R.I.P. PvP

PvP is dead


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Perhaps if you guys did a little less trash talking in global after or during a fight maybe people would fight you more often. I understand its a game and all but there is still something called good sportsmanship just because you beat someone doesn’t mean you need to talk shit to them like kids on COD.


Haha ok it is for sure a troll post but not completely wrong.

Guy, lets just wait for the changes Rex is going to bring to us out of the survey results.

PVP is still not “dead” as you can aquire gold and autominer cores only in PVP space.

But the new PVE planets plus the Peacekeeper West Asteroid resources limit the need to venture into PVP areas.

He only wants more PvOB (offline base), I don’t know why they are calling it pvp though.


@Booyaah don’t be upset because admin deleted your bases for underground turrets/Invulnerable core. Sorry but if I’m not mistaken, 2 people were defending in tanks the entire raid on your bases. I’m guessing by your comment you are calling them useless. Very good faction mate. Take the salt elsewhere. Nobody has been able to take our bases and it’ll stay that way. Offline or online it doesn’t matter. Learn2build and your bases will actually do something for you. Sorry you had walls blocking turrets, sorry you had crappy HV designs that didn’t fire half the time, sorry your guys didn’t get in a SV not one time to push up back, sorry you are pathetic at PVP and blame it on the game. Sorry for you all together, you make nice ships and I’ve always had respect for UMC but the salt lately is unbelievable… We have Churra from UMC stalking our donator planet orbit daily because the salt is that real. Take the salt away and there is sweetness somewhere deep down inside, you will have to find it with your heart. :heart:

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Seems like you’re the one that’s salty, have a nice day.

@colin2cold Did you take your medicine today? Know where in Booyaah post did he mention our base on GG because your right we didn’t get offline raided. Funny how he mentions you guys offline raiding (Which you all have admitted doing) and only response from you is to Once Again through up your defense wall and come back with something as childish as “Sorry you are pathetic at PvP”? I take it you don’t take criticism well do you? As far as Churra goes he he just looking for PvP and you guys love to PvP do you not? Is that to say he is salty because he wants to kill you? lol Colin you really need to chill bro you take things to much to heart even this game.

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Regarding offline raiding, not sure how many of you played 7d2d, but in that game offline raiding protection can be configured to make bases stronger while someone is offline with configuarable cooldown as well. So this way, people can’t combat log as you can set the activation effect on it to 30 mins for example, and moreover you can make it such that bases are let’s say 10x stronger which means they have 10x more hit points. Theoritcally this can be a damage multiplier. I honestly don’t know how the current offline protection works, but thought this system worked well in 7d2d. Just and idea

Yes the PVP is dead, and the sooner you understand that you can stop the bleeding of players on the server, myself and handful of others have quited since the balance between pve and pvp have not been so far apart as it is now in terms of resources and taxes and the the offline raiding going on, there is no real pvp nowdays, people just wait for one to go to sleep, i havent been online once when people have attacked my base, rebuilt it like 8 times without a single live pvp attack, reactivate OP and take the risks of people exploiting it, its better than none, only the offline raiders that will rage.

I really don’t think that offline raiding protection should be enabled in a such a way that it prevents offline raiding completly. Don’t get me wrong I’m not siding with whom you call “offline raiders” but part of this games allure and challenge is indeed building in a creative way that gets your base to be stronger even if you’re not there to take care of it. So offline raiding should not just compeletly prevent players from raiding your base, it should just balance it a bit by for example giving your base 10x hit points or 3x damage.

Offline raiding as it currently is preventing a base from completly getting raided while someone is offline is just very exploitable and takes a lot away from the creativity

Well Rexxus limited the number of BA you could have on pvp planet, if i had like 10 BA then we are talking about self defence, i mean not many people live in pvp, why not let em have alot of bases then, and have an actual chance of surviving an night with an good sleep, Empyrion should not force people to give up there daily life to protect an base 24/7…

The reason your base kept getting offline raided is because you put your base right next to a bunker every single time. I’ve been the one raiding it, it was me oh no! Last night I killed 3 bases with 100 block SV… Not 10k but 100 blocks. Stop building next to mountains… Stop building next to bunker so in real fight you can run to bunker to hide. I’m sure you saw our bases on NA… Go “offline raid those” you won’t be able to. We don’t build next to bunker sorry. Who wants to fight a base that is just there to protect you long enough to make it into your safe spot? No fun. When you guys build real bases is when you guys will get some real action tbh. Offline raiding doesn’t happen if you know how to build, look at it like “how would I take this base” when looking at your own base. I will say it one more time… We put bases on PVP Homeworld NA to give people some action. Nobody but TCH from EU came and failed. It’s lots of fun, it gives ground combat for everybody. We do not worry about base getting offline raided as long as everything stays fueled up. I’m hoping EU does the super Aliance again and comes to raid it sometime.

Just a noob point of view as Ive only been here a couple months, but it seems to me there is a ton of PVP players. What do you think Im doing with the gold asteroids in blackhole when you are all going at each other? :smiley:

So the post really comes more across to me as, “There arent enough noobs to troll in PVP space… /cry. What do I do with my stuffed OCD?”

My experience with PVP has been TCH and AAA gang-banging my noob CV. Ive had only one decent pleasant experience 1v1 with someone from OP4, who mopped the floor with me in a SV fight, and then had the decency to not shit talk – then went above and beyond by offering me a SV to get out of there with.

For the most part, i think it is balanced enough for me to have time to figure out how to create a tactical CV/SV/BA, and it has allowed me some time and space to work a few things out.

It may need balancing on taxes (There are PVP orbits with no tax, btw). Whatever changes come, Im confident they will be suited for everyone, and not just the PVPers screaming to kill more people then each other :smiley:


Right now we had GG for fight. Come and fight. I go with RED this evening, and see ACM and TCH there. Not for long (they warp out), but there were some moves. Wonna PvP? - come to Gold, and spam in global. Be sure - u gonna die/run/kill someone. Everything in your hands.

P.S.: Wonna less lags? Build small ships. 1st Class goes perfect. It still drop fps hard, but didnt DC…

RED is the only respectable pirate faction in here, its only they who don’t offline raid and dare to attack in daylight! i got big respect for them!

Haha actualy i like some of what Colin and Alex said, thats unusual :slight_smile:
And I like Thran likes RED, i like RED too, at the end, better RED than DEAD. And i still like SWP when they are not in “lets go too wild” period.

Nothing is dead, its like always, after wipe everyone is eager to play, ppl are returning, some go away when first bugs strikes, some spend few days in heavy fighting and once all new gets old ppl go to live lives again.

That offline raiding…In that i cant agree Colin if theres not single person around no base stands a chance, if you can kill at least one turret and retreat to replace gun maybe, and kill another next time, sooner or later you will do it. If there is more ppl it will be faster. If you can hide behind hill its no good for base etc. Dont forget you ahve 3 BAs there, at least some boost to firepower for whole complex, but for sure its job well done.

Some form of protection would be nice. At least to suplement somehow missing defenders, its different story when you cant take your time sniping all one by one from relative safety.

All you best PvPers from HWS comunity (not irony directed to OP4) should bring in some constructive ideas instead of bitching, braging (this probably is directed to OP4 :smiley: ) and so. It wouldnt be for a first time Eleon changed something based on HWS feedback. I never came out with something so good to ask Eleon to do it…

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Everyone was through that be sure me too. My first SV had 4 rails, 4 dumped missiles, no homing that time, 4 miniguns, I thought its well armed. It was in 1.54, I was pirate living on Mercury, surviving in insane enviroment from bacpacks of newbies who gave up. There was nothing to colect. Inferno.

One day MRA came one blown my SV 2vs1, I had no chance against 42 rails. So i started to improve my stuff and in some time i was blowing ppl up. And thats all about that.

Ppl usually complain about being outnumbered, theres no shame in tactical retreat in war, its your life in danger. Wait and strike later when enemy doesnt expect that. Make alliances, nobody still cares about origin…unite.

I had many nice fights where enemy sides was spawning warp sleds or flying cocpits for defeated side for them to get home to fight again, sadly its becoming rare to see nowdays. As i always said, its players who can turn this shitty buged alpha into amazing game, or completly waste it.

Although one thing is for sure, gap between new players and old players is enormous, not only in knowledge but also in resources. Im not sure if thats ok…

Wish you all some exciting PvP experience.

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LOL it was a good fight for sure, at first I thought you were gonna bail, but your SV isn’t easy to hit and a hell of a lot more maneuverable than mine!