Role play/origin suggestion

On the new map with PvP and PvE segmented, I was thinking would it not make sense to create origin specific base placement rules?

For example what if Pirates can only place a base in PvP? I think that would be quite logical for the origin and encourage the rough and violent to live in lawless space. Perhaps make it so that Pirates do not pay tax for bases in PvP space?

The guardians (of the law) could be allowed a bigger class base structure than the rest in PvE areas? Or a large number of faction bases than the other factions?

Perhaps Traders should not be taxed in ECC - or possibly have a traders guild planet.

  • I realise this post is more than a little unstructured, but perhaps it will generate some other interesting ideas to add colour and variation to the origins and the universe?

I like it. Guardians don’t have to secure PvE playfields. What about hunters?

The Hunters and Freelancers I think are quite similar. They are nether the outlaws or the lawless, they make up part of the general citizenry of the HWS universe. So I guess they would be subject to the vanilla rules and limits. Perhaps they can build bases any ware, but their class limits are smaller and they would be subject to the normal taxes.

If there was a way to rent in game personal space within an EGS facility (credits get deducted and you get the door code for the apartment you live in - bit like a very low end version of the penthouse but you can spend in game credits on it) it could even be possible to have a “nomadic” class that does not put down bases.

Nomadic class would be the freelancers. I would let them to create larger CV-s. But larger CV only for factions. This way they would have a large moving base.

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hopefully with 7.0 and Eleon Game Studios.
me as a freelancer I always like to help new players.
I have no ill game but the enemies of my enemies are my enemies.
I don’t know how we can bring real balance between the factions of Guardian Pirate and Freelancers.

These changes aren’t balancing. They give different gameplays. I like this idea because there is only one role in the game: “gather tons of resources and get stronger”. Doesn’t matter which origin are you choose. With different class restrictions it would create borders between origins gameplay. They have to search alliances from other origins maybe.

I would give larger sv-s for hunters in this universe.

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I agree, it is not so much about balance more about diversity and interest in the game universe.

Role play and origins - to work well requires a larger player base than we have atm. Right now you have single factions dominating entire origins. Those large factions also have a huge amount of dormant accounts. Yesterday when i was on there were just 39 online at primetime - 25% of whom were sub level 13 and likely still on starter. Assume equal spread - divide by 5 (origins) = 8 ppl per origin. Cant have proper role play with just 8 ppl per origin online in a multi-system universe.

Role play wise i’m at a bit of loss lately. Seem to wander around looking for a PvP encounter or mining gold I dont need on GG - hoping again for a PvP encounter. A few of us have been erecting PvP bases around n about - hopefully UP, TCH etc had some fun taking them down. I usually leave my armed hovers behind on GG to provide other factions with something extra to do.

Well most of the time I play alone, and our faction also a small one. I think origin based restrictions would be better for small factions. Does different class restrictions matter when you have 40 member with a lot of vessels? Why is it matters that some factions stronger than others? They would stronger after these changes too.

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