PVP - What it is and isn't

I have been living in HWS since about October 2018. What I thought PvP was as opposed to what it actually is are 2 very different things indeed.

At first I thought I could safely explore the area and see what it had to offer. Maybe witness an exchange of bullets in the distance. Chat up a bit and head back. I quickly realized how wrong I was when someone was barreling down on me telling me “Step out of your ship please.” He did say “please” I will admit.

Months of complaining and combat logging later I finally figured out it is not a trip to the shopping mall. It is more like a journey through the thunder dome.

The main thing all have to realize about PvP zones, nothing is safe. Bring only what you are prepared to lose. One you understand that, PvP will be much easier to handle.

There are lots of tricks to avoid the typical ganking. Mainly preparation. This game requires a lot of prep for just about every action. Even PvE zones are filled with several mistakes just waiting to happen.

In short try to understand PvP zones are constantly being patrolled by those that are just hungry for battle. Not nearly as many that just want to flex internet muscles. Have a conversation with the jerk that just annihilated you rather than going straight to complaint mode. You will be surprised at the results…