PVP isn't dead but it's dying

UMC is no stranger to friendly banter. Heck we have gotten in large fights with just about every group over the years going all the way to 3.0 We had a long running feud with LBP and we’d fight each other relentlessly every chance we go. One major difference though, they never brought the level of discourse down to the sewers. We fought, won most times, and lost sometimes, but either way the banter was never so toxic as it is today. OP4 is relatively new and since their arrival I’ve noticed a sharp uptick in the over heated rhetoric on the server. Every night they are in global chat saying outrageous and offensive things. I believe Colin was already banned once for this. Nonetheless, neither he nor his group seem to have learned the lesson.

PVP is dying. And OP4 is killing it.

Mattcore and Colin with their toxic attitude specifically. Some other large PVP groups have left already due to a myriad of reasons, but OP4 toxicity was among them. Just go read through their forum post and you’ll get a good idea of what I mean. Not only that, every night they are seen in global chat using slurs against people and displaying very unsportsmanlike behavior. Just about everyone is fed up with them.

I think it’s time the Admins took a harder stance against this type of antisocial behavior because it’s already had a detrimental affect on the server. @hopskotch @RexXxuS



See this as a warning as long as you don’t provide actual proof but instead poking in the past or make assumptions about something we already mentioned HERE:

Give us actual screenshots or videos.

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