PVP lacking and POI's difficulty

First let me say thank you Rexxus for all the hard work you have done, it is truly a great job your doing.

Ok PVP, while we have had a lil bit with OP4 and I understand most of our old enemies have actually joined us. But let me say this when HWS had Gold planet the PVP was excellent the best it had ever been in the history of Empyrion. Gold made it good for PVP, please bring it back.

POI’s, JESUS !!! Freaking beyond hardcore. So 5 of us attack a poi on some planet that has freaking Fire Rain and deadly meteor showers. And then the bases have player turrets on them such as flak and plasma. We finally take out the exterior turrets. And then we start trying to enter the base. The aliens all have pretty much single shot kill weapons and their hit points have increased 5x. So after dying several dozen times we get inside, I take out the player turrets on the inside only to have them respawn later. That was the final straw and I will never attack a POI again, a complete waste of time.


Thanks for the feedback and appreciation.

I repeat myself but we have planets in the universe which are like 30x more valuable than the “Gold planet” you speak of (Amageddon?)

I rather believe you are too scared of real PvP and fear the MOBA Nebula…

The weather will be looked into it so it makes more sense in general (and nerfing it a bit). But the difficulty of POIs are one of the big positive feedback we got so far.
I remember even watching you in 5.X in godmode invisible… taking out the POIs with one hand and watching TV in the meantime. They were just a joke.
I feel honored to hear that there are more than 2 people needed for taking out POIs.
Success for us 100%.

Here and there we adjust them however - bringing ventilators in them and here and there more special loot.


Indeed needed changes. I agree here that POI’s were a joke before… I prefer the harder ones now, but a bit more toned down would be nice… 2-3 players is all it needs to really challenge… 5 and they all dying like flies in the above example is indeed overkill.

I would also like to ask that the risk vs. reward be appropriate… going in with 3-5 folks is good and all… but there needs to be loot worth that kind of effort too. These things generally take a good 1-2 or in most cases 3+ hours to fully clear any medium sized POI… even with nice loot… these are just handing out the candy any more.

Keep up the good work, cant wait to see improvements on the way…

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Thanks! Keeps us motivated to do so!

We rework almost every POI but you are always welcome to send me / us a list of POI name and the needed changes.
That would make the work for us more easier and more community driven.
Thanks in advance!

As the main POI developer it brings joy to my ears that the POI are too hard.

Finally… After so many attempts we are starting to frustrate players with a challenge instead of the frustration of no challenge…

How about I up the rewards for taking out the POI?

happy to hear suggestions

Then it will really be worth the time and not everyone can do it.

Which one would you say is the hardest if you can remember the name?


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I also feel environment and POIs challenging, but aren’t you afraid, that if you nerf everything at the beginning, later it will be too easy? Imagine situation after month. Everyone in heavy armor with EVA, everyone improved their tactics, maxed out levels and best ships. Only PVP will be the challenge. Do we want that?



"We" (as in all veterans probably) are already maxed out, in heavy armor, with multiple EVA lol. It’s just that some of us have reallife and some others have technical issues. However SWP has base on Hera I think and otherwise you can just PVP on MOBA I’m very sure that when you go there during peak time that you find some bullets flying.

POI’s are hard and that’s cool but the loot does need to be bumped. The reward vs risk is pretty low atm.

Just my 2 credits. Which BTW is what I think I looted from the POI we fought for 5 hours.

I have absolutely no idea how anyone is supposed to be able to do the sphere, much less new players. I checked it out last week and there are invulnerable enemy spawners galore and with a ridiculous spawn rate. I gave up after 3 hours.

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@Achilles for me I love the fact that POIs are hard but a couple of things to point out:
1- when planet is PVE (rotation ones) turrets on POIs are indestructuble. Is this by design?
2- missions where you have to enter a portal to go to it have a huge issue in that players can camp the portal exit knowing how long the mission is, player exits with no sv/cv and boom killed and all loot and work gone
3- I play solo but there’s no reward as such for me completing something solo Vs. with a team, I know this is hard but getting some incentive to go in alone could be nice.
4- armor needs to be buffed or more lockers to repair hard means it’s gone in first enemy


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Its not a matter of the poi’s being too hard. its a matter of the mobs and turrets being unrealistic. There is simply no way to do them without dieing A LOT. They one shot you, they never miss. Then you have to deal with constantly drinking water on top of that. There is a difference between being hard but fun, and this.

The Poi’s are beautiful, they have great layouts. But there is simply no way to survive the wave of mobs because just one is all it takes to kill you in an instant. So you put all this effort into building these for us and the only way to do them is to blow them to scrap with artillery and missiles.

It seems the rewards are too low.
3 players, 2 hours, 2 POIs (on Darkworld)
good fun, but:
Loot: 2 epics and a measly 3 autominer cores + misc

We need 12 autominer cores to give just one day of AM running for one player…

We hit a POI on one of the origin planets last night. Died multiple times single shotted by Zirax shotguns even when sniping from 200m away. Then couldnt get back in my SV due to indestructible terrain (faction mate blasted a hole in the ship for me). We moved on.

Let me just say. I solo all the POI’s now… They are pretty easy mode after you get used to them and get your hands on a pair of heavy or so. The only bad parts right now with the POI is the damage on the “one shot guys” shotgun guys… And the amount of durability loss you get when you die during combat. A pair of heavy now repairs about 7 times now, thank you Rexx but it’s still not enough… I got my hands on 14 pair of heavy tonigh running SOLO in MOBA and Homeworld… As well as LOADS of other good riches. There are lots of ways to kill the turrets, those aren’t the least of the worries. The weather is a bit much, it’s not that it’s hard or anything it’s just rediculous standing at your med bay for 10 minutes waiting for the heat stroke to go away after using your little deco thing to get rid of it… Or when you start freezing and then run into the warmth it takes 5 minutes to get warm again/stop freezing. Get your hands on heavy armor and boosters, you’ll still die from meteor showers and fire storm ETC. nothing to protect from that so it’s impossible to stay outside during the time being. That’s basically keeping people from PVE because it’s a constant death circle once you get stuck outside a POI with fire storm or meteor shower. The mobs don’t have more health either, black dudes still 1 shot with sniper as always… Rest are usually 1-2 shots with sniper in head. It’s mostly just the weather seems bugged and the armor breaks too fast for you to get more “if you are a noob I guess” but I on the other hand seem to be doing the POI just fine after adjusting to all of it. When fire storm/met shower comes I just transfer to new planet and continue on. I really enjoyed the new loot boxes you guys added, it needed it for the BA turrets being added. Loved every bit of it and look forward to doing more PVE. The rocket turrets on the bases are rediculous for most players as well… I’ve watched so many people get one shot by them lol. Not many people build big boxes like I do… Lol. :sweat_smile: Not complaining just giving feedback and more accurate information. The EVA boost for instance… You need it for some planets to clear POI… You lose 140 armor and then you are like Swiss cheese to the shotgun guys… Idk if you can change that but it’s terrible. EVA shouldn’t drop your armor that much XD A pair of heavy armor last me a couple POI’s… It last most people 1 POI before it’s like near broke… That means you’d have to loot one every POI to stay protected enough to fight the POI’s on a daily basis ETC. I hope some of this helped… I saw the top post and figured I’d say something. :heart:

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Oh yeah @Abrum13 I just read your comment… You are just crying. Get some heavy armor and stop selling it on the marketplace. It’s not as hard as you make it sound, have you never killed a player base turrets before? Cmon man…you make it sound impossible. I literally one manned like 15 POI’s tonight without using 'artillery or some stupid crap like that. Just get a heavily armored SV and smash the turrets with rockets. Don’t be afraid to use a little resources when you spawn your POI SV. Use a sniper, aim for the head… Use med kits before you go around a corner… Take one or 2 out and then go back around the corner to heal. It’s not as hard as you made it sound.

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@Obsey if it’s taking you 5 hours to do one POI you need to do some with me sometime my dude. :sweat_smile: I do some in less than 10 minutes man. Lots of tricks to be learned.

12 cores per 3 days.

Well i think basic rule is this:

When im trying to kill player there must be something he can do, something in what he can improve to overcome my effort to kill him.
This is basic rule how to create fun, give player feeling of satisfaction when he succeeded. Also he should feel rewarded.

So for me
Outer defense without homing
This is absolutly according to rule above. I fly in, i need to have a bit sturdy but still very nimble vehicle able to do dmg in reasonable time. So i have to desing and improve over time my disigns. Good.
I have to be focused, if i move left next turrets shot will predict my movement so i have to change it lets say up, half of turets shooted later so they predicted up so i move righ etc…Im using my skill to overcome Environment effort to kill me, when i clear turrets i feel good.
Job well done Elfias, you deserve your beer.

Outer defense with homing missiles
Now this sucks, whole homing missile thing is absolutly messed by team which i dont even want to mention…no locking on enemy, no signal you being locked, nothing you can do like ok i have 5 seconds to strike and get the hell out of there. Nothing, just another Eleon stupid thing…well i did it.
So take whatever SV or HV you want, place hundret of layers on it fly in like dumbass.
Or which is what im doing. Take HV, snipe all turrets without them even shooting single time, read book while doing it or watch some movie.
This sucks by my opinion.

Environment Hazzards
Well this is quite cool, one of things i wished for. But…
I got disconnected while driving HV 200m from my BA. I respawned, ran to HV and died, just didnt want to spawn in base, wait until at least hail will and then pick up HV. Respawned, tried again, damn i died 5m from HV. Ok it wont work, spawned in base. Refreshed to full healt and thought ill make it to HV. jumped down from 2 blocks and broke my leg. Oh god no. Still ran to HV. made it to HV but was able to jump 10 cm high while enter to HV was 11 cm, sad. Died.
Ok, focus Elfias. Respawned in base, very carefuly worrying about my legs i gently walked down slope leading to ground and gently liek a spring breeze i ran to HV and jumped in and took it those 150m to BA. While its nice and funny story…i somehow dont want to go through this again, once was enough.

So what im trying to say. What works for me is radiation on Trinity. Its simple, you can go out there and stay there for 4-5 minutes then you die, you can go out from HV 5 times, loot something or so and return, after that you have to return to base. Feels like hazzardous environment.

What doesnt work for me is being looped in dead loop of death, unable to make those few meters to HV because i was disconected, pressed wrong or something. Will I survive 10s out there? Dont bother just kill me instantly, i dont care as it feels the same, or let me survive 30s so i can at least do something.

Not sure whos responsible for this, just delete them together with bandages, there is no reason to have these occupying inventory slots. Really if ill carry concrete blocks its the same as medikits.

No reason for 3 kinds, all interesting is heavy for 4 slots so one can at least slot some upgrades to mitigate freeze while dieing on radiation. In combat…i dont even repair it, its damaged after one dead anyway. Repaired or not, enemies still one shots me why would i bother.

So Am i doing POIs solo? Yes of course. Am i able to complete them? Sure. Do i think its fun, Hell not of course its not. Its not about being solo, its no difference to be in more ppl, they will be oneshoted as me.

What i do is snipe with HV, go in, hide behind corner, use scope as it allows you to see behind corner, shoot shoulder of enemy without him shotting at me, and repeat. Its good to fly in some with SV, also its necessary to learn where is what so you can shoot it from behind corner. Thinking about rushing in, sprinting in cover in rain of bullets? Forget about it, its Empyrion, not FPS, Ai will see you, raytrace you, oneshot you.

Btw if you think that im able to kill that alien from this position you have another think coming. Im not. Good job on hitboxes Eleon, keep up good work as usuall. So when cansidering how difficult, how much dmg enemies are doing please take into consideration how badly broken this aspect of game is.

Dont get me wrong i HIGHLY appriciate your effort Achilles but it still needs so much love. Not sure what you can do though. Let me jsut repeat that attacking POI solo while there is no homing weapons is highly enjoyable and its good gameplay, rest is questionable.

Sorry im probably too negative, i cant help myself theres so much which is soo wrong and its not fault of HWS team.

P.S.: I forgot one super importand thing. Enemies shooting through solid walls. This is REAL problem. I guess that might be partialy avoided by haveing thick walls everywhere, hidden empty space between wals etc. But its ABSOLUTLY common and expected that when in POI you are suddently oneshooted with noone around.

1.Never oneshot player
2. Give player ability to refresh his health, maybe some form of medikit or such.


@colin2cold the troll. Hunters start with heavy armor. Forced to wear thermals which reduce you armor just to move around in the poi. I have no problem running over the poi’s with a tank. My point is you cant go through them traditionally.

Like everyone else already knows, you only post to troll, with no merit “scrub”. Greatest thing this game will receive is an ignore button.