RED - Continuing to exploit

So before I start and go into detail - I would just like to say this is my opinion.

So after hearing RED were setting up towers at the event starter that @RexXxuS had done for us all as a community and they were consistently grieving a player by continuing to shoot him even after asking to leave multiple times, This can be checked in game logs as it was in direct chat in game between 19:30 and 20:10 gmt I think. I decided to do something about it - I called VIK to arms and we went to remove RED from the event area.

Once we got there, they had indeed set up a few towers around the event portal, No harm done its part of the game and was good fun, we engaged in SV PvP with them and it was for all intents and purposes rather fun - I hope RED enjoyed it too - However after finally being shot down - I went back with another member - Our purpose was still not done - We disabled their towers but were not able too core them as RED had placed the cores under the ground and/or put terrain over them - Knowing full well about the AG system in-place now - Albeit - It was not a game breaker as the towers were disabled - But because of the core, If we didn’t stop attacking at any point they could have placed more turrets by their abuse of the game mechanics. They also bought over-sized CV’s onto the planet to cause Lag - I mean RED are good at Lag Piloting and Lag Shots I guess…

However we carried on and eventually pushed them out of the surface, A nice Victory for players that are generally new to the game - However they had engaged an allied faction in space - So we were not going to stop their we wanted them out of the system completely - I mean, How dare they try and keep resources for themselves especially at an event :slight_smile:… However again RED take the mickey (Choosing my words there, would have used another normally) - They dock an SV into a CV Hanger - Therefore disabling it - Another known broken game mechanic that they choose again to do… This has now led to members leaving the server entirely for good - And for good reason, (Again I would like to say this is my opinion) The Admins are wayyyy too soft on RED, I hear every day about this particular group using known exploits (Exploit being a game mechanic that is used to gain an unfair advantage over a given situation) And all the admins say is what do you want us to do about it… Now i will empathise, Its a tough call for admins to make, And you guys are for all intents and purposes doing a great job, But do you really want half the community to quit because your too soft on exploiters and cheaters… Sure if you remove RED, your player base goes down and PvP will become slower - But if you don’t in the long run, Your server will get a bad name for being too soft on exploiters, Hackers and Cheaters - The server population will dwindle - And may even end up becoming completely empty - I mean even the exploiters will leave, Because they only do it to grief players, some ego-tistical sense of achievement or whatever, I’ve seen this happen multiple times over and over…

I get the game mechanics are broken in the most part for PvP - And so does everyone else - Yet 90% of PvP’ers on this server wont abuse them - Yet RED seem to do it consistently - Over and Over and Over, For what purpose - They are now driving members AWAY from the server for the sheer fact that they do not care about the rules - I mean its like they are slapping you in the face every day - Here is the cut outs from the fight anyway - and RED, It was good fun untill you started exploiting, You may find it fun but the other 90% of players on the server that PvP certainly dont.

@RexXxuS - I hope you can see that I am not having a go at you personally or @Jascha - However they need to be dealt with as they clearly do not care how many “Chats” you have with them or how many “week - Converted to day bans” they get - They will consistently push yours and everyone elses patience purely because you let them.

Please dont reply with “What do you want us to do about it, its broken mechanics” - Your server owners and it is your job to decide the type of community you wish to build - You have your rules, So enforce them before the server gets a bad name…

Heres the video:


HWS server issues - One player gone :frowning:

Make that two when gareth leave so do i! (his wife)

Guys might I suggest you give Rex a chance to respond to this latest issue. Keep in mind that HWS is ran by humans and they make mistakes. We all know they do their best try to supply us with the best server in the game. This is like the third instance Red has rule broke. I did not watch the video dont need to as I trust that it shows what it needs to. Ragnar you might be the same guy that was coming at me this morning dont matter. In the end if you are a part of this community then you have importance. Consider sticking around talk with HWS staff and help them do better. The only father I ever knew beat an old quote into my head I think it fits here really well.

“In order for evil to conquer Good Men should do Nothing”

If everyone gives into cheaters (Evil in this case) then they win. Is that something you really want to let happen? When all you have to do is stick around and help improve things across the board.

IMHO - Ragnar - you a toxic â– â– â– â– â– â– â– . You can solved it by game mechanics and by the gameplay. But you start blame. Make new drama for a players and admins.

He is toxic for showing exploiters? People need to play fair, or get out end of story, why must some people break rules only to win? Can they not win with strength and skill rather than exploit?

From what i can see in that vid a sv inside a cv means only 1 thing. Tackling. No first thing you have to ask was this a accident. So looking at the history of RED this was the first time and the fact they always play innocent. Cant argue with proof and i dont think they even care getting cought. They got the prize. Was there any attempt to get it out or did they take advantage of it.

A.F.T - Trust you have not even met Toxic yet - I have no time for you

You are to small fish to threat the white shark

Great white sharks shouldn’t play with Megalodon’s :slight_smile:

I am not play with the Megalodon’s bones. It’s NOT in the traditions of the Christians

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after 4 hours time spent into everything I made some decision with help of Jascha and DeeExpus.

But first of all I can’t stress two things big enough:

  1. Some people don’t have respect for me or our work we are doing and they can talk however and whatever they want to justify their accusation against me / us. We don’t care. But do not wonder if you don’t get respect back at all.

  2. What you think is justice or how you would judge situations someone else is judging and see it differently. To be so rude, disrespectful or worse to assume we doing it “bad” because you would do it in another way is also just… I don’t know. Bad.
    WE spent thousands, damn thousands over thousands of hours into that game and server for over 20 month now and you have absolutely no, I repeat, NO clue what all of that means. Especially how frustrating it is to see such conflicts and dispute in the community we worked hard for to create.

That said (and most and more of it already deleted) we see here a video with a proof of a bug which is created for Eleon quite a time ago. They are currently working on a fix and because it takes so long to fix it means it isn’t easy.

Nevertheless the same bug was already abused by RED some weeks ago and no matter how hard they try to justify the magic O button or Hangar Doors or disconnected Pilot, the intention is what matters and the end result.
And the end result is disharmony, conflict, hate, accusations, insults, etc. etc.
What magic button fixes that RED? Maybe the Power Button on your PC…

  • The Pilot of the tackling SV in the video got a 2 month ban
  • All involved RED Pilots during that time:
    • lost all their OCD levels back to 1
    • lost all their million Bank credits
    • lost all their RP
    • lost all their Bank levels back to 1
    • lost millions of stuff in their OCD (depending on amount)
    • set to guilty because they didn’t stop the tackling Pilot from playing unfair

Instead of banning all of RED what some “white knights” suggesting we don’t want to punish the other 10 RED members who either didn’t even play at that time or are involved in any RED drama until now at all. It would be just the lazy way to get rid of a “problem”. We are not lazy.
And banning people might satisfy the crowd but wouldn’t affect the bigger issue in our opinion. Sometimes a hard “goodbye” is needed but in this conflict here it is WAY more complex than some people think.
So we go the “OCD / HWS Feature normalizer” road. Taking away much more value than banning them.

So again I don’t care if you think we are “too soft” or whatever insult you keep posting against me / us but for me facts are important, passion, honesty and my way of justice, which should be fair.
Maybe my way is a “bad” way, maybe I should ban every faction who just even think about exploiting but maybe we can just have a friendly community in an unfinished alpha game where such things are to be expected, always.

Finally a reminder:
If we have a video then we don’t care about any history drama or whatever. We have a proof and that’s it. Easy.
So no matter who is exploiting against whom - we always need proofs to take care of.
Thanks for @_F.E.A.R_Ragnar providing it.

Sorry for everyone who lost fun by that action or even left. That is of course their decision and just sad.

We worked very hard for that great HWS community and anything or anyone what / who causes damage to that will be sorted out.
As written in our rules: