Reminder: 5.0 full wipe is coming


just to make the obvious thing obvious again:

Propably next week 5.0 will hit the day. That means:

  • a new universe goes live
  • so everything will be wiped:
    – every structure is gone
    – every ready to spawn blueprint is gone
    – Your AMDs in the OCD will be gone
    – you will start at lvl 1 again
    – you keep 250k credits per default in your EB (Elemental Bank)
    – the HWS Marketplace will be cleaned
    – HWS Auto Miner Ores and Level will be saved (but not the fuel)
    – your OCD will be saved
  • RP to Credits
  • new gameplay (Origins!)
  • new HWS features
  • new rules

Make sure to prepare yourself for that event.

Your HWS Team


Thanks for the reminder Rex.

on wich Day iss the Fullwipe?

Coming Monday??

Could we have a date and a time for this wipe! Thank you.

In these kind of game developments a 100% release date + time can’t be given.
All I know is very likely coming monday… we will see

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Someone asked whether or not the debt (if any) will also transfer to 5.0. I assume yes but it’s not listed anywhere or did I miss it again?

Thanks for the reminder

Debts are set to 0 as far as I know.

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Oh, another reminder just to make it complete :slight_smile:

(while you are logged in in HWS Connect make a new tab and click on Vote for Empyrion please :slight_smile: )

Oh Rimworld is there as well… That is hard competition. I just hope Space Engineers doesn’t win, they don’t deserve the win imo… Voted for Empyrion and Rimworld.

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lol. SE much better than Emp… So they would win. Optimization ftw

Last time I played SE I died at spawn a few times due to bugs. Then I died because I touched corpses of other players at spawn, then I lost my ship like 20x. Whenever I go into 1 on 1 combat in SE the server lags out, can’t even support 2 ships in battle… Non stop problems, non stop lag, non stop exploits and hacks. Couldn’t find 10 minutes of gameplay without serious bugs after planet release.

And if you wanted to crash the server, all you had to do was to put a blueprint in your startship and entire server crashes ^^. Bug was there for like 2 years. They fixed it shortly before planets.

And the most infamous bug: Drill asteroid (tunnel), 1 pixel remains, desynch (which happens every few seconds), pixel gets into your miner ship, ship explodes. Common bug…

Developer response to all of the above and more: “We only made it for singleplayer, multiplayer is just an extra”…

And u just forgot, that SE only NOW start work on MP?.. Before this, that was just constructor. SE didnt go in “Survival”, so… U rly need to read, before play - it was just simple SP-game. And mechanic and all other thing, looks MUCH more better, than in Emp.

Sorry for noob question but what are amd’s

Exactly that was the problem. Back then it was only for SP, they didn’t even bother with MP because they only added it as an extra feature. Perhaps at some point now that they are improving it. But me and everybody I know is long gone. Had no more hope for that game. Took em too long to optimize MP or even think about it. Took 'em too long, 3 years to even start on it apparently. Well, after 2.5 years most people I know quit and even big servers quit. I ain’t waiting another 2 years or so for them to get MP to a playable state.
I did read because you said the same thing I said :P.

Empyrion is inferior in many ways. BUT it is very playable. At least on HWS.

[quote=“SHIMIGAMI72, post:16, topic:2764, full:true”]
Sorry for noob question but what are amd’s
[/quote]AMD = Auto Miner Device.

Also for those who don’t want to buy a donator package to save their credits for 5.0, instead of giving it away/wasting it (yes some players do this apparently…) I give you an alternative:

For a 50.000 fee you can send it to me. I have the unlimited donator package. You get it back first thing in 5.0. Send me a PM/discord/ingame message.
Any interest from the bank is of course also mine ^^

If you do decide to prolong the wasting of your credits, buy my packages at my NPC trader at the market place and OCD it before they get nerfed!

It might come TOMORROW!


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I’m curious, if SE is SO much better than EGS, why do you waste your time playing EGS?

mb because here I got MP, and there not?

P.S.: For this moment, I interested in MP, and SE hadnt such. So…