Write your ideas for HWS 7.0


I create a topic to collect community ideas for HWS 7.0

I found this one interesting:

And I like the “unvisited structures set to public” idea too.

What’s your idea?

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IMO a class 1 base if it’s PvE only and non-donator. What’s the point of needing a class 4 base if it’s not switching to PvP at any time.

Also have thoughts of throwing is all of us on 1 starter planet. It seems like wasted play fields a week or two on as nobody will remain on starter except the new people’s joining the server. 6 planets for 20-30 noobs seems like overkill.

I would like to see a multi tool gun for SVs so we could actually make utility vehicles. It seems ridiculous that you would salvage or repair a massive ship or base with a little handheld gun. Multi tool gun for SVs would make it more immersive.

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And new Rhea/Proto Q’s with T2 drills! And a CV with 21 SV homing rocket launchers!

And a friggin furnace attached to a motor bike!!


I agree that would be nice, but would require Eleon to change game code - of course we do have the HWS egs recycle command to do much the same.

I would buy it

Give me a thruster on that POS and I’ll buy it, gonna go Evil Kinevil over mountains and 12 enemy HVs fully loaded into some explosive blocks on the end and bust out some corn dogs for celebration, or possibly get killed before coming down the ramp…


Boosting motorbike would be cool, but write your ideas about HWS universe not about Empyrion features.

Actually it gave me an idea for HWS, could be interesting. Gonna try to do it offline first and propose it here.

I don’t see how they would have to change the game code to make a new gun. If by change the game code you mean write some new code, then I suppose. They’ve made new guns in the past like the drills for SVs. There already are multi tool handhelds. It shouldn’t be too hard to make a multitool gun for an SV. egs recycle works for hws, but it isn’t really what i’m talking about. A multitool for SV allows for some new emergent gameplay opportunities. You can salvage AND repair bases or ships with an SV.

The black markets on HWS NA and on HWS EU could be merged. So if someone creates an offer on the black market it will be accessible for players on both servers at the same time.
It could also work for the market place.

Positive Results:

  • More offers on the Black market and more buyers, more “content” for everyone
  • More active market at any time because of different time zones

A MOBA system fully optimised for PvP :slight_smile:

I agree, having 1 starter planet per origin is a waste, when we are not allowed to use it for gathering resources, much less allowed to return to it.

Black market and vender prices ought to reflect the average player market price of things. So if players are selling autominer cores for 10k but the vender is selling them for 20k, the vender dropes their price to 10k, or whatever the average price per unit is.

At the start of V6 it got very laggy on the starters due to the amount of people starting at the same time.

Maybe dynamically adjust for number of new starters? As in start V7 with 1 planet per origin then week 2 go down to 3, week 3 go down to 1?

Personally, I liked the way it was in HWS V4 - PvE starter planet and a PvP starter planet if I remember correctly.

Hm… dropping players on random number planets can works like a load balancer (almost) after full wipe. But for this starter planets should be the same type. And a lot of player couldn’t start together this way. They would hate it.

More functionality for freelancer bar.

RexXxus can u create interesting statistics after closing the season? For example who was the richest, who killed the most players, who had the most RP, which faction was the biggest, etc…

Yes, I will post a big data crawl here again

Thanks, it’s a good season closing show. :slight_smile:

Ok I will post my ideas:

  1. In my opininion all origins should have the same class restrictions regarding BA/SV/CV/HV.
  2. It shouldn’t be possible to change origin and still have all stuff, ships, lvl and so on.
  3. POI with origin restrictions?
  4. Why do we even have csw? It opens so many possibilities to avoid many restrictions without losing anything. People should know where they want to play. Maybe we should limit this to one day in month? Another idea is to create some event that may occure twice per month - once on NA and once on EU. It could be a battle between EU and NA and here we have a big field for ideas to avoid timezone differences and player number differences. It may occur for example every second Saturday and only on that day CSW could be possible.
  5. PVE planets like Athos and the other one should have indestructable terrain. People which starts 1 month after full wipe should have the same possibility to put autominers as people who start right after full wipe.
  6. It would be awesome if we could see origin name for all structures of each player or for example it could be colored so we could know who do we attack before attack happens.
  7. Currently it doesn’t matter if someone will die 1000 times or kill 1000 players. Maybe we could somehow reward people with good K/D ratio? Keep in mind that players don’t lose much because of OCD