RP system?

Well can we make it so that you only can lose 1 RP / day. ??

I see alot of problems with getting RP these days.

1: you need to jump every hour to get it.
2: you need an epic AF on you.

As i see it now you dont want to fight or do quest just due to the fact that it will cost you RP to die…

Ex: Your ship is in action and a bug kills you… You respawn and gets killed by turrets and so on. In 5 min you have easy lost 10 RP. Thats 10 hours of game play.

EX2: Doing the mystery quest… Think i died like 20+ times…and we got 10 rp in reward… still a loss…

When fighting aliens you will die. Simple as that. and i am fine with it being hard but for now its imposible to gather up any RP.

Am i wrong here ?



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Gold loss on death is nice because it stops people from ammo draining but I agree we shouldn’t loose any RP at all, unless there is more ways to earn RP, because you will die 10 times to clear that POI to get the weapon, specially when those POI’s get harder in the future. Right now the only logical way to get huge rp is wait for someone else to take the risk of taking that POI then buying it off market, then be completely anti-social and live out in deep space warping each hour and then logging off after warp, log in warp, log off. That doesn’t seem like a way to promote interaction between players.

RP gain/loss, I’d say, is one of the hardest things to balance.
If you make it too easy to earn RP, then people will just idle and snooze 24/7.
If you make it too hard to earn RP, then people will be reluctant to explore and risk losing anything, especially when the benefits of having a lot of RP is to forever be safe.

And just to get all four sides in;
If you make it easy to lose RP, people will get reluctant to explore.
If you make it too hard to lose RP, people will maybe explore and risk losing things, because they’re a little safer, which can unbalance the risk/reward scale, i.e. zerg rushing a hard POI that rewards a dozen epic weapons, and such.

I don’t think losing RP is something that should happen, the problem is finding out what else to implement as a genuine risk that affects everyone equally.

I can agree that the aliens are not coded the best - especially with some of the POI’s that have rounded pillar blocks that they can shoot through the sides of, you drop dead after a few bullets.

So the general question is “If not RP loss, then what?”

Meh i’m actually fine with it :] this way if someone gets close to getting into pve lands ill just hunt them over and over till they have 0 RP again and then no one will ever be safe :]

I’m curious as to how you think you’ll find them.