Report use of exploit from OP4 (recorded)

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: User destroyed my base and ships using exploit
Player(s) with issue: fe_quirino
Server: HWS NA
Time (cb:time): 23:00
Playfield: Galactic Oasis
Structure Name(s): Defense tower [JL], Defense tower [JL], SV_Prefab_Tier1c, JL Outpost 2, CX23-Strike-Fighter, FLASH REVERSO
Structure ID(s): 7219693, 7219691, 6934691, 6714487, last two could not get the id because core got destroyed
How can we help you now: When logged back my base and other vechicles got totally destroyed. Nothing showed up on the proximity log. Intruders even got inside the base and underground without being detected. Imagined it was an exploit starte circling around the planet on my semi-destroyed but stil flying ship. And so I found the exploiter after half-hour of search and recorded the guilty one. (Later on he chased me and killed me and finished destroying my ship). Follow the video proof:

Since there is no way you can shoot from underwater, I would like to know how the guilty one we’ll be taken care of and how can the server compensate me for the exploit and destroyed structures. Thanks

PS: follow prints of said player bragging about it on chat (taken from discord since he didn’t let me respawn)

Oh, this I gotta see, should be interesting to watch unfold.

If you can catch an exploit I used, I would shocked. But to be honest, no exploit was used the entire time. I don’t need to exploit.

so underwater shooting THROUGH THE GROUND is not an exploit??? You still keep claiming that? ok

You do know thats a green wall bug dont ya? Seen that many times.

And where is the rest of the video? Post it all plz, you cant be ashamed, it was a good fight that lasted awhile…

stoped when I landed… I’m not mad about you killing me on space, thats even ok, despite that ship was already half-destroyed and you killed me because of the hole in the back made BEFORE the fight (see the lack of bottom in the video), BUT, ok, I lost in a dogfight, clean play. But shooting through the ground to destroy my base was a low blow dude. Not ok, and I don’t care about the contents, if it was not worth it for you, you could leave the loot, or take it, I was ok with it, but… the exploit is there and despite being a bug, you used it. It’s wrong

And I know the green wall bug and I went to pick up ships that werent there before, but you are not trying to say that your ship was EXACTLY ON THE OHTER SIDE OF MY BASE SHOOTING AT THE EXACT SAME LOCATION, are you? Because that’s ridiculous defense!!!

Nope, not a ridiculous defense, just wait for Rexx or Jascha to check the logs, they can tell I wasn’t near your base at that time, but a few minutes later when I saw you chatting in global I returned and fought SCO, then spotted you flying near your base (which wasn’t me who destroyed your base btw, that was Centurion about an hour before). I stopped and looted a few boxes found in the bottom, going through the holes in your base and down the elevator. I knew about the huge hole in the back of your SV but decided not to core it, wouldn’t have been able to do anything with it. Also there was a huge hole in the side of your base where it looks like someone had been digging, found at the bottom.

nice story, we’ll wai to see… but since you didn’t appeared on the proximity logs even while you were visibly shootin the base I THINK they also won’t be able to see anything either… so it’s that video against your story… waiting to see how it will play out. It will be a shame if this server falls under Op4 exploits and players eventually get tired of it… Because since the middle of last season have been listening about those exploits and did’nt believe it, but now… let’s see.

Don’t worry, I can wait.

Hi fe_quirino,
Looking at the video it looks clear to me either you or Taco or intruder has at some point crossed the green wall giving the impression of an enemy being at the underwater location. Around half way through the video you can see the intruder to the East of the base attacking from that flank. Sorry bro no exploit just a common render bug.

Shocked that an Op4 member agrees with another op4 member… that’s unusual lol

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Waiting for Colin and the rest of the gang to show up :joy:

I know that you guys must spend substancial amount of money on this server and that this makes you people some way imune to the rules or something, but you guys should at least have some remains of ethics there somewhere before using exploits and blowing everybody up for sheer sadism.

Look m8 I work with fact not fiction, I have given you my honest opinion of what I see in your video and from what I know about this game. Take it or leave it but please don’t waist valuable admins time in something so trivial “you lost a base to whoever that’s the game”

Thanks for bathing me on your knowlege, but coming from someone on that faction, no explanation is trusted, you got to admit that. Your facts, my facts… but the fact is that another common knowlege is that op4 is dishonest in many ways. Now why the admins don’t do something about it is just for us to theorize.

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I did’nt even question how the quoted looter appointed by Taco ALSO didn’t show on the proximity log, but ok. I’m not admin to check logs and stuff like that. Don’t know the inner mechanics of the game, will leave to admins to solve that riddle.

And before you guys think that is a case of “lost my stuff”, I’v had ships destroyed by op4 before, no hard feelings. Even liked to talk to Colin on ocasion, but… With no reasonable explanation for the flaw of the intruder alert and appearance of op4 pesonal on the same time and location, there is no other explanation besides exploit at the moment. UNLESS, admins can come up with something really clever to explain that a “green wall bug” won’t cut it.

Sorry m8 I was starting to seeing this as a personal attack on me, you accuse me of dishonesty when all I offered you was information and a revue of what’s in your video.
Taco has already told you he did not assault your base it had already been hit, again please get your facts together before accusing players and Op4. I understand you lost stuff and have been hit by Op4 in the past so may have a grudge against us but again please don’t accuse and call out cheat without proof.

He has none, cause there wasn’t any cheating. No exploits. The rocket fire you saw halfway through, that was me taking out an Sco HV on the other side of his base stuck in the water.

I don’t know how you expect the admins to compensate you, from my perspective the most damage I done to you would at this point your ego, cause I didn’t take out even a block on your bases.

Repeating: no grudge againts op4 UNTIL NOW. The proof is right there, what you guys offer is a different theory from what is shown in the video. Since none of you can factually disprove what is shown in the video, it remains two versions and I hope the admins will clarify the bugs/exploits better since there is still the no intruders record and that video to be explained. Since that is still your worst possible reputation on this server against that video as far as I can see. It’s as a personal attack against that faction (or BigRed, the same) as it was to hit my base and later on chasing me. I think that also was not personal. But as I said, till that point of the exploit, had no grudge to op4. Hope to get that clarified by the admins that still have not come forth with something. Don’t even know if they are looking into it.