Request ship inspection


i got accused the other day that i use bugged ship with standalone floating blocks and empty middle of the ship to bug enemy turrets by forcing them to missfire.

Thats why i request my ship to be inspected by an admin to say if its true. If so, i wont be using it anymore.

Ship name: “Gunship MK2 C” id: 12519035 Block count: 9177 Device count: 644

When i get home i provide photos and video of the last battle where i got the accusation from.

btw. yes after 15 minutes of battle vs 3 other ships my ship had holes and floating blocks everywhere :slight_smile:

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btw, after 5 min, we shoot u only by our weapons, turrets didnt shoot u, and rockets fly around.

I have inspected, I see nothing wrong with this ship.

there are no floating blocks, Spaces, but blocks touching blocks in all instances.


Okey. We want to hear that. Get ready, time of “cry more” incoming soon.

What exactly is wrong with “floating” blocks? I see them on NA designs quite a bit and my own ship contains 2 rings that are huge and separate from the main hull - and that was more for aesthetic purposes than anything else so wondering if that’s considered legitimate? Slide 14

Common sense guys, Although the game allows (this will be changing) it is not an intended way to build, You have to manually add the blocks and then delete…its essentially and exploit…The reason this is a Law is because it makes it harder to destroy the turrets and also, it just looks crap…physics dictates it is not possible and as a server we want to build a universe of role play and story, Stuff like this just reminds a player that its a game with massive flaws ::smiley:

Please don’t bombard me now lol, Just think to yourself…regardless of what others are doing…does this seem a fair way to build?

The answer is no :wink:

Can you please make a separate thread about it then? And ship collisions and shots inside ships?

There seems to be a huge difference between what you consider exploits and what is considered business as usual on NA.

I’d also like to hear from @RexXxuS on the matter because I really really do not want to add a pointless ugly row of blocks to the rings that would do nothing at all to change game mechanics.

It is in the Rules so if players are reported they will be advised to check the guide, For now Mordgier we are just asking players to respect this, i know i cannot manage this totally, not enough hours in the day. Just want players to get the general gist of play fair, fight fair = Happy players :slight_smile:

This is the only Law that is mainly a guideline for now, In extreme case of if players have been warned several times and still dont want to respect then we will take action. When new players come to the game and read the guide they will see straight away, ah i cant build like this so it is best to put it in there to overall have players follow logic…players will choose to disregard becuase people are too competative and dont care how they win, as long as they win…Humans biggest downfall, integrity ;).

As i said soon it will not be possible to even build like this anyway :smiley:

See that’s my problem with these guidelines and so on. Ok fine I could go ahead and add some trusses to the rings and they’ll look a bit uglier but whatever. All because I read this thread.

On the other hand some on the NA will continue to fly ships that are cubes with floating turrets in front of them - and THOSE are actually a huge advantage over turrets on hulls.

As long as “guidelines” like this are not communicated, they are meaningless.

In all seriousness - I never ever considered the floating rings to be “wrong”. There is literally zero benefit from them being unattached. In fact they used to be attached and I just removed the blocks as I could not make them look good not for some nefarious LBP exploit.

There are far worse CV design tactics that we do not use - and yet there are no written rules about them either. I’d be happy to discuss all the horrible things that can be done with CVs in PMs.

You can just move all critical components away from the center, then use regular iron blocks in the center so that enemy fire purposely makes your ship untargetable :slight_smile: Also very long ships cause this problem as well (cubes are terrible).

In fact, just moving critical components away from center, already makes your ship many many many times more durable due to dumb turret targeting. These are all valid tactics.


Don’t forget a bunch of "SV"s that are nothing more than a flying landing gear landed inside “hangars” that are totally encased in multiple layers of CS so that missiles can lock on to those "SV"s as well.

Oh and also have your cockpit surrounded by an “SV” that is docked on top of a repair pad and powered down.

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It gives no advantages and is a cosmetic choice so why isn’t it a fair way to build?

But ok, we’ll just make a single block wide line of steel down to the ring. It will look bad and not change the characteristics of the ship at all but I guess it will bring us into line with inspection standards.

Funny thing is, I would not be opposed to clear and concrete CV design standards on top of block and class limits if they could easily be enforced - but they can’t at least right now.

I think CV combat as it stands has a long way to go to be truly enjoyable.

You either engage a ship that is built around cheesing the current mechanics and is essentially invincible - so you shoot each other for 20 minutes until one of you is bored enough to leave.

Or you encounter a pretty ship designed with PvP as an afterthought or without understanding of game mechanics - and you blow it away in less than a minute.

Neither is great because nobody had all that much fun in either case.

Long story short, until CV collide and turrets target actual devices, CV combat will be a cheese fest and if you do not engage in the cheese tactics you end up dead.

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We use the same but for turrets:

Make the ship as long as possible so that after taking out the center of the ship, the turrets are more or less useless to kill the other 90%. Core moved to random location and incase in tons of armor. Fuel tanks, generators and thrusters also spread out on the inside.

Of course it uses random shapes to protect a bit more vs lag shots. It drains some FPS but still doable.

Still gotta adjust the flaks (gotta make a pillar upwards for them. They are currently attached to the main body which is bad. Also gotta move the rocket guns further out and heavily armor them.

Tons of cockpits and medbays all over the place. I guess 25 of each. Because respawn timer being ~ 0 = totally balanced after all those patches still.

Did I forget something? Ohyeah docking a lot of SV but that may be considered an exploit so perhaps not. And then I gotta fill the entire inside with random shaped combat armor blocks to make it a real tortuga tank on top of everything. I could probably logout for 10 minutes in battle and return and my ship is still intact. Unless they blow the core out using that collision exploit.

That ship in the background on the left is 200k iron ingots btw so you can compare size. It’s max size. But that ship in the background is vulnerable to inside-out-blowing so not good…

But the BEST ship is a pure combat armor block 127x127x127 in size (max size is a bit smaller I noticed because of some bug) and then just fill it entirely up. Only roughly 20+million iron ingots but the fuel cost would bankrupt you lol.

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Well done!

Everything is connected so clearly it’s a legitimate design and mine is an exploit because I had to remove some blocks to make my ring float.

I like the armor in front of turrets. Did you know you can actually place the thin blocks on top of them as well? They’ll clip through it and fire just fine.

Congratulations on having your very own cheese ship!

Thanks :slight_smile:

[quote=“Mordgier, post:15, topic:2413”]
Did you know you can actually place the thin blocks on top of them as well? They’ll clip through it and fire just fine.
[/quote]I know but that particular tactic is specifically forbidden in the new laws. So can’t do.

Also shutters are better than half-combat-blocks. They have the same cost but have 20% more hp AND have over 300% less weight if I remember correctly. I should add more shutter-blocks. Because it makes sense right that a window is stronger than a solid combat armor wall? On top of that low end PC’s will have no chance vs you :slight_smile: They will have no FPS. But this is not intended, this is just a side-effect. The weight-ratio is what makes them strong.

[quote=“Mordgier, post:15, topic:2413”]
Congratulations on having your very own cheese ship!
[/quote]Yay now I’m PVP worthy again. Pushing everything as far as possible into the gray area between all rules. Because, everybody does it. Let’s jump on the ban-train. Oh wait, they don’t punish for this because there would be no soul left on the server.
But this ship does basically almost everything that CV-players abuse, only exaggerates it a bit more.

Oh by the way, the center of the ship where the center of mass is, is hollow with and around it extra armor to be even more op. This way the enemy turrets will disable faster after splitting the ship in 2 halves.

Meh, I just fill it with more garbage blocks so they can keep wasting ammo on it. After all ammo costs more than combat steel.

But their turret fire may still hit other parts of the ship by accident. The faster you disable them, the better. Unless you want enemies to waste their ammo :slight_smile: . But okay one of the reasons I suggested to have a rule that forces the core to the center of mass. Seems I’m alone in that.

I forgot, if the center of the ship is gone, their turrets will also stop firing at the front-center of your ship, so the faster you lose the center of mass, the better. But because we know where their turrets will aim, the front-center of the ship has a ton of armor to waste their ammo.

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Tiny, the angular velocity of your ship might be above the speed of light.

I don’t know how the devs can balance fights, collision damage is easily abused with an iron bar, targeting can be abused.
What we need is point and click targeting with freelook, click on an enemy device/block and every weapons on a group attack the selected device/block, with huge zooms for identification.