Rare resources and poi's in pve

Ive been thinking about how its really hard or to get rare resources such as erestrum and zascosium in pve areas. i dont feel like im prepared to head into pvp space unless i have plenty of heavy weaponry on my ship, and i cant get that without erestrum and zascosium. id really rather go out and earn it myself than buy it off the market. I was wondering if it would be possible to add in some asteroids in some of the pve areas or maybe a vein planetside, not a lot where going into pvp isnt still a necessity, but something that can get you going. im not saying make it easy though. put them right by a poi that has to be cleared out before safe mining can be conducted or something. i can take out a poi with miniguns, but go into pvp with just miniguns on an sv and your toast. ive so far only encountered one drone in space during a mining expedition. it would be fun to come across an alien battleship protecting some good resources in an asteroid field. either i just havent explored enough or poi’s in space arent out there, but its something id love to come across during my mining efforts. please let me know what you think.

The HWS Universe is a dynamic construct.
Things changes along the way.
This applies to Lav, Lantia and Armageddon especially.
Fly near them and press M and read the bottom right info.
They are sometimes PvE and sometimes PvP. And even in PvE all three of them contain rare resources.

ah i see. i will check those out tonight. do you get locked in for any reasons or is it come and go whenever?

but what about poi’s in space, are there any out there to discover, and if so can you point me in the right direction?

Check your PDA, there is a mission for resource hunt.

Now all these are in PvP space, so I would suggest making a cheap warp sled, and bring along 2 SVs; one for taking out turrets and another that you don’t care if it gets blown up.

First of all get rid of your fear of the big, bad PVP world. It is not half as dangerous as people make it out to be. There is only one rule you need to abide by: plan for an exit!
And that exit can very well be spawning back on your cozy PVE base, that is a 100% viable option. Don’t take all you have into PVP, just things you can afford to lose.

Furthermore there is no need for a fully armed warship. What you really need is a ship that can take a volley and then warp out. That is it. Two layers of combat steel all around will do the job 99% of the time. And then you can mine in blackhole or make excursions to the homeworld sector and get your stuff there (with obviously more complicated logistics) if mining asteroids is too slow for your liking.

Other options include buying, orbital autominers, or even POIs in PVE space. The Majestic Elite Temple located on Eden provides every player with a one time supply of 2k erestrum, zascosium, and gold ingots with 2k fusion cells on top. All you need to do is some parkour, so bring light armor with two mobility oriented boosters (jetpack boosters are the best, but mobility or even multiboosters work, too).

Thanks for the tips, I hit up majestic today and will be doing runner z tomorrow, I’ll try and get my feet a bit more wet in pvp, my last two outings there ended pretty badly so I’ve been hesitant. The new set home command I’ve seen though makes it a bit less worrisome. Is the temple and runner really a one time only thing?

The temple has a glass maze up top that spawns some more goodies that are available repeatedly but you need to beat the hordes of players already competing for that. Jumper RunnerZ is not comparable! This is an indoor combat POI on a similar respawn timer as the glass maze but with alot more and tougher enemies where parkour is more of a side note than the actual theme of the POI. It has a huge amount of loot though.