Recon on guild ABN

after sparing an empty abn ship i came across, its owner or guild apparently saw me on the proximity report and thanked me by hunting my ship down during a disconnect. let me know if this is a misunderstanding, but that’s how it looks. So, now I am free to start reporting what I see in the way of ABN movements and am starting guerilla work against them as best I can. For now I can tell you that there appears to be an ABN ship on homeworld planet (NA server) called “ABN pro” which may be in use as bait. it’s ion land in the open on the ground, blackish, small but fairly easy to spot. but I don’t have coordinates yet. this ship, or whatever is in that location now, is apparently using a dual turret set which can knock down a decnetly armored sv in one or two shots. from the ground. Do the game mechanics allow for that ?

Also , all the locations I’m giving out are NA server unless otherwise noted.


You are a real one. Thanks bro

Endthefed at this point we assume your combat logging when you “disconnect”, you have been very open with your “tactics” haha.

I want to thank whoever it was that got him this time, without an intel page I feel like we had been slacking, nice work team.


ABN spotted on golden globe right now mining gold

the ABN vessel mentioned above turned out to be an HV… i’ve now destroyed/multitooled it, but not without help. i don’t think i will ever want for hv-sv combat steel blocks again.

thank you calo.

can’t run a deprival strategy without deprival, card.

bug-disconnects and playing guerrilla are just part of the day’s obstacles when you fight alone against many.

I have captured a large ABN SV but had to destroy it.

possible parked ABN SV on water world in homeworld system NA server. coords approx 3500 x 300. it may be occupied.

update 11/30/2018 : ABN ship, probably two of them, located inside the defense perimiter of a POI on homeorld planet. forget to write down the coords, but it is an alien altar if I recall. range of the poi defenses = about 425 meters. unloaded most of my ammo into the ship i was sure was ABN, but I’m not sure if it’s destroyed or not. it was/is an HV.

You’re doing the good lords work.

aw thanks pjams.
meanwhile…i’ve captured and multitooled a small but apparently operational ABN HV.

“One cartload of the enemy’s provisions is worth twenty of our own.”

coupled with the other minor successes listed above, this makes us more than even as far as I’m concerned, ABN guild is taken off the target list. And friendly neutrality between their faction and the Rescue Service (RSS) can resume.

ABN rejects your offer of neutrality, hope to see you soon <3

ABN attacked one of my microbirds today, allowing me to release some of the recon I had been storing up for that eventuality.

as of about 5 hours ago, on waterworld , homewordl system, na server, at
2100 x -1600 there is an ABN HV …its on or near one of the mountainous islands… I don’t know what its condition is.

Additionally, as of about 30 minutes ago, there are at least two ABN vessells parked near the “egs star” respawn point in homeworld system, NA server.

As of about 10 minutes ago there were still two ABN vessels appearing to do a general pirate blockade of that respawn point listed above. But they’re not just parked, they’re at least sometimes actively manned even during off hours. I believe both vessels were SVs and one of the active pilots 10 minutes ago was BushWacker but there were I think two ABN pilots there.

update 12/6 about 4 hours later: i’ve marked the blockade ships public so everyone should be able to see them on the system map, even if I can’t get to them first with some kind of attack maybe you can. and they’re still there.

update 12/6 about 11 hours later: their hv is buried in the mountain , about 70 meters of rock between it and the outside world. must have taken a long time to put there. It may only be in use as a beacon, or maybe could be a storage cache. it definitely does trigger them when you are around it so it’s not just a wreck. No other obvious vessels parked nearby.

Keep up the good work @EndTheFed4 :+1:
There is what looks to be 3 or 4 ABN vessels mining on golden globe greed zone right now but watch out for the class 1 base

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thanks calo. I’ve attacked and multitooled another small ABN HV, altho i’m only 90 percent sure it was ABN. if this belonged to you but you’re not in a guild that has attacked me, message me. i can probably apologize and provide reparations.

Additionally, trying to get back to the original mission despite these pirates, I attempted a rescue today. But the pilot went unresponsive before I could get to him. RSS/Rescue Service out.

on homeworld planet at -6800 x -1900, NA server, there is an ABN SV on the ground unmanned. there is another unmanned ABN sv parked bout 300meters to the south east. approaching them will trigger the proximity log . maybe the proximity alarm too. but i dont think they are very big. one is called something like thresome and the other is called something like GTFOH. i didnt come into wepon range so i dont know if they are autoturreted.

There is still at least 2 generally unmanned ABN ships blockading the EGS star respawn point in homeworld system , in space. I marked these public a few days ago so still should be. one is still inside or very close to the station. the other has moved , i didnt even see it when i went back but it shows on my prox log. i think the autoturret range was 1.25 km for the one closest to the station. and it would not fire on personal drones… only players and ships…not sure exactly which players and ships. maybe both are firing, the amount of fire is significant. If you approach to within 1.49 km it/they will trigger their prox alarm and prox log but wont fire on you.

Update: It’s possible that only one ship was parked there, and the other was just the one that came to investigate about 4 min. after i triggered the alarm. the ship names were:
“Escape (WarpDrive)” and
“A Space Beacon”

Update: as of 30 minutes ago, approx 3pm server time dec 11:
on homeworld planet , NA server, relatively near the same location -6800 x -1900 there is an unmanned mid sized ABN HV. Estimated 3 unmanned ABN vessels in the area…but the area may be larger than i remember. none of them fired at me while I was there. but it may depend on your angle of approach . and obviously the ABNs may have changed the number or configuration of the boats since then.

It’s a target rich environment guys… let’s gettem while we gottem!

other ABN intel: their players are staying on at nearly all hours of the day now despite the fact the most other players are avoiding the game pending reset…so waiting around to attack while they’re offline…may not be a viable strategy this week. if you see only one of them on, that’s about as good as it gets.

Update approx 8am server time december 12: I’ve attacked and destroyed another mid sized ABN HV in addition to the one listed above. also my records show an ABN HV at 900 x 1600 on homeworld planet NA server…but I’ve forgotten its status and am not sure when I saw it.

Update approx 11p server time december 12: ABN has a base on Homeworld planet again, NA server. seemed to be only one vessel there as of about 3p server time. the ABN vessel which had been at 900 x 1600 is gone.

as of approx 12am server time dec. 13, the location of the base is
500 x -3500 with no obvious defenses, nothing has fired at me though I was in ragne. I’ve marked it public. 1 sv shows on radar but not visually. there’s a kind of flat looking structure about 30 meters x 30 meters in size. i’ve shelled it briefly. didn’t see any important structures. it shows as red on hud, so the core is still there.

here’s another unmanned abn vessel i’ve located and damaged on homeworld planet na server: 6700 x 2600. it’s called something like drill pup and is an sv or hv. it had an active core when i started hitting it and attracted investigators as usual, this time within about 3 minutes. maybe you can finish the job.

Update approx 7p server time dec 13: I’ve heavily damaged another small hidden ABN vessel and paid another social call on their base. no other changes to report. I’ve done enough damage that at this point I’d normally stand down…but this is the second war they’ve started with me so apparently the retaliations for the first attack were too small. Michael Collins R Us until further notice.

as of about 4pm server time dec 14: ABN had a small to mid sized unattended capital vessel at -4500 x 3900 on homeworld planet NA server. its about 700 meters up in the air and i’ve marked it public. i couldn’t see any turrets on it but didnt try get within 400 meters.

They have intensified their blocakde of the EGS star respawn point in Homeworld systems space. and now have at least 3 vessels parked there. The total number of vessels there is about 6 i’m not sure all of these are ABN. They will fire heavily on anything that comes within about 1.25km but if you spawn inside the station you are safe , at least until someone comes to investigate you. Remember that if you approach, your ship may freeze up and lag as their firing begins , so a slow approach is probably best. Their response time so far has continued to average about 4 minutes at that location, it’s like they’re treating it as almost a main base now. I’ve marked it public but it should look like an SV on your map, called “Space beacon”

There were no ABN’s on at around 4p server time… first time I’ve seen them completely missing all week.

“Though according to my estimate the soldiers of Yueh exceed our own in number, that shall advantage them nothing in the matter of victory. I say then that victory can be achieved.”

Fyi marking stuff public only shares it with players that are online and in the same playfield as yiu

I love this guy! He’s either insane or a genius - but either way a fun fellow to follow! :smiley:

Lmao Keep it up Brah

As of about 1am server time dec 24…ABN has a small unmanned SV
-3800 x 0 on waterworld, NA server. unknown condition or status. it’s near a above-surface poi.
the name of the sv is something like “man bug transport”. it shows as green colored on the map for some reason, maybe that’s just a change in the way the map now displays things.

the poi itself does not show on my hud, can’t tell what it is…but the SV is well within reach of its defenses, if any are active.

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