Recycled ship but didnt get NPC Core back

What Happened:
recycled a ship with NPC core and didnt get the core back

Player9s) with issue

2/13/21 05:36 (server time)
Structure ID(s)
How can we help you now:
Give me my NPC core back please.


did u have recycle level 5? that is the only way to return an alien core.

As mentioned here ( EGS Recycle Structures ) You will only get 90% of the parts back from a recycle. There is no guarantee that of that 90% you will get your alien core back. Also, you may want to include a little more information. Was your backpack full? was your OCD full? That can also stop it from returning.

“Depending on your upgrade level for EGS Recycle, you will be able to recycle vessels and get up to 90% of your materials back, and perform recycles at a number of locations, and possibly anywhere , if your EGS Recycle level is high enough.”

@Jascha has to check this.
The Structure list still shows wrong Core Types? It says there the ship had a “Player” Core. This is important to see there…

And @onykage please do not post support tickets in the #hws-community section anymore. They won’t get noted by us / ignored.

Make sure to always use this link and section


hm not much we can do about that i fear. Its how the game stores the cores.
The database says it was a player core. If that was not right, this looks like a game bug.

well if thats the case this is going to be one real popular ticket end of season. For checks and balances, can you tell me what the structures name was?

Sorry :frowning: . We would have to look a bit deeper into it and see if its always the case, or if this structure was “buged” from the beginning. Maybe devs can then check it.

Last known name is “TRD Manticore”

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