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What happened:
=> 29/02/2020 Visited the NA ECC Soaring City server. For his needs, he created a tiny SW (докатка02 (10715143)). Upon completion of affairs, out of kindness of heart, he transferred SW to the status “general”, in the tab “management of structures” he was convinced that the structure no longer belongs to me and with a calm soul flew home. Today, 01/03/2020, I discovered that I was issued a tax of 20 million. Already yesterday, there was no vessel in the register of my structures (докатка02 (10715143)), why was the tax issued? I apologize for the auto-translation))

Player(s) with issue:
=> Chaser

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 29/02 - 01/03/2020

=> ECC

Structure Name(s):
=> докатка02

Structure ID(s):
=> 10715143

How can we help you now:
=> Ideally, there is a desire to get the tax back)) The ship in fact was no longer mine. Yes, and 20 million for a dozen blocks, this is a bust))
All happy birthday server :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

It costs 20 million)) selling for half the price :rofl: :rofl:

good morning.

If people flew to ECC and public ships all the time it would soon get full…
This is why we done a system that even if u public ships on ecc you’l still get taxed as you we’re the owner.

regarding refund of taxxx, would be one for rexxx / admin to decide.

доброе утро.

Если бы люди все время летали в ECC и на общественные корабли, он скоро наполнился бы …
Вот почему мы создали систему, которая, даже если вы отправляете общественные грузы по ecc, все равно будет облагаться налогом, поскольку вы являетесь ее владельцем.

относительно возврата Taxxx, будет один для решения rexxx / admin

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Public / abandoned ships may simply retire every morning, is there really a problem?

u cant simply leave ships on ecc planet / orbit on public… you’l get charged
if u want to sell then use ts:sell commands


I never heard from you why I pay tax for a ship that no longer belongs to me, as it contradicts all the laws of logic, but thank you very much for your help anyway.

  1. Look at Tax guide

  2. Then you see that RP is a devision factor. You have 0 RP on HWS NA = very expensive.

Tax sinners pay DOUBLE the tax amount. A Tax Sinner is a player who repeatedly fails to pay taxes that are due or who switches their assets to public in an effort to avoid taxes.

  1. Only because you set your ship Public does not mean it does not belong to you anymore. If everyone set their ships to public because they think they can avoid taxes that way, ECC would have 1000 ships.

  2. If you want to sell that ship, then use the ts:sell:xxx command. Ships on sale does not cost tax.

  3. I added +20m credits to your HWS EU Bank account for now.

thanks rexx :wink:

I think it’s worth then redoing this phrase from the directory. At the time of accrual, the ship was not my structure.
" * You have to pay taxes for all of your structures (BA, CV, HV, SV) that exist in the taxable playfield and they are taxed using the following formula:"

Thank you very much for understanding, once again everyone happy birthday server!

As Rex already pointed out, if you switch a structure to public to avoid taxes then you will still be charged. It even tells you that directly in the guide, and Rex already pointed that out to you as well.

Tax sinners pay DOUBLE the tax amount. A Tax Sinner is a player who repeatedly fails to pay taxes that are due or who switches their assets to public in an effort to avoid taxes.

In the future don’t set a structure to public to try and avoid taxes, move it to another orbit instead or destroy the structure entirely.

Where this is written, here is personally you show me! And with the debtor here, I had no debts! I am a regular player, there is a “connect”, there is a list of my structures, everything, stop! what else do I need to know? I’m not interested in this topic anymore, especially with these (Ctrl+C Ctrl+V) explanations from you! The matter is closed!

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