Regarding RP cost for EGS level (recycle)

To upgrade EGS to level 5 you need 450 RP… thats half of the season RP income for an active player (like myself).

This is by far too much for basically just the advantage to retrieve alien cores.

By using EGS recycle 50% of the retrieved blocks and components are still bugged and not usable for the factory or for building new vessels (e.g. strange thrusters with broken icon image).

Thanks for the feedback.

  1. it is 425 RP
  2. we have not even reached 4 weeks in the new season and players on both servers have already 400-700 RP
  3. RP has to be meaningful as you suggested elsewhere so you have to grind for it

We are working on a better exchange rate, excluding wrong blocks.
Since you seem to know what block is broken you are more than welcome to help us:

All you have to do to fix that is put the part down and multi tool it off again and 9 out of 10 times it fixes itself.

Recycle 5 is a GLOBAL service that returns 90% of your recycled ships blocks. It’s basically a free ship in a service.

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As a Freelancer, last season I ended the season with 2054 RP. And I bought recycle five (few other things as well) so I am sure you can manage.

Also u can always use the keep recycle level for donation. That way you only got to do it once.

Not to be billy bandwagon but I agree with op. I’m not as active as most rn so the most consistent to gain I can hope for is 15 rp a day. It’ll take a solid month to get that. I’m not saying rp shouldn’t have value but maybe an alternative option for upgrades should be looked into. (Sub with other resources or something)

I am not allowed to spoiler too much but let me tell you with my global insights:

  • Both of you or your faction you are in have 20m credits easy to spent
  • You need some knowledge about a specific NPC Trader selling Alien Container in the HWS universe
  • 70 Alien Container would cost you ~21m credits
  • You could achieve this in ~5 days

TL;DR: I implemented quite more into the HWS universe than you might think.

But… there are some cool ideas around to be able to purchase upgrades with “trigger events”. Either winning events or kind of mission rewards.

For that stay tuned for our Event Manager coming soon…


I thought about that npc trader route but again with the time issue. Just trying to promote healthy alternatives. Thx!

Actually Speed didn’t donate to keep Recycle 5 last season because it was cheap. He regrets it now and would like to retroactively donate to keep last season’s Recycle 5. Either way, it was obviously too cheap before and we will not make that mistake again, lol.

I would have bought it last season and paid to keep it as well last season, had the rp & credits… sure wish i had.

Current RP cost is insane.

At least the last two players support me :slight_smile: I closed last season with something around 850 RP. I had EGS 5 but did not donate to keep it as it was cheap in terms of both, credits and RP.

Now it is expensive :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the hint to place the wrong blocks and take them with the multitool after.
Thanks for the hint with the alien container trader, i will search for him :smile:But to be honest, i think that i visited every corner in HWS but never met that trader.
Hopefully he is not in the BH Zirax battle fortress. I am not afraid of fighting the fortress but RED grilling my back while i try.

To make the RP calculation more precise : As a freelancer i get 12 RP per day, this means to buy EGS level 5 for 425 RP(thanks for the precise correction Rex) i need 36 days minimum… more than a third of a season, IF i am online every day and dont miss one of the three prequisite to earn the 12 RP per day. As the average IQ in Europe is 100 i hope you can follow me.
And this is only valid IF i dont spend my RP for something else (bank upgrade, stealth).

These alien containers on the market did not just appear from an unknown source (like a dark miracle), they are coming mostly from missions and other sources available to all players. So your discount maths discounts those RP gains.

And in case you do the missions you may come across this elusive alien container trader that is “hiding” in a trading area and is mentioned in the guide.

This is why people say you ruin the threads you show up to… uncalled for


Without being mean (something you need to look into DM)

My first season 6.0 my end of season RP was… 7
Second season 6.5 my ending RP was… 300ish
Third season 7.0 my ending RP was 1400ish
Fourth season 7.5 my ending RP was 2054
Fifth season 7.5.x already over 400… Some are even better than me and over 700 as Rex pointed out.

Notice a pattern? Skill and knowledge increases = higher ending season RP. I have known players who in the past bought EB level 5 on day one of a season (there was no carry over then). Try joining RED or some other major EU faction that can teach you the ropes. It will end a lot of your grief.

Do you guys mind if I enquire just how you get such high RP? Cant be just containers from missions.

I’m at 351 currently - getting the max passive 11 a day as lawless (sure i’ve missed a few here n there) and supplementing with a large number of player kills.

Even when I get enough for recycle 5 - the cred cost is likely to put me off. Consequently, I have old ships in need of repair just hanging around taking up server load. Doubt i’ll ever get around to fixing or stripping them tbh.

You can give them to me and I’ll strip them : )

Well far as I can tell that’s really about it. Get your passive rp for your class, get kills, and get alien containers. You could also be in a faction of other classes and give each other the containers that aren’t needed so everyone benefits from mission rewards and poi loot.