RP Points - Suggestions?

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to improve the RP points system? Or does anyone think it’s perfect exactly the way it is for their particular origin?

My faction is hunter origin and it does seem a little difficult to get RP points. I assume it’s the same for Guardians. If there was lots of PVP and it was easy to kill someone then perhaps it would be easy for us both, but presently it’s rare to come across someone else and when you do it’s hard to secure a kill without them escaping, either in a class 3 SV flying into and out of orbit and through green barriers until they lose you, or in a CV jumping to the nearest PVE zone (often a single jump away)… not to mention combat logging.

Compare that with freelancers who get a very easy +3 rp per day; pirates who get a very easy +4 rp per day; and traders who get a very easy +2 rp per day, up to a very easy +5 rp per day if they’re willing to sell a stack of ore for cheap.

I do love data too, so if any admins would mind sharing some metrics that might help understand if the RP system actually needs tweaking? It’s hard to find the perfect metric but it would be interesting to know the average number of RP points per player per origin / etc.

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I forgot to mention about the hunterboard. First of all, all origins except traders get +7 rp per hunterboard kill, so that doesn’t really balance things out for hunters/guardians. More to the point: I’ve never actually seen someone on there that isn’t either in a PVE playfield or offline. Also the information on there is 15mins or whatever out of date, so a few times I’ve chased someone who was online and in PVP space… but they returned to PVE space or went offline before I could find them.

Perhaps I’m a lousy hunter… which is why data would be nice here too :slight_smile: . I would love to know how often people on the hunterboard actually get their points claimed by someone. Even better: how many times that happened intentionally, but that’s asking too much I’m sure. How about just asking people here: how often have you tracked and killed someone from the hunterboard?

We are always open to feedback.

Just one main thing to keep in mind for RP (Reputation Points):
it is NOT and NEVER meant as collecting them such as gold, auto miner cores or whatever!
Reputation Points are VERY rare and only rewarded for actual Reputation! For doing good stuff. For doing specific Origin stuff! Also late game motivation, etc.

The second thing maybe:
I have seen some people complaining about RP gaining but have over 20 million credits. I know my formula to buy RP is maybe not the best and you can buy 1 RP with ~80k with some affords but so be it for now. So these guys don’t have any RP issues at all but still complaining about gaining RP or even worse I see: they complained about having too much credits AND too few RP.

These two points taken out let’s continue:

This is a little data sheet what origin can get max. per day. There you see why we wanted to boost Traders a bit.
But analyzing this data properly shows the lack of PvP kills as you mentioned for example.

Anyways we try to adjust some numbers for 6.X.X. If you have game mechanic ideas like Trader should get RP for warping too let us know.

In the end the current way is one of the best we had so far. Each origin is quite good addressed to their natural jobs.
But here and there not perfect yet.

Why not make hunter daily RP come from doing POI’s? It’d get people out and about, and possibly help centralize pvp on planets.