Restore SV in bunker due to OPG base spawned nearby

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Several vehicles in Op4 bunker on Homeworld are damaged while in hangar. All damage is coming from direction of OPG base Test-03 (not faction tagged anymore but I have it waypointed when it was OPG, so it has OP and is set to private)
Player(s) with issue: TacoIsland
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): today Wednesday 07, at 02:54
Playfield: Homeworld
Structure Name(s): 2Cold Miner, Landshark-SV (doesnt need restore but affected), missing several other HVs as well but havent verified if it was because of the base or not
Structure ID(s): 713257, 1500903,
How can we help you now: Restore the 2Cold Miner and punish the offender, obvious that it was set to private after the recent announcement. Have screenshots of damage and base when set to faction.

Here is results of a test, placed one of my midgets near the closest point while still inside hangar:




sorry to hear that it escalated in a bad way.

However I observed the base quite long today and can guarantee myself that the tower never ever shoots to stuff inside. That means you tried to leave it and got hit which I can’t really check.

Since I gave an ultimatum you just could have waited and a 18 block count SV is that crucial to you?

I know it is about principles here but… didn’t expect you ask for my time of a … 18 block / device ship…
And about the other ship:


it didn’t move for the last 3 days in terms of our coordinate tracker. (the last line was the backup I did at the first moment but then re-checked).

So sorry, but that is for me too shady from an already consumed 30 minutes investigation.
And as I said Supreme already, I don’t want to mention names here and what really happened during the fight… cough… tackling but if you just want justice about the private OP tower you would got it only with the title already.
To mention these structure were not so good…

Anyways, too late for me here, didn’t sleep for a day.

The player starsyborg from OPG, who set it intentionally to private even though I talked with 2 of the OPG faction to remove the tower was a blatant act against our existend rule.

He can’t enter the NA server for 6 month now.

RexXxus, I wouldn’t waste your time if it wasn’t firing through the bunker. I honestly don’t know how, but it did. I went afk for a minute, came back and there was loot boxes inside the bunker from the Landshark SV, I only had a minute to pick them up before they despawned. I am not trying to waste your time about an 18 block SV, I know your time is worth a whole lot more than that. What I am worried about though, if you look at my picture above, I just parked that Midget there near the wall after flying it around. What is missing in the second picture, that is the fuel tank. Nobody else was around it, and it did not move and its missing a fuel tank. I put it there to test a theory, and what it seems to be from my observations is that the rendering of the base is not taken into account to protect the SV; its similar to the issue of drones attacking a base and the turrets do not fire til you approach. If you allow the enemy base to render first, it will attack the vessels in the base before the base renders.

Sorry, I am really not trying to waste your time, and an 18 block SV is insignificant, but the 9 drill miner is significant. The loot box half full of coins and stacks of 999 gold bars I felt was significant.

And get some f***ing sleep! Don’t be me…

Ok, thanks for more insights. Still wondering why your X7 ship didn’t move for days and got damaged while the other ships not who got used recently though.

I trust you for now and replaced it.

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These whiners got what he deserved Tacling. I am extremely opposed to them that it is possible to recover x7. And base I moved into the personal because I couldn’t find the OP that she left HWS

It looks like this you make a rule, and this rule was punished in the same day.

As soon as I find the Pilot he gets punished too. You didn’t tell me who the pilot in the video was.

Same as I recovered all of your ships until now. For example forgot in the Black Hole wipe.
His story is shady and sometimes we have to trust players. But trust always show its truth, sooner or later.

Doesn’t make sense. I told Russ and Jafik to remove the base completely. Switching to private was the worst you could have done.

I gave you first 6 hours, then extended it even to a whole day. But switching it to private is a rule break and so this here is automatically valid:

I couldn’t find the OP I had no break drill to disable that and translated it in private, because private is removed homeword

We started the fight on EU. didn’t have time to do the batteries corn was not. To save time, I made her private.

Ok, I understand why you did it but it’s basically admitting yourself to get punished since exactly that is against the rule aswell:

RexXxus if you have time later I can show you exactly what steps I took when testing this out.

And thank you for restoring the X7. : )

As for the tackling, I can guarantee that the tackle was not me, haven’t fought any OPG on NA or EU, I don’t care for tackling and I don’t use that exploit either. Can you tell what the name of the SV was in the video?

The green one is the crucial one, even both had some balls to do it so blatant.
Still searching for the pilots. Log crawling consumes lot of time.

I can definitely vouch that I haven’t seen Taco do any tackling in 7.5.

After some log crawling I found the culprits.

Two main tackler lost all of their RP and the third half of it. Additionally all of them are set to guilty and the 6 month ban of starsyborg got lifted to 14 days because of all of that.
This result is undeniable and closed.

But justice counts for everyone.