PVP Utopia!

I’v been pondering on this for a while now. I think it would be a great idea if all major and active pvp factions offered as an agreement to not attack each others bases so we can get some nice hv and sv fights and so pvp is there as soon as you log in. :slight_smile: This agreement could just extend to 1 or 2 important planets. One of those should include GG sense thats the planet where most of the pvp should be happening, over the gold and mining etc.

This type of agreement would bring almost a constant amount of pvp “like a pvp making machine” and would draw out alot of resources from peoples ocd’s which would help stimulate the economy naturally. And would make those selling resources a more profitable endeavor.

So really what were going to end up making is literally a pvp Utopia! And who deosn’t like Utopias?!.. :smiley:

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I think I understand the request. Have specific PVP planets dedicated for no base assaults, just straight SV/HV battles? If this is the case, what would be the point in having a base in PVP if not to be attacked? Making getting to PVP area that much faster when logging in? Giving a safe place to hide at in the middle of battle? Getting to PVP planets is very fast with the super gates. You can load several SV’s and HV’s in your factory ready to spawn before warping in with fuel and ammo in your backpack. With the cb:gohome command, getting back to your home base is a snap. Or am I misunderstanding the request?

The faction agreement is very clear, Bob. Maybe you should reread it.

So you disagree with the PVP Utopia? Okay copy that. Your entitled to your opinion. Thats why i asked what people thought about it. Thank you for your input, Bob. :slight_smile:

Not at all. I just don’t see the need for the base itself. (This kind of cease fire would require the entire server to agree, not just a handful of factions.) PVP SV and HV battles can be coordinated without the need for a base. Just trying to wrap my head around the idea, not knocking it in any way.

It would for the most part just require an agreement between the large factions or mega alliances. Not with every faction.

Why in the hell would everyone in PvP agree not to attack bases? Nonsense unless it’s an event.

Yes I understand the need for an agreement. I’m trying to figure out why the need for a base? Seems like it would be a lot of work to make sure nobody breaks their word when it is very easy to plan a battle, head to the sector and verify it’s clear, then have at it. Just seems like a lot of work to get people to agree to something that can easily turn toxic with the fire of a single shot.

This would cause less PVP because people would not be motivated to attack each other. If your base and area is unchallenged, then why waste resources on sv or hv fights in the first place? There’s no point. On GG, this would lead to disaster. There would be a ton of bases and no pvp at all. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a solid gold planet??

If you’re looking for a risk-free PVP experience, you’re in the wrong place. Every PVP base is contestable If you can’t win at the moment, it’s counter productive to simply try to make the battle obsolete via a rule change (Because an agreement between factions would turn toxic, of course.) instead of actually doing something about it in game.

I would ague that PVP is, in fact, a Utopia right now, and that the rules are set up quite well at the moment. Your idea would work well as an event, however it should not be applied to mainstream PVP on HWS for the reasons listed above.

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agreed 100%

So having fun pvp is a wast to you? pfs… The you got the wrong post then. This is about having as much pvp as possible and at your finger tips as soon as you log in. Thats the point to have those bases as a staging area where all can stay in pvp and fight it out their all the time, and not what you guys do which is to swarm bases and wipe them all out before pvp has a chance to grow. Of course you and your faction doesn’t want this. They just want to steam role then complain why theres not enough pvp around. All that complaint is just a “load of pretentious bullshit.”

We do get fun constant PVP… And our stuff gets swarmed to some extent too, however we can defend it. If you are not equipped to defend your base, what’s the point in placing it in the first place?? PVP is able to grow outside of the most sought after planet on the map (For example, PVE). GG is not a good place to start, and is clearly not for the faint of heart. I am in all support of having fun in PVP, but isn’t it kinda odd that you brought this up right after loosing your three towers on GG? This is simply the nature of PVP…

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I’m trying to understand the proposal. SV and HV battles Don’t need a base. As far as I can tell your request is to have a PVE base in PVP. How does that increase PVP?


Its not odd at all i’v been through many battles, and i’m a veteran of pvp and this server. And i’v become more and more wise over the years and on pvp, and on this game, and what works and what deosn’t. All of that comes from experience and from the experience again last night just convinced me even more that this agreement would be in the best interest of all and as a way to increase and help promote pvp for all in HWS. Lets just agree that you don’t want a pvp Utopia and a more fair type of war, and lets leave it at that. Sense its clear all you want to do is steam roll little factions then gloat and pat yourselfs in the butt for doing so.

From my point of view, you landed on our gold and we had to remove you, no? Sure it was fun (minus the combat log) but it’s not like we gloat about stuff like this or anything. Anyone could have put their base there and the fate would have been the same. That is of course if that person could have defended the base, then the gold would have been partially theirs, no? If you cant currently compete then build up and make alliances until you can. If you want to live in PVE and fight occasionally whith SV and HV then you are free to do so. There is no need for an agreement of any kind.

I’v already answered this but seems you did not read the post. Thats unfortunate.

But here it is again.

I’m not necessarily trying to convince you of my point, because that would clearly be impossible. I am merely making a point to the readers of this channel. You are, of course, not obligated to agree with anything I say, and that’s fine. I don’t see a need to continue this discussion. I feel that I have made my point pretty clear and concise. Maybe you should reread it?


You mean you offline raided me then still gloat and pat yourselves in the butt for doing so.
The bases were almost gone when i logged in. And using like 10 guys to offline raid? pff… haha

You based about 2km from our base. What did you expect? You’re more than welcome to offline raid our base, that is if you catch us offline. This could have been avoided by not putting your base in our territory.

Lying to save face? They were not no 2k from your base. Your running on autopilot Mr Troll. I eat little noob trolls like you for breakfast. So best you stop trolling this post. Don’t try it. :smiley:

Too bad it’s dinner time shrugs

I was going to say: “I eat people like you for dinner,” but I would be lying. You’re a bit too salty for my taste.