RE pvp issues and improvement suggestions

again Rex’s focus has been diverted to RE “refinement” instead of finishing his own universe for the last year. by putting more attention on RE you’re completely alienating the player base that has been desperately waiting for attention to the universe they enjoy.

like many others, i tried RE and did enjoy my time there. but also like many HWS veterans, we don’t come to HWS for vanilla or RE. we come for the multiplayer stability that has been working for many years.

RE has proven that is it not able to handle the massive amount of data HWS brings to the game. proof is in the DC errors showing within the 1st week of the wipe. refining this mod should be best left to it’s developers. Rex has enough on his plate trying to keep up with curve balls from both eleon and vermillion/ravien and now we are discussing more time sucks taking aways from his own mod.


I have heard lots of reason to come to HWS, but no one has ever said it was for the stability before :’)

in my experience talking to many people over the years of being on here, the population count is why most of us are here, because we want an alive universe, with people in it.

its been smooth sailing past few wipes, you must be talking about the first seasons, where the game had database issues at its core, which were now fixed. nothing to do with re much other than the fact it was a bit more resource intensive. fact is, the players paying for hosting the servers right now, are playing RE. I’d wager the overwhelming majority of the money going to Rex right now is coming from the RE servers.

no im talking about the constant disconnect errors we all have been seeing for the last year in RE. it’s proven that NA/EU are vastly more stable. proven by the fact that they have been on the same database for over a year. RE currently has no hope of lasting that long.

yes “active” players are mostly playing in RE, but ur forgetting about the many others tbat have been suffering waiting for what they came here for. i am only saying we should pause on RE “adjustments” until the rest of the HWS community has had their fair share of attention. too many things have diverted the releasing of HWS+ and now ur suggesting more…

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the only suggestions I made was to fix the existing content.
for the players playing the game right now.
I didn’t think that would be a controversial point to make but apparently it is :rofl:

HWS+ might come out and be fantastic sure, but in practicality all its doing right now is causing the admin to be locked in a box somewhere for months on end incommunicado more or less for something that might or might not be well received when it eventually arrives, and I’d hate to be around on launch month if it turns out people don’t like what he’s been spending all this time doing because I think that would be crushing.

There’s a gamble being made here, that the time invested in HWS+ will pay off more than if the same time had been spent making the already very popular RE servers more multiplayer compatible.
I’m not sure I would have made such a wager, but I’ll be happy to be proven wrong if it occurs.
If it had been me, I’d have gone for the safer option that didn’t contain as many failure conditions.

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consistent disconnects? cant say I’ve had the same experience. runs smooth as an androids butt my end, maybe it was because you’ll have higher ping on RE EU, you should probably try again on RE NA see if the same thing happens there.

waiting for what? :slight_smile: we don’t even know what hws+ will contain yet, so its not like anyone excited for anything specific, or waiting for anything on any sort of timeframe, those that are impatient have already left, those who are patient wont mind waiting while the fires are put out elsewhere, so not sure who exactly you’re trying to protect.
if they’re just waiting for the vanilla servers season to end they’ll be upset that its a whole new config and universe they have to learn from scratch, which was most of those who didnt come over to RE’s gripe in the first place, meanwhile what we’re just supposed to ignore the issues with the server we play on indefinitely? sit on our hands? suffer in silence?

this is what the rest of the community has been doing for over a year. i am only asking for equal time.

so yes then?

and what does “equal time” even mean in this context?

it was explained quite well in the last few messages but i will try to simplify it even more for u to understand.

RE was initially given to us as a time filler while we waited for the new season. this is how it was announced. it has now taken much time away from the revamping of the HWS universe. this is completely alienating the players that come here for HWS content and not reforged. all i am asking is that the RE community put their requests on hold until the rest of us have been given the attention needed to fix our universe.

not all of us have abandoned the HWS configurations…


You keep posting the meme of players online in hws vs re. Thats not what this topic was about and has now turned into a shitshow of chest thumping.
Great ideas for improvement firebeard, i do agree with a lot of it.
However referring to the active player bs again as many have said, rex included , this scenario was implemented as a stop gap whilst hws+ was under development. Re slowed the development of hws+ due to rex having to work on it to make it mp friendly.

As i said above they are all good ideas in one way or another but the focus is and should be on hws+ as thats rexs config, rexs story and bottom line the hws scenario created by him and his team. Not created by others that he then has to bugfix and work on to make a single player scenario work in mp.
Let him release plus, then see what happens with both scenarios!

There will always be a divided opinion in the community, different playstyles. At the moment there are tons and tons of players waiting on + and are playing re till it comes. Who knows, all 4 servers could end up booming.

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with all due respect, I fear you make less sense the more you go on :rofl:

yes RE was indeed intended as a stopgap, but went on far too long for that, now the bulk of players on the HWS servers are playing RE from the beginning, its not going to magically change overnight. intentions are all fine and well but reality always supersedes them.

The players that came here for pure hws content only, were not alienated by RE, they were alienated by having their servers content stagnate for well over a year before it eventually just stopped being looked after at all, RE didn’t do that, if anything RE saved HWS, nothing less. I doubt HWS would still be a thing without it.
so how about give RE a little love for keeping HWS alive, rather than ignore the problems for an indefinite amount of time until HWS+ arrives to an unknown reception.

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i haven’t degraded to insults on this. not sure why ur attacking me for requesting his attention be focused on his own universe. no clue why u always seem to have hostility towards me. but again my points have been very clear. also i am not alone feeling this way. please stop trying to divert even more attention away from HWS+…at least until it has been released.

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I think he only wants the guilty things removed, as it has no function :smirk:


basically yes :’) but for some reason when ever I talk arguments start

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I agree with Firebeard here.

PVE content has an expiration date, PVP does not.

Thankfully we get fresh RE content every 3 months or so, so that issue is fixed. But what if you beat all the content before the new update arrives? Well…you sit and do nothing I guess.

Oooooor you can fight an interplanetary war between multiple factions that usually consisted of around 40 players. That. Was. Fun.

Really gave you something to do when the PVE stuff dried up. RE is amazing but shooting drones can only be so much fun. Eventually, you get bored of it.

Besides, what Firebeard really requested was to remove the useless mechanics that are in PVP right now. I’m all for it.

I struggle to see any reason why we still have guilty, or why the PVP environment is so inhospitable.

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I’m not attacking you bob, and nothing to gain by doing so, I’m simply trying to understand your point.
Apologies if I offended you, was not the intention.

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my bad. just seemed as an attack. i just feel the main servers have been severely neglected for far too long and it only seems to get worse :frowning:

As a PVP player myself i do have to agree with Firebird on some of the things said. PvP on RE is really weak in the fact there is almost no one there or a good reason to be there. Its like pvp on all hws server has all but been eliminated which im my eyes does alienate a medium-big portion of the original player base.

I also agree with bob aswell hws+ does need some attention as this season has been pretty much abandoned in anticipation of HWS+ with its predicted release on the 13th of next month. But with more RE modifications it will be pushed back much further im sure


mute is the option ur look for here. not completely canceling a portion of the game others enjoy. what happens in PvP has zero affect on players not participating. the title of the sever u play in has PvP in the name after all…