PvP is a joke, for the receiving end!

Kind of a ragepost as I´m pretty upset that all I worked for the last couple of days has been destroyed within minutes by 3 russians. Once again I was slapped in the face by reality and how utterly broken PvP is in yet another game that I own. You shouldn´t be able to build ships with what appeared to be 5 layers of armor so you can chew through whatever defenses someone put up. Also, small arms should deal exactly 0 damage to an armored door, yet 1 guy with a machine gun broke down several rather quickly.

Also was just about to throw 15 bucks your way. Talk about sorrow shared is sorrow halfed! Will have to wait until pvp is playable, not only for raiders!

And no, I don´t find a scapegoat at the end of my post, just a fairly ignorant guy who worked his ass off for his russian slavers!

Hi, mate we have all been here and the first major thrashing is always the hardest, but luckily there is some ways you can protect yourself from being wiped out completely there is a nice post here to go through:

Tell us a little more about your situation maybe we can share some tips and strategies.

Thanks, probably gonna keep trying as the initial rage vanishes. Well, I just crafted a HV, that´s probably how they found me, allthough it´s beyond me how the devs haven´t gotten around to fix this issue or make several other small tweaks that would greatly improve PvP. Having people build defenses in hopes of Offline Protection kicking can´t be their goal! Quite enjoyed my role of supplying the market with Erestrum…

I flew past your base while it was OLP’d. Bookmarked it to visit when I saw you online. Seems someone beat me to it. Just a little insight into the thinking of the PvP community. I’m sure you’ll be innovative and learn from this. We’ve all been there as Androniko says.

If you just spawn something in and it shows up as private it wont show on map for enemies only if its set to public, they must have just been lucky to come passed when they did, depending on which pvp planet you choose to try live on the less likely people will visit, as a rule of thumb the further you are from golden globe the “safer”.

Some things you can try to increase your success:

Invite more people to your faction the more active members able to fly hv/sv support the stronger your defense’s.

You can use some of your HV cap on defense towers, they work quite well with the homing missiles, they are also relatively cheap to make so having a few ready in your F2 fully built and ready to place down in clutch situations helps a lot, especially if you have lots of ammo already crafted for it and waiting to be placed.

Something that s quite nice to do is a duel base, one BA on a pvp orbit about 30-50km(depending on if you want convenience or safety) away from planet with all the main resources and then 2 on planet that act as a relay base, where you keep your minerals temporarily before moving bulk up to the space base, that way if you loose the base on the planet you only loose 20% of your stuff or less depending how long you had to build up that space base before being attacked.

My advice is join an active faction and let them show you the ropes. From your post I see a lot of rookie mistakes a lot of people make. A faction will help get you up to speed much fasters on the do’s and don’ts and how to get the most out of the game and not make anymore rookie mistakes.

We’ve all been there. Take it from someone with experience, join a active faction with some vets. After this season when you have a few months under your belt if you still wanna go at it solo then break off at the beginning of the next season.

LOL those pesky Russians !

Bomb shelter time dude !

This game suffers still from lag shotting. Imagine you have things just piercing right through one layer of walls. But your block layers are made by the developers to have extra gaps meaning your stacked blocks have a lot of empty space. One way around it is to have the same layers the russians have, have one block layer, one pyramde layer, another block layer, another pyramid layer.

I recommend looking up on youtube how to make your base/ship more difficult to be shot by lag shots.
Like dreadstar said join an active pvp faction.

Build a base DEEP underground. Dig really really deep, make an elevator shaft and then put tons of armored doors - make sure you use sentry guns.

It’ll be hard for them to dig to you - if not impossible. They’d have to really work for it. You could also log off and let your offline protection chase them away.

that aint problem at all, you just aint build good bases enough, if they used hv:s and not attack bases, i salute, that is how is meant to be playd. Real problem is use of magically moving attack bases and use of manual fire that fire longer tha ai, that is that should be changed and not allow any spawn bases in pvp