Request that TuT: Taridium and Braxus be baned for attacking another Trader

Seem that the only way they can play is by cheating. Using the Faction no-attack rule of Traders to attack my base, CV, and SV with no defensive fire. Weak PvP play and exploit.

Not many people really follow that part of the RP and it’s not currently a punishable thing. Unless they somehow did this to you on a PvE playfield, everything that happened sounds like it would be fine by the rules. Sorry that happened to you though.

@CmdrZin can you provide us from a screenshot of your who was near/ who attack you in the HWS connect , and send it down this topic and we can see what we can do about it , we need Screenshot’s or video evidence befor we can go on

Greetz MSE

TuT hit my base as well…

Emwash just for making me sure , you are a trader aswel correct or are you Alliance ?
Becus if your a Alliance , they can attack you in server rules , they cant attack other trader but they can attack other factions , even we try to build alliance as gaurdians of traders and newbie’s but yea

I am a trader… made SBT since I have been playing on the server