PvP Stimulus Idea

Here is the idea:

If you hold bases on GG or Homeworld (one or two designated PvP Playfields basically) you get 100RP (an amount of RP that makes it worthwhile) each day. No offline protection devices allowed.

For every faction that has a base for XYZ time by the time the server tick happens, then the RP is split.

So if you have 4 Factions, each faction gets 25 RP per day. This then encourages lots of PvP, as well as gives purpose to keeping bases down.

Thoughts? Opinions? Objections?

I suggest we implement this immediately, as it will greatly stimulate PvP.

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Potential Problems and Solutions

Offline raiding by EU.
Offline Raiding
Create a window of time that the base has to be put down. Base has to be held for XYZ amount of time in order to qualify. That time frame would be during the servers peak window.

Factions being friendly and sharing the RP.
Can’t be allied to anyone to qualify for the RP
Base limits will likely stop this from happening

Tank drops that you can’t defend against
Increase the weight of tanks, so only one tank can be docked to a SV at any time.
If more than one HV is docked to a SV it ‘bounces’
HVs can’t be flown in on playfields that you are rewarded for. They have to be spawned on that playfield.

PvP Vets Crowding out Newer Players

  1. A lower RP value one for newer players to fight on.
  2. A higher tier planet where vets will fight
  3. Auto bounce vet factions and veteran players from the playfield. Anyone with a certain tag is bounced. Any player over XYZ hours gets bounced.
  4. Make sure any accounts tied to family share also cannot enter.

This will allow newer players to join in on PvP, and keep the vet players out.


Sounds like a great idea to me, I would add another reward as well though. Currently, RP is pretty easy to get. If you do the shard on NA and EU, you have 2,000 rp already. I personally believe there are better incentives to encourage players into pvp (credits, bridges or matrixes, etc) however, I love the overall concept and I hope it works as intended.

No. All the time everything about it no.

Why do you not like the idea?

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We have 0 pvp. this just feels like the same argument you made about ‘RP bases’ your intention was to increase presence in pvp, instead there are now little to none bases, we now have to have a base basically level to the ground not to mention devices above ground. this won’t intice any pvp if at all.

right now as we speak on NA there’s maybe A base on GG* , one faction, it stays that way for up to weeks at a time. the even bigger problem i forsee is more ‘offline’ or off peak hour raids.

we got attacked at 10am EST. on like a Wednesday. ten. in the morning.

as though we are able to just no life a poorly optimized, horribly supported space video games.

not to mentjon all the new fun features we got with 1.3 and well, every update.

TL;DR if you want more pvp… talk to the devs about fixing their game. PvP players are dropping like flies.

This provides an actual proper incentive to have bases in PvP. The problem with the RP bases is they just don’t provide enough value to actually maintain.

Granted, this doesn’t address the game issues. I get that.

What it does do is provide a tangible benefit to have bases in RP. That creates content. The question is - will it be enough value to make it worth while for PvPers to hold. The splitting of the reward gives players a reason to fight each other.

So, we can’t fix the game, but we can come up with ideas to encourage PvP in general. Eventually, the game will have the current bugs fixed, and that means we will have an active PvP community kicking around by the time they are fixed.

So, I take your point. But, your point isn’t a reason to not implement the idea, or try and refine the idea so it’s implementation is probable. Your problem just seems to be against the game, not the idea.

No man, how are you going to enforce this? what if 4 friendly factions just take it over for a free 25 rp per day, how are you gonna definitively prove theyre working together for this effort, or worse yet, 2 factions getting 50 RP each day for just being on GG ,

i encourage the idea of wanting to increase pvp, but its not happening man. With the Tank Drop meta so ridiculous whereas bases can be deleted in 15mins with defenders, anything about increasing pvp went out the window.

Hell for half a season we would plant base on gg for a day, and by night just recycle souly because folks waited till 4am, 10am, any off peak hour to raid.

now im supposed to believe no ones gonna encourage their members to raid at odd hours just to hold 25-100 rp per day ??? No, we must be realistic. this game is full of this garbage.

no one wants to 1v1. all sit base. now you want me to believe they actually want to fight each other? i really dont believe it to be the case whatsoever.

Easy enough, to find ways to make tank drops difficult, or impossible. Rex, could make Hvs ‘bounce’ when they hit atmo. So HVs can only be spawned on planet.

Or, change weight values of HVs so you can’t load 10 up.

Regarding, off hour raids. Just ask Rex to identify when peak PvP hours are. Implement a timer, that the base has to be on the playfield for 4 hours prior to the tick for the RP. Make sure the 4 hours is during peak player activity.

Alliance limits of 3 bases will already prevent players from just allying up and splitting the RP. I mean sure, 3 friendly factions could put down one base each, but then it’s easier to roll that base complex.

1v1 isn’t releveant to the discussion. I know you like 1v1, and I respect that, but I don’t think it’s relevant to this particular thread… other than encouraging more players on a playfield will encourage more PvP, and more chances for a 1v1.

The reason why I’m asking for freedback, is so we can identify potential issues. Then we can brainstorm solutions. So your objections are useful, but just remember I’m trying to work on ideas to help you, me and the rest of the HWS community.

So let’s identify potential issues, and brainstorm the solution.

Honestly im with you man, but there just seems to be not much to be done… we still have material requirements like 3x higher than vanilla, were all rich sure materials for days sure, but why im gonna spend 2+hrs crafting 200+ optronics for builds that will more than likely die faster than it even took to craft

i bring up 1v1’s because if you cant even 1v1, how are you gonna do a battle, how are you gonna be good at getting ‘left behind’ sort of speak in battle, happens all the time, even if for 15 secs, thats 15s of 6 HV pummeling yours, happens to me, i dont have an issue with that.

the point still stands, if these ‘pvpers’ cant even handle a 1v1 im supposed to believe theyre going to do well in a 5v5? or worse at odd numbers , 3v5 2v6 etc…

im just not sure RP incentive is good enough to either bring back, or encourage more pvp…

i know this sounds silly but seriously, fix the material costs and i know most will wanna craft builds in factories just for funsies.

we may be rich in the game, we’re not dumb though, why ima spend 3hrs for a build likely destined to die in 15mins.

Again : i am with you on this. i want more pvp just as much as any of us. but i dont feel this is the way.

My idea here is that the vets would likely be on one playfield, while the newer pvpers will have another playfield that they can playaround on and give them a chance to learn to PvP well.

And you gotta remember, not everyone wants a 1v1 fight. Why would someone want a fight where the battle is equal or likely slightly against them.

Maybe, but truthfully that just means we have to think of the proper incentive. So the more feedback the better.

I don’t disagree. I know Rex upped the mat cost because of us vets. (And maybe to make tank drops expensive?), but if we just encourage constant pvp fighting, then those mats will get used up anyway.

Exactly why we need to identify how to protect bases against tank drops and the like. Not easy, but I’m sure we can think of something.

We need to provide incentive to PvP. The issue with Vets is they don’t need wealth. They need another goal and incentive. I think RP is okay, because everyone seems to need more of that. Though some of the Homeworld features does make that easier.

I think this is one good way to get PvP living again. Is it the best? No, but it is one.

I’m glad you are onboard with the goal though. So let’s work on polishing this idea, or present another better idea.

Imean, extra RP would be nice 100% , just not sure how this will pan out, or how to iron this out. When HWS fragments became a thing it was just a matter of exploring and finding it, then we had to spend countless grind hours for TEAMS to get it, now a similar grind but much easier…

1k RP was huge incentive to do whatever, but obviously there needs to be a balance. TEAM is cool, originally i thought it was intended as a literal side quest thing, just something extra to do for everyone during off peak pvp times or however PvE players portion their gametime but it in my eyes just became a almost needless grind for getting high RP gains, like i said i got nothing against having fragments have some kind of grind, but for alot of us, floating in space in countless systems looking for these things alone for me is enough to melt the brain, cant speak for everyone but i imagine im not the only one who enjoys it, especially when most of it is procedural, and i know, in Space usually planet/system names are generic [A-45v75] but lets be honest ‘Homeworld’ ‘Iceworld’ ‘Armagedden’ ‘Titan’ these are places i wanna go checkout from name alone.

id like to find a balance for RP gains though

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Well, let’s work on refining this idea, or brainstorm some new ones.


Hello, if you want more pvp it’s not a few rp points that will change the game. From my point of view what limits pvp is the lack of resources for recent players like me. Not spending my life on the game, I cannot do pvp for the moment because the necessary resources are long to be collected (zas, eres, gold, etc …). More resources = more pvp from my point of view.

This is without counting the excessive number of galaxies which slow down pvp encounters.

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True, you need some rare resources to get started, then you can mine larger quantities once you are in PvP.

But, the more veteran pvpers also need something ‘more’ to strive for.

Sadly the ‘tank drop’ meta of the last 2 seasons basically makes it pointless to have bases in PVP playfields as you just can’t defend them against a semi-competent attack, let alone someone who has practiced and knows what they are doing.

And it is pretty much impossible for Rex to fix this via config - because the game doesn’t distinguish between a manned tank, and an automated tank drop. If you make it so that a base cluster can defend against Tank Drops, you will make it impossible for regular attacks by teams of players to take down bases.

Some of the fixes that have been floated on these forums over the last few months.

1.) Don’t let tanks into Atmosphere on PVP planets - This helps slow down the process, but people can still spawn on planet so doesn’t really solve the problem.

2.) Restrict how many structures can be docked to another structure by type (i.e. SVs / HVs can have 2 structures docked on them, CVs have 5 docked on them, for example) - This would make it much easier to balance and plan for, but unless i’m mistaken I don’t think its viable by config.

3.) Have Turrets check for someone in cockpit before firing (I would want to exclude Projectile Turret group, so as to allow some point defense for people still while raiding POIs etc) - Again this would require Eleon coding in the check, and then making it a true / false config option to enable AI on the turrets based on the check. It doesn’t sound like a huge amount of work for them, but who knows. Adding it as a config option also means it wouldn’t necessarily be enforced, but would be up to individual server owners, it could potentially even be configurable via playfield.

Personally I lean towards the 3rd option, because it solves two problems. 1.) Tank Drops. 2.) Mega base clusters of HV static defenses (which is what lead to tank drops in the first place.)

It would also significantly improve performance and server load during large scale ground battles, as the server wouldn’t be handling all those extra AI tracking calculations and projectiles being fired.

Also, once you eliminate an unknown value (how many tanks someone is willing to load up / spawn in to defend a base.) then you can actually start to balance Bases versus attacks, and tweak the numbers to get something reasonable, where a base is a tough target, but do-able for a committed team.

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I always love to read how people with permanent PvE mindset try to change PvP config/logic in their own interests :slight_smile:

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ah yes IceDrugg. The well known advocate for fairplay and honesty. Never has he exploited a situation for his benefit, cheated, abused broken mechanics. Truly it is remarkable to see how objective he is, always putting server needs above his own.

Feel free to discuss how unmanned defensive HV clusters, and the Tank drops that answer them are a healthy mechanic in a multiplayer game.

Edit: To be fair i suppose that should be a separate thread anyway - as this is on a different topic.

Also I love when people keep repeating funny mantras without any understanding :slight_smile:

Sit under BAs and fight in global chat - healthy enough for JVI :slight_smile:

Also lad, I’m not allowed to speak with you cause Rex don’t wanna me make fun on JVI :frowning:

Err… so what do you guys think of my idea? Since, no one has actually commented on that.

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