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I see guides for building SV/HV and CV, but no Base? Will that be a thing here sometime?

Hey there! Sorry for the extremely late reply!
I’m on holiday in the south island!! Haha. I return 12th feb.

To answer your question, yes of course there will be a base guide! It’s just a matter of me writing it out for people. We released the guide with patch 9.3 so we had a limited timeline.

Here’s some tips though:
Place your core at the mantel via connect feature.
Use picket fences to stop HVs approaching your base. Use connect feature.
Place arty vertically, they are harder to hit + can cover eachother if placed on a tower. You have four, one per side of tower!
Stack your miniguns ontop of your turrets, they don’t block shots!
Put your slower projectiles lower down on the tower, so they can deal with ground targets. Place your homing turrets higher up to deal with SVs.
Make sure to test your turret angles in single player before deploying the base!
Remember blueprints save turret targets!
Make use of blueprints, most pvp playfields are spawnables!


is cannon turret of base or cv targeted as decoy ? How about multiturrets or weapons ?

Projectile Turrets (Cannon & Miniguns) are not targettable for CVs and HVs.
On bases however, they are targettable.

Multi-turrets are not targettable, although help with SVs which can get confused as to what turret they are. You can also use them as effective turret caps. (Use cannon turrets for this as well, they have good heath!)

Projectile Gatling for HVs and SVs are not targettable by turrets, all other mounted weapons are. This includes all mounted weapons on CVs.

Please note the targeting parameters for HWS differ from vanilla gameplay, as do most pvp gameplay aspects!

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I know that no more than 21 fixed guns will fire, but I’ve received conflicting information on turrets - is 21 the maximum number that will fire, or will they all fire? If the former, do multiturrets count toward this limit?

Also, as weapons are destroyed in combat, will other weapons that were not firing because they were over the limit of 21 come online and start to fire?

If you have a vessel with 25 weapons, then when shooting 21 of them will be marked as “active”, and those will be the only turrets shooting. If you then lose a turret, that turret will no longer be active, and another one takes it’s place.

That’ just it, though: some people say that affects turrets, others say it doesn’t and all turrets (but not fixed weapons) will fire. And like so much else, the game and the official wiki have no documentation at all on this. Can one of the curators please confirm whether more than 21 turrets will fire? I haven’t been able to observe it in actual fights because the turrets are all firing at different intervals so it’s hard to tell if they are all firing or not.

@Dr.Dark is referring to the weapon cap for SVs. This is where an SV can only have 21 active weapons that can be fired by the player.

Turrets on all vessels do not have such cap, and will ALL fire at the target. No matter if you have 100, or just 1. They all work. Targeting works as follows:

Turret 1 acquires target.
Turret 2 attempts to fire at same target.
If turret 2 succeeds, it will fire. If it cannot target the “main ship” target it will attempt to find another target, or simply won’t fire at all.

Therefore, for maximum effect, make sure all turrets can aim at your intended target.

This is why people falsely claim that not all turrets will work, because turrets do not fire in sync with eachother. This creates the illusion of them not firing, but I can assure you from multiple tests and real live fire applications, this is not the case.

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What exactly is the condition for supergate warp to be blocked in PVP? In what distance enemy player has to be? And is this distance counted from player attempting to warp or from supergate?

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About 2.5miles in any direction around Supergate will ‘block’ a warp.

Alternatively, if you are the one being Chased, if they are just out of Weapon range theres likely a 15-25% chance youll get the supergate off while they’re in the range as the indicator ingame for such action has clearly some form of delay.


So if one player is 2.5 m west to stargate and other one is 2.5 m east warp will be blocked even though they are 5 m from each other?

Also does there have to be player for blocking to work or will any powered structure block it?

Only a player can block, lag plays a big factor (Increases chances of a failed block even in range), and from my personal experience it seems that if both players are in range of the gate but not each other there is no warp block (I may be incorrectly seeing lag as blocking detection rules). It’s a little silly how easy it is to escape, but the upcoming hp/shield changes may flip that around.

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In order to block another player from warping, it has been my experience that only a distance of 1km from the player themselves (so within firing range) will have any hope of succeeding.

Due to the extremely laggy position detection system in empyrion, I have also never seen or heard of a case where the gate was blocked via the HWS mechanic. Usually, it’s blocked by way of direct CV threat, wherein someone has sat a CV on the gate and waited in ambush.

Usually, this panics people who don’t even try the command, and run away.

P.S it must be a player who blocks the gate. Player (The Character, green icon) to Player.

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/\ its rare but a way to force this event is to bait the one chasing (unless its multiples) around and around till you can get within the 2.25mile range of SuperGate Command.

Hello HWS Community.

To further clear up the false rumor that if you place more then 21 turrets on a CV, they won’t work, I made a video showcasing a boat-load of turrets firing.

This is mostly for documentation purposes, because it helps to provide citation when discussing pvp mechanics.

For clarity, here is a freeze-frame of my video, when all 80 turrets fire:

You may count them yourself for the proof! :slight_smile:
If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Kind Regards,


Thanks very much for the informative reply to my last question!

Now, a question about shield damage: do weapons that do explosion damage get the explosion damage against the shields where the explosion would have hit multiple blocks or weapons if the shield were down, or do they only do base damage (plus or minus the modifier vs. shield from the HWS Config Effectiveness table) with no explosion effect as long as the shield is up?

I have not had the chance to test the config to confirm this, but based off my previous experience I am willing to bet it still applies the damage as usual, except that blast damage simply goes directly into shield HP, as the shields (as far as I can tell) simply absorb the damage blocks take.