PvP OCD Discussion

Hey folks,

I just wanted to start a quick discussion about the recent OCD changes for PvP playfields.

Prior to the change to disable OCD on PvP, I saw a lot of discussion about being able to quickly store all of your inventory in a single quick command before you die being really cheap. I definitely agree with this, and anyone who has killed me can tell you I don’t ever do that. However, when it came to OCDing after every gold meteorite - absolutely, everyone else did it, why wouldn’t I? I’m really glad this change has happened.

However, I was surprised to see that you can’t pull out of the OCD on PvP playfields now either. This part, especially considering that you can only pull items out from one slot, didn’t seem overpowered to me. An advantage yes, but one that made the game less fun for others? I didn’t think so.

As always I’m happy to follow in whatever direction we go, but I wanted to hear other people’s thoughts on this too. I am specifically interested in what you think @AlexAKM since you worked towards getting this change made. I only recall seeing discussion about the ocd:put side of things. Did you also feel that ocd:get is OP on PvP? What does everyone else think?



I agree that the OCD:Put:all command on PVP was way OP but the get command should be available. I would like to see it available on the pvp rotating planets though when they are pvp. Being a pirate is also alot harder now because they have to go to pve world to do ocd but if they have any bases or anything on pve they dont gain rep.

This is a serious blow to them now. Being an alliance or hunter faction just makes so much more sense now. Thanks for making Alliance my new permanent faction choice now.

Edit: and what about lawless with no faction planets? the only place they can go now is the elemental marketplace.

OCD put and get is deactivated on PvP playfields now, correct.
As I mentioned in another topic OCD was mainly a backup feature. Too many “abused” it as an aggressive feature. What is for some people cool, for some not.

The cooldown on the Get command was implemented some time ago. People used it to get all the time explosives during ammo draining…

Overall it is more about the way of playing the game and seeing the use of OCD fit into the story.

About everything else sorry but again: a lot of things will make sense only in 5.0.
It is the biggest update in Empyrion history… :smiley_cat:

Could we perhaps at least access our pentaxit/o2/food/fuel in pvp playfields through the OCD? Or is this a bad idea? I predict lots of stranded players otherwise (bugs or own fault).


Oh yeah I was familiar with and liked the cooldown idea. My thoughts are that put should be disabled on PvP, get should be enabled but with a cooldown.

But basically even without all of the extras, I still really like this game/community so either way I’m happy. Just wanted to share my thoughts on the change :slight_smile:

This is another big reason why I like having get everywhere. It has saved me from being stranded by glitches so many times.

But Lawless can only use the put command on a PVe rota planet? That is very bad if it’s Zuccria. So much warping to use a put command. Honestly… lawless need perks + their own pve planet but I keep saying this I should stop saying this.

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Hahaha Tiny I love how that last bit was ninja edited in

/off-topic: I’m, the #1 ninja-editer on this forum without any competition :wink: .

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Im glad, that I and other Pirates were heard. All other moments, I already wrote in dat thread. So i wouldnt repeat this again.

Sorry if it comes across as though I am asking you to repeat yourself. I wasn’t able to determine your stance on whether you thought get was acceptable on PvP from what I read in that thread so I was asking you about it here. That’s fine though, forget I asked and sorry for wasting your time.

Just one thing.

Please enable it a few days before 5.0 goes live with NO cool down.

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a few thoughts:

  1. I like the idea of making logistics an important role, especially making a trader faction important. However, as it stands, a trader is designed to be a sort of sitting duck with the rule that a trader cannot fire first (the unspoken rule is that traders travel with turrets off). more on this further into the post.

  2. OCD in pve playfields only helps with the mentioned logistics, but the cooldown should have been the proper fix for exploiters. Traders are the only ones that are supposed to not have a cooldown (maybe link it to reputation?).

  3. If OCD gets a huge change like this, maybe OCD should get an overhaul for how it works as a community? Instead of a safe lockbox, something more like EB commands - So, say HomeWorld Pirates (HWP) are in need of 30k Iron Bars, 10k Copper and 45k Magnesium. They contact HomeWorld Traders (HWT) and transfer the inventory to the Trader using the same commands to transfer credits through the elemental bank. HWT then withdraw the transfered inventory from their warehouse in PVE space and start the trek to where HWP are.

Note: this can be done with no changes to OCD, provided the tarder already has the inventory, and HWP are willing to pay the cost of the materials on market

  1. Provided that OCD is only available on pve playfields, this is gonna further congest those playfields, and therefore taxation is the only logical solution to discourage squatters. Making it more frustrating for those of us trying to legitimately play by the rules. Which brings up the point that by punishing the entire community for the antics of a few, is frustrating.

TL;DR - I dont like the idea, but I agree that something needs to be done to enforce that the OCD isnt abused. At the very least, if the change is permanent, allow traders freedom to protect their cargo without being shot at first. Perhaps give them a discount on taxes (not just based on rep), and remove their cooldown. Disallow them from raiding POI’s (they are industry, not mercenary) instead of “never fire first” rule.

I don’t know where you got this idea - I have never heard of anyone flying with their guns off because they were traders.

Traders have every right to open fire at pirates or lawless.

The unspoken rule on NA, because there’s a lot of people that do face to face work with traders, and turrets opening fire on passers-by, pretty much everyone requests that traders run guns cold.

Who in the world does that? I’ve never heard ANYONE on NA suggest this stupidity.

Guns hot 24/7. If you shoot someone by accident apologize and move away.

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Fine, guns hot, there’s 5 other points I brought up, so this doesnt really address ocd in pvp only. I have read the pirate viewpoints and agree to an extent. I am not going to be the fat paycheck for pirates, nor am I gonna ninja mine all the time. Hiring Alliance or bounty hunters is as expensive as being raided by pirates, so I’m still interested in finding a balance.

Frankly I really don’t get why Traders get to be the OCD kings. Shouldn’t traders be hauling stuff rather than stuffing it in the OCD?

It makes no sense to me. OCD as a means of surviving wipes and bugs is perfect as only usable in PvE.

So yeah I read your points and I just don’t have a response as I frankly do not understand what exactly it is that you do in this game.

I really do not get the “trader” playstyle…


Trader playstyle to me, is the industrial aspect. I go mining, build ships (not cruise the workshop, I actually design and build ships, stations, etc), and components that others need on the marketplace. I buy materials I’m not willing to risk going and getting. I used to be fine with pvp, but I literally live in the middle of the mountains, so it’s satellite internet. Not a reliable way to pvp.

OCD for me, is not having to have 400 cargo boxes for materials and componants. Now, I am FINE with sitting in carebearland away from trixy pirates and would be pillagers to continue the OCD warehouse system and do what I do. But if it’s only in pve that anyone has access to, then pirates are gonna have a better chance of getting something when they raid someone, yes. However, I dont see this FIXING the problem of people swarming over PVE playfields.

Currently, I am stationed out in pvp space, so you have the chance of finding me, albeit slim. With this change. I will park my happy keister on a tall tower in pve space and flaunt my opulance that no-one can touch :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean? Go mining? Go loot autominers? You don’t hand mine do you?

Build ships - but that’s done in creative where you can use godmode to paint and just fly through the ship and fix stuff and then you poop out the blueprint on the server…

Are you playing alone?

Seriously, I do not understand why trader cries so much because of ocd, blocked in pvp, after eleon auto miner, no, there is more heavy work in minerals, except for the gold that you have to mine in the hand, the rest whole and very easy , Even though I as a pirate amassed enough resources to make a fleet of CVs just me, my cargo ship was full and my Bpfactorio had the ability to create two santhium asteroids, and it’s pretty simple to make a safe route, jagal pve weekend, Collecting combusstivel and what else you have for almost three days, jump to spaço milky way throw everything to ocd, collect some more resources in the other rotation planets, and back to milky and ocd again and ready fly home and collect everything from the ocd, What is the difficulty in this?

Now wants to walk in gold will have to take the risk and pay the price equal to everyone, gold is a very dangerous place … but even there eleon market still helps you … and you still want more ???