that has high risk and lucrative reward. it is meant to be a battlefield where anything goes. preparation is a must. i have to say being a builder, i love pve and have no issues with the rules in place there but pvp zones are not the same. if it helps, think of a universe filled with peace and prosperity where all factions get together to trade, go on adventures, have friendly duels, and go on exploration missions. that is pve. now imagine a mirror universe of this utopian society where there are no laws, no rules, higher rare resource deposits, and no guarantee that u will make it out alive. that is pvp.

now this idea is fantastic. no base building, medium gravity (in specific zones if possible), safe indestructible weaponless bunkers, potential pve/pvp rotation of sorts, limited rare resources but heavier common. this is where planned controlled battling can occur and factions can have safe places to store supplies.


Yes we can wipe you guys out and keep you out almost completely, but the point i was trying to make is that this promotes unbalance because it promotes alot of stress and lack of sleep on people which has a negative effect later on in the conquest. I’v seen this happen not only to me but in my faction mates when we were at the top and dominated all of hws.

So yes we can keep you guys at bay but this is very time consuming and promotes a very stressful way of playing the game which i do not like. I know the consequences in playing in such a way especially with this games bad optimization so far.

take a look at the sector map of the hws universe. the lower hex is the pve utopian society. the upper hex is the mirror universe. sathon and jupidor are the rotation. maybe the safe bunkers have a place on the rotation planets? could possibly try this out to see it’s potential. but make the space strictly pvp so there is less clutter when warping in and out.

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