HWS Community Behavior

Hello @everyone,

as you know the first HWS Survey (HWS Survey #1) is running - and with a big success so far!
We will present the analysis / result if it’s done of course. (runtime will be announced later)

Anyways what it is also a feedback there is also for me not acceptable the behavior of some people “recently”.
I am honest to point the finger mainly to the NA server.

On a personal note

I am also honest and apologize for my sentences sometimes. People who know me for more than one year know exactly when I am annoyed, when I am in a hurry, when I am mad, sad, etc.
Depending on my mood I write and act sometimes not so good.
I heard a lot of accusations because of that. Highlight so far: I should study real Customer Service skills like in a Call Center… it’s crazy what I have to deal with on daily basis.
The point is that I am normally a fortress nobody can bring down. But in certain situations I might at least shoot back, sometimes sneaky / sarcastic / ironic, sometimes more obvious.
Because hey, I am also a human (some even doubted it)
Server Admins need to be of course always like stones, neutral and what not. Of course. I try to be that. But still, some people hate me. This is ok.

The real point though is that I spent 90% of my life time into HWS - yes maybe that is the root problem but still I try to really give you the best experience for this game possible. I’m a perfectionist.
That means that some comments, behavior is for me personal or just so negative that I can only barely resist.

Always keep in mind that it is a downward spiral. The more time I have to spent with that negativity, the more people try to attack my fortress the more it is overall going down. Let it be the features, let it be the NPC Traders can’t bet set up finally, let it be other decisions and sentences.

For example this one

I have zero confidence that any of that which is going to be implemented regardless of community feedback will actually work or make playing this server fluid or user friendly. […]
There’s my take on this. You will get no real feedback from me. It won’t make any difference, you’ll just do what you want.

It is so much filled with toxic. So contra-productive. So useless in its nature that I really sitting here and think… just why? If people have so much toxic laying inside of them, why they just don’t leave? Go play somewhere else or actually improve the bad things instead of just writing this?

I can quote way more comments from different people but the point is:

That is not what we like. That is not what is helping. That is not what we want on HWS.

As stated in our rules - bit smash talk, bit of anger, bit of irony etc. is OK. But what some people try the last time, infected HWS with so much bad influence is above that by any means.

Here is the “deal”:


This is my / our appeal to people to reflect their behavior. Think before posting such things. Stop it.


One and only warning to the player (forum, discord, steam, ingame)


Temporary / Permanent suspension from HWS

This “traffic light system” is at it is. If you get a warning there is no room for defending or other wriggling. It is as it is. Accept it or deal with the third point.

Thank you all for your understanding and I hope I made it really clear this time.

Sorry for all players affected by this negativity. Sorry for all the trouble I or this result have caused.
I will work on it - personally and globally.

Your HWS Team