Removal of alien core for recycle purposes

So I see this often, where the garage ships are bought just to be recycled for the alien core, and the cheaper garage ships have been either removed or replaced with standard player cores.

Why can’t we just remove the alien core from being recycled altogether so we can get the cheaper garage ships back (such as the Diablo and Plasma SV)? And if they want to recycle them then say allow it the final week or two before the season wipe? But as a precursor to the wipe, disallow all purchases of garage ships at the same time, to encourage players to actually maintain their garage ships? It seems ridiculous to cause all the extra work of restoring/refunding an alien core throughout the season, and at the same time disallowing previous garage ships from being used that the not-so-well-off players would grow to appreciate and spend hours attaining the funds for those lowly ships.

Seems like a reasonable request on my behalf.

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Well judging by the responses it must have a lot of silently for votes, or against perhaps.

I think no one has commented because it seems like a lot of extra work for the admins to modify the currently working system for very little reason. And it would make alien cores extremely abundant in the seasons to follow.

Not really, instead of everyone able to afford a garage ship to just recycle the thing to get a core, that luxury would be removed. I would be willing to just have it available only after completing missions or special events. This thing is more valuable than anything else on market, why shouldn’t it be the most difficult to obtain?

Because people like to use alien cores for powering PvE bases and other structures - removing it from recycle means you could never pick up and move that base again. I’m fine with the current meta, make alien core ships more expensive - that prevents people from buying a ton of garage ships and turning them into bricks (since that’s what most people seem to do with them).

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It is the most difficult to obtain, you need 5 million credits to buy the ship, 14 million credits and 425 for recycle 5, and a 8 million for OCD 5.

Well this is just me. But don’t you get 5 mil from doing the EGS resource hunt? But then again that quest needs to be fixed (Cannot complete due to Lyra and other systems no longer). Maybe that quest is to hard for newbs?

Also I agree to a point, cheaper (non alien core) garage ships would be great for newbs. Maybe a contract Titan and contract Scorpa and Feninir?

Yeah, some cheaper non-alien core ships for newbs would be cool.

I suspect with the current low-gold/no gold, no place to use a badger situation that obtaining OCD 5/Recycle 5/Garage ships will be impossible this season.

The current meta has allowed alien cores to be commonplace now, as large as the player base is there are thousands, and now we can just recycle a ship damaged beyond repair, spawn in a new one and swap out the core. Seems way too easy to me. And if you didn’t get the core, just relax and put in a ticket…

Anybody else not see this as too convenient? Or is getting gold easy enough to just buy the cheapest alien core garage ship and do a simple recycle to attain the alien core difficult? Last season was too easy, enough to where RexXxus removed the cheapest to combat this proliferation.

Am I wrong?

@RexXxuS is it possible to get a count of the alien cores stuffed in OCD? I know thats not really general info, but I’m willing to bet I’m not wrong on this note that its probably in the thousands.


Left NA, Right EU.

In general the HWS Garage is at the moment under review. I don’t like it 100% at the moment.
Dee left and so it’s a bit of a void now…

We will start soon to increase the price for people buying one ship over and over again. Something like this. To be announced.

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I agree Tacosland, been a bit less active (of late) but i’m behind you on this, especially when i saw the figures people have in their OCD, like 30 or something…and rising. It’s ridiculous. I’d literally have it so that it’s a single investment, you use it and then at the end of the season; lose it.

Would make these cores highly sought after due to their finite nature if this was the case, and could later prove to be good rewards for events also.

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Wise. :slight_smile:

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I do have double digit Cores… but some of them I am holding for others in the faction. Others I bought direct from players during the X-mas event and two from recycled Garage ships. Not sure what the answer is, Maybe just being able to buy one for a flat fee or event’s or 35 ‘faction points’, or 200 RP or something.

you gotta remember tho some of us have actually paid RL cash for them thru donations , so if your wanting them to last only a season than you might want to take the ability to buy them off the donation page as i can see ppl complaining and wanting their money back for that certain donation. As its a buy and keep stage for them right now

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To sum up the point of the thread, is the restoration of the past garage ships while removing the issue of low cost alien cores for being recycled. If they were switched to standard player cores, then that would suffice, or if when purchased the ID would be tagged for “no recycle” but that would probably require a lot of extra coding I’m sure Jascha and RexXxus wouldn’t have time for.

I agree - make alien cores harder to get. That said, I don’t agree with nerfing recycle so that it doesn’t return alien cores - people paid to keep Recycle 5 to keep it just for that purpose.

That said, it does feel like people are hoarding alien cores. I think if we focus on making PvP changes, to the point where people actually stand a chance of losing their alien cores this will help solve the problem. Afterall, part of the problem is that alien cores are not being lost in combat and that is due to the “easy mode” environment we are in where we can build 7k block style ships that can tank a base.

If we build an environment where people stand a chance of losing their cores it will do the following:

  1. They will not be as likely to bring them in PvP, keeping them in PvE which means they will have less impact on gameplay (other than fusion cost).

  2. People will start losing them, forcing them to start taking from their stock or buying new ones.

Go to this thread, and let us start developing a PvP meta where we actually stand a chance of losing something.