Reclamation Proclamation

Hello again adventurers! Time for another chapter into my treasure box of shiny attention deficit excursions. I found a single player mod called Star Salvage and decided to take it for a spin.

I didn’t want to make it brutal but also figured the grind would not be necessary. And away we go!

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Right from the start I can see that T is going to have so much fun here. Several snacks to munch on can be seen as I plunge down from the sky.

It’s a little eerie this time of day here on this very cold and irradiated rock. I can hear wildlife in the distance. Sounds like a fun time to be had.

Admiring the sunset I hear a rustling sound headed my way. Turned to find this guy and a couple friends wanting to welcome me to their nest. I do not feel bod for what happened that evening…

Deep in Zirax territory I see a hut in the distance I can take up shelter for the night. The lovely sting of radiation seeping into my skin is nice for my complexion but we know what misery too much exposure can lead to :frowning:

Wake up in the morning and check out the map before leaving the shelter behind. I see a marker called “Ancient Flying Machine” and figured it was worth investigation. I did get a chuckle and I chopped it into factory bits to spawn a tiny HV bike called Zip. Very nice for starting out. The motorbike just doesn’t work well in most cases so I made this little guy one day. Has worked out quite well.

Found quite a few different morsels giving me some ideas to add to the dogfight events in HWS. I am quickly learning what should be salvaged and what just wastes time. HV docking pads are handy for electronics. Steel blocks are not fun to chew on with the survival tool :frowning:

I’m sure this place has seen better days. It is usually suggested to not drink from yellow ponds.

This family of XP has no idea what is coming to them soon…

Well after devouring a few very tender steaks, I figured it was a good time to call it a night. Tomorrow we are going to head up north along the coast line and see what the Zriax are up to. Good night adventurers!

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