Question on Nascent Moons

Are nascent moons being wiped weekly?

I found several in galaxy exploration and everytime, those moons have a Zyrax resource survey in progress.

In the description, where I usually find infos about terrain / ore deposits wipes, there’s just this survey.

Now, I settled on this nascent moon I took the screenshot and I already mined zasc and ere deposits. (You could still see them on the screen cause they are 10%)
I just wanted to know if those deposits will be automatically renewed or not. (And therefore, I have to recycle my base and settle on another planet)

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Hello Fabrycenny and a warm welcome to HWS and to the forum! :slight_smile:

I believe that the Nascent moons (those outside of the core system) will not wipe. Also, i believe that the terrain deposits do not reset either.

Moreover, just to clarify - on planets where deposits reset, a ‘terrain wipe’ is exactly that - it only wipes the terrain, not bases or structures. The only issue you would have, is if your base was underground or in a mountain, you would have to re-mine the space but your base would still be there. :slight_smile:

Nevertheless I’m sure someone wiser than me such as @Dr.Dark can confirm!

Best regards and happy travels! :slight_smile:


I actually don’t know which is why I didn’t respond.

But from what I know, I think you’re right here, though I’m not 100% sure.
I think only the center universe wipes.


Ahh my bad mate! :slight_smile:

Yeah I believe this to be true also. And when we say wipes there are few places that structure wipe.

There’s only one thing to watch out for @fabrycenny : Abandoned Structure Wipes- If you leave your structure without interacting it for more than 14/15 days, it will delete itself. (this is to prevent bloated saves and maintain server performance. So for instance, you could leave your structures for a week (7 days), return to them, then that “timer” would reset back to 0.

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Thank you very much both @Wiseman738 and @Dr.Dark :slight_smile:

I’m not so new to this game; I just landed on this server though (And it’s awesome)

I guess I have to find another spot with zasc and erestrum, maybe, with ore deposits resets.

Or maybe, better choice is to warp and consume every barren metal planet I discover?


I image it depends on how many resources you’re planning on getting through. I find I get betweek 2-4k ore on average per asteroid I mine in space, so a couple of good systems will net you probably 8-16k worth in terms of ore. I can’t speak for planets though as i’m exclusively using the CV turret drill these days.:slight_smile:

Also be sure to upgrade your orbital autominer as with fuel that can generate a slow (but steady) passive income of resources. :slight_smile:

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From what we have experienced, there is no terrain wipe on the outer lying systems or “Xmas lights” as I refer to them as. This means dug out terrain will never come back. This also means that auto miners will not be wiped. Combine this with the auto deplete being turned off, you can leave them on a planet with little worry of them poofing…from the server settings that is, A12 nonsense aside. This leaves a constant supply of ores to be collected over and over. Be careful if the planet is PvP, anyone can crack them open and collect the goodies inside.

btw you just publicly posted that you are living on a PvP planet and the exact system it is. I would strongly suggest you find another home unless you are prepared for visitors that would very much enjoy helping themselves to what’s in your storage.


Hi @Bob and thank you for your advice.

I planned to go live elsewhere just because of no wipes (well, no ore deposits reset) and I wanted a base with a constant fux of Erestrum and Zascosium.

Anyway, I never placed a real AM and I dont even know how it works.
If I place it on a deposit, will it produce without depleting the deposit itself?
Does it matter if the deposit is small or large? And if it’s 100% or, guess, 20%?
How to fuel it? Biofuel? Cells? AM cores?

Thank you very much!

Last question: did you noticed I just cut the first row where System name is? Is there a way I dont know to search for a system from datas like O2 percentage/breathable/PvPvE/Radiations and so on?

Sorry for so bad English and thank you again ^^

The T1-T3 Auto miners can be found in many places. The main HUB @ ECC HQ can provide a few every hour or so. They can be placed on any size deposit and powered with any fuel type, but fusion cells are recommended. They will gather resources until they run out of fuel or someone removes them. In PvP anyone can shoot to crack them open for the goodies inside.