Regarding exploit (moved)

Well, the market is being used as a bank, to deposit goods on with skyrocketing prices, so they can retrieve their goods after a death.

Yep, that was possible with our Market too before Alpha 2.0. But we had a 10% tax of claiming them back. We gave Eleon this advice. Not sure if they add it.
Please contact them too. The more feedback the better.

Sigh… maybe we just get back our old market system after all… was kind of better

i’d say stick with the current market system, it will probably be updated further and improved upon :slight_smile:

After seeing the announcement ingame and reading this thread I’m a little unsure what you consider an exploit.
Can you elaborate on this in some way?

And I would also like to know what your policy is on “unlimited” resource nodes.
I’m thinking various plants and the blue crystals among other things where the occasional bug allows you to collect several hundred items from the same plant/crystal.

Exploits are exploits. An OP exploit or other game exploits for example. Earlier the constructor dupe bug was an exploit we rewarded to the guys who found it.

Infinite pickup things are not what we want and if we see it you will either be banned / or have a bad day in credit terms. No particular punishment but since people doing it although they know it is not the way they should do it they don’t need to be surprised if we sort it out.

Glitch: Player was somehow able to break my base on a PvE planet (Phobos) and take everything. I had about 4-5 thousand of every mineral. He basically took everything, including all the pieces of the base. I had also just received a donor resupply pack, half of which was in the base. I had 3 constructors churning out ingots for my CV blueprint…

From what I’ve heard on Teamspeak this isn’t the first time he’s done this. Here’s a screenshot of the log…

After the 3.0 update SVs no longer stay docked after logging out and back in.

the SV not dock thing was reported and fixed in the next patch.

About the guy… was your base set to faction?
And who. the first or second guy?

hm I impersonated these two guys and could not find all that loot at least… hm I keep an eye on that

Considering my treatment over my first offense on this server im loath to tell this … but on prison planet at least… i was able to duplicate my contents and believe i can repeat the process any place… on entire backpacks of stuff… I have not repeated the process… and did not do it on purpose… but i did see what happened… in general Id like to help… but some other factors will determine my inclusion on this project.

Thanks for the report. Well sorry, but I recommend you to read our rules regarding this: NA boggartbob25: Prison and Ban for 2 days

Otherwise we already sent it to the devs and please don’t use this dupe exploit.

Yes thanks i just found that post and have responded… Not to worry my reputation as some sort of hardened Criminal wont lead me to be duplicitous… good luck on the exploits.

EXPLOIT: Name change, action, reversion

I believe some users may be changing their name, carrying out some action, and then changing their name back again.

Today I was accused by Dennybo that I attacked and destroyed his SV on Earth , all according to the attack logs. The problem is I have never been to earth. Then I realized something…

My steam login which is the original name I used for the server is I logged into my steam account to change my gaming name to DrBacon. Logging back into an Empyrion server recognizes the change and will use what you changed it to. It occurs to me that someone could exploit this in the manner described above. This would describe the aberrant combat logs that Dennybo saw. I hope I have described this clearly and correctly. Thanks! my steam username is actually frenteriaphd. It occurs to me that admins can also see each player as unique by their steam names rather than their gamer name. In which case, this cannot be used as an exploit because admins can see what we are doing by our steam logins. Thanks again!

Cisco (Original DrBacon on HWS NA)

Thx a lot for mentioning that. But as you said. It might show wrong on the intruder log, but we actually see if someone changes his name and where he was at what time. So if something like that occurs, just let us know and we check it and also punish those impersonations.

Post taken down :slight_smile:

Post removed.

Thanks we will investigate. Please PM exploits otherwise it encourages others to use them :wink:

This is a thing. But at most it gets you one out of every few hundred.

I found a lvling exploit where anyone can lvl up from 1 to 25 on the new experimental
6.0 server. It takes I would say 2 minutes on average to fully level. I believe it is very easily reproducible, in fact, i could probly even make a video of
me doing the exploit, as well.

Before im willing to give this up, I need to know what my reward would be.

As you can read in the first post :wink:

C’mon Doc, it’s an Alpha game. Quit being greedy bro and help the community. Just PM Admins the exploit. I’m sure they’ll take care of 'ya.